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F Human, NPC Entertainer

There is soft nudge and whisper, "I need to go Orsin." She kisses you sensuously, then slithers out of bed.

F Human, NPC Entertainer

Orsin Only:
Not yet, except that I heard a person involved resides in this city. There are rumors of another similar production that may cast."

F Human, NPC Entertainer
Orsino 'Orsin' Bessatte wrote:
"One of my would likely agree with you. Do they revere the Wasp Queen in Tian Xia?" Orsin's question is asked in earnest. He's always been curious about the places beyond the shores of Cheliax: the places he's been able to visit in song but never in body.

They revere the Wasp Queen in escorts always offer a prayer for safety."

F Human, NPC Entertainer

"HI Lucrenzia,' her bright smile as shw waves at Orn. "She gently guides orsin away from the bar. When out of earshot, [b]"Orn has had a thing for her since she arrived. Maybe today is his lucky day...Calistria's smiling."

F Human, NPC Entertainer

Orsin date simply says "Wine and you."

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