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Full Name

Shiro Poe




Dragon Mage 5




Borderline Small



Special Abilities

The Ancient and Terrifying Secrets of the White Dragon Cabal






The Snowy Peaks of Mt. Fubuka


Common, Draconic, Tien



Strength 15
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Charisma 15

About Shiro Poe

Shiro Poe portrait

You see a young, rebellious female Tengu glaring out from a costumed hood. She has dyed her feathers white and glares out at you with icy blue eyes. She wears a ridiculous stage costume modeled after a ferocious white dragon, but you can see pale white glowing claws hanging out from the costume gloves. She hisses at you.

Shiro is the niece of the illustrious Goka swordsman Kuro Poe and another member of the recently nouveau-riche Poe Tengu Clan of Tian Xia. However, while Kuro enjoys all that society has to offer, Shiro hates the bustle of the big cities. She lives in the ancient ways of the meditative Tengu on the icy cold peaks of Mount Fubuka, two days travel from Goka.

Shiro was always entranced and obsessive about the legends of dragons as a hatchling, but unlike other Tengu, her obsession never faded. If anything, as she grew older her obsession grew exponentially. Ridicule and sympathy from others naturally led to Shiro becoming resentful and cynical about others. She believes most of society is 'stupid', caring only for social station, artificial power structures, or some amalgamation of both. Her only desire is that the draconic legends of Mt Fubuka are respected and taught. To further that end, she learnt some stage magic and sewed a dragon costume to entertain Tengu hatchlings. She feels more affinity to excitable children than what she does for 'dull-eyed adults'.

One day, during a routine performance of 'Carsagorosi Destroys The Village of Aumunsha' Shiro's sorcerous powers unlocked. She sneezed a frost breath and froze her fellow actor, a tattooed Tian performer named Hichiro. The crowd went wild and rumours of her performance and talents spread. Hichiro did not quite recover from the incident however and Shiro quickly learnt that the late actor had Golden League allies that now wished her career a short end. With the Golden League in hot pursuit, Shiro had no choice but to acquiesce to her uncle's demands that she hop on a ship to Absalom, far off to the Inner Sea.

1 Draconic Sorc Claws, Cold +1 damage per damage dice. Rime Spell, Eschew Materials, Improved Unarmed Strike
3 Cold Resist 5, nat+1 Enforcer
4 STR+1
5 Magic Claws Weapon Focus: Claw
6 DD* Blood of Dragons, nat+2
7 Claws 1d6, STR+2, Dragon Bite Arcane Strike
8 STR+1 Breath Weapon
9 STR+2, Cold Resist 10. nat+3, BW+1use Spell Penetration
10 * Blindsense, Quicken Spell
11 Cold Claws, CON+2 Toughness
12 CON+1, Dragon Form, nat+4

RACIAL: Claw Attack SUBS Sword Trained.
Ring of Spell Knowledge II (6,000gp) -> Frostbite.

Magical Lineage: Frostbite
Reincarnated: +2 on saves vs Fear and Death

Fatigued: -2 STR. -2 DEX. No running. No charging.
Entangled: -2 to attack rolls. -4 DEX. Speed halved. No running. No charging.
Shaken: -2 to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, ability checks.

Spell Progression:
1. Shield, Vanish.
3. Magic Missile, Mage Armour.
4. Mirror Image.
5. Sure Casting, Frostbite (Ring), False Life, Resist Energy.
6. Haste.
7. Enlarge Person, Cat's Grace, Blink, Fly.
8. Stoneskin.
9. Spectral Hand, Heroism, Fear, Dimension Door.
11. Dispel Magic, Greater Invisibility, Teleport, Spell Resistance.
12. Contingency.


5 2 4 1 8
6 2 4 2 9
7 3 5 2 11
8 4 6 2 13
9 5 7 3 16*
10 5 7 3 16*
11 6 8 3 18*
12 7 8 3 19*