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Elminster, Rockstar of Wizardry wrote:

I'd just like to point out how small and unassuming my tower is.

Unlike Khelben's.

Mystra told me aaaaaall about it.

You had some sort of trouble getting it up without spellfire, too, didn't you?

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gran rey de los mono wrote:

Hey! What are you wearing beneath those Stormypants? Thunderwear?

If, you know, you were actually wearing the pants instead of just saying you have some.

Of course I have some. It's not my fault if they fly off the moment a certain silver-maned wizard with an Epic twinkle in his eye hoves into view.

One of the drawbacks/benefits of being a heroine in an Ed Greenwood novel, I'm afraid.

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Manshoon, Sparkly Vampire Lord wrote:
I'm so sparkly, you don't even know.

Bet you can't squirt Spellfire from your nipples, though! Whee!

What a remarkable coinkydink. Happy Friday!

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Is that Twinkle, or are you just pleased to see me?

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Elmie, help me! I've got magical powers I don't know how to control, Bonnie Tyler hair and, wusst of all, all of my clothes have fallen off!