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Full Name

Michael Raper


You mean I have to actually Run??


Sinister Schemer/Mad Scientist 5th/7th







Special Abilities

Evil Grin (Ex): All players within line of sight must make a will save (DC: Alot) or be panicked for the duration of the game session. Successful saves causes giggling fits for 1d4 minutes.


Half a bubble off plumb.


Unker Thaal


In the Cradle of the Boondocks


English, Bad English, Hillbilly, Auld Hillbilly and Drow


Locksmith, Video Game Reviewer, Book Reviewer, Poet and Author

Homepage URL

I have one somewhere, never can remember the URL, lemme get back to you.

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14

About Sheyd

Heya all, This is me, Michael Raper AKA Sheyd. I've been playing D&D for more then half my life. 28 years to be exact. I've played other games but eventually I've always drifted back to D&D. It's the one game that spurs my imagination the most. I really can't remember when I didn't want to write. Even before D&D I was writing little stories, sometimes actually finishing them too. D&D provided a structured outlet for that writing desire. Over the years I've written short stories, novels, poems and the like, much of it about the worlds and characters I've created for D&D. I like to create, you name it I've made it at least once. I'm always hesitant about posting things on messageboards, why I have no real idea. I guess it goes back to enjoying listening to a conversation rather than interjecting myself into it. I like to tell stories though so I'm in near constant 'should I or shouldn't I' state of mind when it comes to announcing my opinion or ideas in a messageboard forum. Hopefully I'll post more then not. Anyway thanks for reading about me. Enjoy the show, remember to tip your waiter and try the Veal.