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Full Name

Shadi "Blood of Giants"


Human (Shundar-Quah Shoanti)


Barbarian 1/Druid 3 | Init +5 | Per +9 | AC20/T11/FF19 (18/9/17 rage) (+1 vs charge) | HP 37/37 (45/45 rage) | Fort+8, Ref +3 (+4 vs trample), Will +6 (Fort +10, Will +8 rage) | CMB +7, +8 overrun; CMD 18, 19 vs overrun (+9, +10; 20, 21 rage)










Storval Plateau, Varisia (Birthplace)


Common, Shoanti, Druidic, Giant

Strength 19
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Shadi "Blood of Giants"

Shadi "Blood of Giants"
Female Human Armored Hulk Barbarian 1 / Goliath Druid 3
NG Medium Humanoid (Shundar-Quah Shoanti)
Init +5 (+1 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative); Senses Perception +9
AC 20, touch 11, flat-footed 19 (+1 Dex, +9 armor) (18, touch 9, flat-footed 17 rage) (+1 to AC vs charge)
hp 37 (1d12+2, 3d8+6, +4 Favored Class Bonus, max first level, 1/2+0.5 rest) (45 rage)
Fort +8 (+10 rage), Ref +3 (+4 vs trample), Will +6 (+8 rage)
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in heavy armor)
Melee Masterwork Cold Iron Butchering Axe +7, 3d6+6, 20/x3 (S) (+9, 3d6+9 rage)
Ranged Sling +1, 1d4+4, 20/x2 (B), Range 50' (x100 ammunition) (1d4+6 rage)
Special Attacks Destructive Smite (5/5 day, +1 morale bonus to a single melee damage roll), Rage (9/9 rounds/day), Indomitable Stance (+1 attack and damage rolls vs charging opponents)
Statistics (20 pt buy)
Str 19, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
CMB +7, +8 overrun (+9, +10 rage); CMD 18, 19 vs overrun (20, 21 rage)
Feats Combat Stamina, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Butchering Axe), Improved Initiative
Traits Berserker of the Society (3 extra rounds of rage per day), Athletic (armor check penalty is reduced by one-third your character level for Acrobatics, Climb, and Swim checks; you gain a +1 trait bonus to Acrobatics)
Skills Acrobatics +9 (+5 in heavy armor), Bluff +3, Climb +8 (+4 in heavy armor), Diplomacy +3, Knowledge (geography, local, nature) +4, Linguistics +1, Perception +9, Survival +9, Swim +8 (+4 in heavy armor)
Languages Common, Druidic, Giant, Shoanti
SQ Indomitable Stance, Primal Bond (rage subdomain), Primal Empathy, Primal Size, Trackless Step, Woodland Stride
Combat Gear potion of protection from evil, wand of cure light wounds; Other Gear dragonhide plate, masterwork cold iron butchering axe, sling with 20 bullets, cloak of resistance +1, dull grey ioun stone (continual flame effect), masterwork backpack (contents listed below), 278 gold
Special Abilities
Destructive Smite (Su) You can make a single melee attack with a morale bonus on damage rolls equal to 1/2 your druid level.You must declare the destructive smite before making the attack. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier
Indomitable Stance (Ex) You gain a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks and to CMD for overrun combat maneuvers, and on Reflex saves against trample attacks, and also a +1 bonus to AC against charge attacks and on attack and damage rolls against charging creatures
Primal Bond (Ex) You have formed a bond with nature, granting you the rage cleric subdomain. When determining the powers and bonus spells granted by this domain, your effective cleric level is equal to your druid level. You receive additional domain spell slots, just like a cleric. You must prepare the spells from your domain in these slots and these spells cannot be used to cast a spell spontaneously
Primal Empathy (Ex) A druid can improve the attitude of an animal, just like a Diplomacy check made to improve the attitude of a person. The druid and the animal must be able to study each other, which means that they must be within 30 feet of one another under normal conditions. Generally, influencing an animal in this way takes 1 minute. A druid can also influence a magical beast with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2, taking a –4 penalty on the check. A Goliath Druid’s wild empathy functions only with creatures that are Large or larger
Primal Size (Ex) A Goliath Druid adds enlarge person to her list of class spells. She can cast this spell only on herself. She can also channel stored spell energy to cast this spell without preparing it, losing a prepared spell of 1st level or higher to cast enlarge person
Rage (Ex) A barbarian can rage for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + her Constitution modifier. At each level after 1st, she can rage for 2 additional rounds. Temporary increases to Constitution do not increase the total rage rounds per day. A barbarian can enter rage as a free action. While in rage, a barbarian gains a +4 morale bonus to her Strength and Constitution, as well as a +2 morale bonus on Will saves. In addition, she takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class. The increase to Constitution grants the barbarian 2 hit points per Hit Dice, but these disappear when the rage ends and are not lost first like temporary hit points. While in rage, a barbarian cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration. A barbarian can end her rage as a free action and is fatigued after for a number of rounds equal to 2 times the number of rounds spent in the rage. A barbarian cannot enter a new rage while fatigued or exhausted but can otherwise enter rage multiple times during a single encounter or combat. If a barbarian falls unconscious, her rage immediately ends
Trackless Step (Ex) A druid leaves no trail in natural surroundings and cannot be tracked. She may choose to leave a trail if so desired
Woodland Stride (Ex) A druid may move through any sort of undergrowth at her normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment. Thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that have been magically manipulated to impede motion, however, still affect her
Spells Prepared (Concentration +5)
2nd level (DC 14) - barkskin, fog cloud, bull’s strength
1st Level (DC 13) - faerie fire, longstrider, obscuring mist, true strike
Orisons (DC 12) - create water, detect magic, mending, light

