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Full Name






Special Abilities

Darkvision, Light Sensitivity






Aklo, Aquan, Common, Druidic


Kelp Farmer

Strength 20
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 14
Charisma 7

About Sil'tchaak

HP 83/83 | AC 23 T 12 FF 22 | CMB +11, CMD 23 | F: +9, R: +5, W: +10 | Init: +1 | Perc: +20, SM: +4 |

Goliath Druid 9 | Speed 20ft, Swim 30ft | Active conditions: Cloak of Shade

NG Aquatic Humanoid

Locathah pc druid (goliath druid) 9 (Pathfinder Player Companion: Giant Hunter's Handbook 20)
NG Medium humanoid (aquatic)
Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +20
AC 23, touch 12, flat-footed 22 (+9 armor, +1 deflection, +1 Dex, +2 natural)
hp 75 (9d8+27)
Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +10; +4 vs. spell-like and supernatural abilities of giants
Weaknesses light sensitivity
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor), swim 40 ft.
Melee +1 seaborne greatsword +12/+7 (2d6+8/19-20) or
. . club +11/+6 (1d6+5) or
. . dagger +11/+6 (1d4+5/19-20)
Ranged touch needle +7 touch (6 plus 1 bleed)
Special Attacks destructive smite (+4, 6/day), wild shape 3/day
Druid (Goliath Druid) Spells Prepared (CL 9th; concentration +14)
. . 5th—inflict critical wounds[D] (DC 17), wall of thorns
. . 4th—bull's strength[D], freedom of movement, strong jaw[APG] (DC 17)
. . 3rd—bull's strength[D], greater longstrider[ACG], greater magic fang, sky swim, stone shape
. . 2nd—barkskin, barkskin, gust of wind (DC 15), ironskin, ironskin, true strike[D]
. . 1st—cloak of shade[APG] (DC 14), deadeye's lore[UC], stone shield[ARG], stone shield[ARG], thunderstomp[ACG], true strike[D]
. . 0 (at will)—create water, guidance, know direction, stabilize
. . D Domain spell; Domain Destruction (Rage domain[APG] subdomain)
Str 20, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 7
Base Atk +6; CMB +11; CMD 23
Feats Furious Focus[APG], Heavy Armor Proficiency, Martial Weapon Proficiency (greatsword), Power Attack, Vital Strike
Traits desperate focus, set mind
Skills Acrobatics -4 (-8 to jump), Climb +4, Diplomacy +2, Handle Animal +6, Heal +7, Knowledge (nature) +3, Linguistics +0, Perception +20, Ride -3, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +3, Survival +10 (+12 to avoid becoming lost), Swim +12
Languages Aklo, Aquan, Common, Common, Druidic
SQ amphibious, face nature's might, nature bond (Rage domain[APG]), primal bond, primal empathy, primal size, primal summons, rage, trackless step, wild empathy +7, wild shape (giant), woodland stride
Combat Gear ring of ferocious action[ARG], scent salts; Other Gear +1 coral coral heavy armor[UE], +1 seaborne greatsword, club, dagger, belt of giant strength +2, cloak of resistance +1, eyes of the eagle, headband of inspired wisdom +2, necklace of air adaptation, ring of protection +1, backpack, bandolier[UE], bell, box of fishing tackle (2 lb), candle, canteen[UE], chalk (2), click-claw, earplugs[APG], fishing net, fishing pole, simple (1 lb), hammock[UE], hot weather outfit[APG], ink, kelp tea, llyu-llyu in large jar (2 lb), luminous jellyfish, mundane sureseal bladder, parchment, piton, potion sureseal bladder, signal whistle, underwater compass, woven kelp marine rope, wrist sheath, spring loaded, 22 gp, 9 sp, 9 cp
Special Abilities
Amphibious (Ex) You can survive indefinitely on land.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Destructive Smite +4 (6/day) (Su) Make a melee attack with morale bonus to damage.
Druid (Goliath Druid) Domain (Rage) Note: The effective level for the barbarian rage powers is currently equal to the cleric level. The rule that they should only count their effective barbarian level as 1/2 their cleric level has not been implemented yet.
Face Nature's Might (Ex) +4 to saves vs. spell-like and supernatural abilities of giants.
Furious Focus If you are wielding a weapon in two hands, ignore the penalty for your first attack of each turn.
Light Sensitivity (Ex) Dazzled as long as remain in bright light.
Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Primal Bond (Ex) Can affect dinosaur/megafauna animal companion with enlarge person.
Primal Empathy (Ex) Your wild empathy only functions on creatures of size Large or lager.
Primal Size You can spontaneously cast enlarge person using a 1st level or higher spell slot.
Primal Summons Summon nature's ally lists include new options.
Rage (9 rounds/day) (Su) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.
Swim (40 feet) You have a swim speed, but only through limited liquids.
Trackless Step (Ex) You do not leave a trail as you move through natural surroundings.
Vital Strike Standard action: x2 weapon damage dice.
Wild Empathy +7 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.
Wild Shape (9 hours, 3/day) (Su) Shapeshift into a different creature one or more times per day.
Wild Shape (Alter Self: Large giant) (Scrag) (Su) As a standard action, take humanoid (giant) form.
Woodland Stride (Ex) Move through undergrowth at normal speed.