Other Equipment and Backpack Contents:
Bell, Bedroll, Blanket, Candle, Chalk, Charcoal, Compass, Dagger, Earplugs, Explorer's Outfit, Firework (Desnan Candle), Firework (Paper Candle), Fishhook, Flint and Steel, Grappling Arrow (1), Ink, Ink (Glowing, 1 vial), ink (Invisible), Inkpen, Magnet, Oil, Oil (Keros) (10 doses), Paper (1 sheet), Parchment (2 sheets), Powder, Rations (Trail) (3 days worth of meals), Rations (Wandermeal) (12 meals), Scroll Case, Sewing Needle, Signal Whistle, Silk Rope, Spell Component Pouch, Spiked Gauntlet, Tindertwig, Twine (50 ft), Vermin Repellent, Waterskin, Weapon Cord, Whistle, Whistle (Signal) (8sp), Whistle (Silent) (2sp). 132 lbs. current load (133 lbs. light load).

All Relevant Notes about the Ruins of Azlant Recruitment:
Character name/brief backstory
Shadi "Blood of Giants" is a Shoanti nomad from the Storval Plateau, located in the northeastern half of Varisia. she hails from the Shundar-Quah tribe, the mediator and peacekeepers of all the other tribes. For generations, the greatest ambition of the Shundar-Quah has been to reunite all the Shoanti tribes in one cohesive clan and truly reclaim their ancestral lands, and Shadi firmly believes in this goal with all her heart. They Have the strength, they have the spirit, all they need is a leader, a guide, a strong voice of reason whose words would be listened to and example followed. For this very purpose Shadi has trained her body, mind and soul from early childhood to one day become a leader her people would follow, and realize her dream of unity and prosperity. Of course, the way to reach such lofty goal is long and fraught with hardships, and Shadi has since come to terms with the fact she still lacks so many notions and experiences to further walk her path. And there is only one way to acquire them. To help her people, she must leave them, at least for a time, and explore the world, meet new people, experience other cultures, explore unknown lands and face great challenges, to grow stronger and wiser and finally return home to her land and her family, ready to lead.

Author's Note - Above is the general backstory for Shadi. In case she's chosen for the Ruins of Azlant campaign, her story would be after she left her home and later Varisia, she came to hear about the Bountiful Venture Company's expedition to Lost Azlant, and given her eagerness for adventure and new experiences (and also her curiosity about Azlant itself, since Shoanti's history is quite closely linked to that of Thassilon and Azlant), she immediately made her way to Almas and participated in the recruitment drive, and got accepted in no small part thanks to her physical prowess and impressive constitution (mechanically, she takes the Athletic trait).

Physical Description & Personality
Shadi is strong and fit, with an athletic build and visibly defined muscles. Her lightly tanned skin is adorned with many varied tattoos, from her arms and shoulders to her back, which form intricate and mesmerizing patterns. While not lacking a certain fairness, her features are quite hard and sharp, with large, piercing dark eyes and an unruly mane of black hair down to her shoulders. Certainly, what others can't possibly fail to notice at first glance about Shadi is her impressive stature: she stretches over six and a half feet in height, towering over most other humans, men and women alike. When the time came to take her adult name, as is Shoanti tradition, her tribe had no doubt about it and gave her the moniker "Blood of Giants", for surely there had to be at least a drop of two of such powerful blood in her veins for Shadi to reach such physical perfection, they believed.

Shadi is an optimist, always ready to look at the bright side of things without letting the hardships she faces get her down. To her friends she is loyal, kind and helpful. To her enemies on the battlefield she is a spiteful, raging monolith of anger and hatred, giving into her primal nature and cutting down foes with no remorse. Still, under normal circumstances she is slow to anger and quick to forgive, and quite welcoming of new people and experiences.

High level character details (class, archetype, any other details you feel are important)
Shadi is first and foremost a frontline fighter. At level 4, she is a Barbarian 1/Goliath Druid 3, using her goliath druid archetype power to frequently enlarge herself, then rage and jump into the fray. She should be right at home in a group that needs a strong frontline presence to hold the line and stop the enemies harassing the rear. Thanks to her druid levels, she has a little bit of utility too, both in and outside combat, but in no way shape or form was this character designed to step on anybodies' toes. On the contrary, aside for her presence in melee, I can build her to help fill in areas the party feels are a bit lacking. At higher levels, she'll remain on the frontlines and as soon as she gets a few key abilities, she should be able to dish out a bit more damage, and become a lot more durable as well, so the party shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with fights even if there were no other frontliners with her.

Your level of familiarity with the AP
I'm not familiar with this specific AP. All I know is what I gathered reading the Player's Guide.

How many other PbP games are you involved in
None right now. I hope you'll like my character idea and give me a chance to play!