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Full Name

Rosa Luminass - Servitor drone.


Construct (outsider)


L1 Construct





Special Abilities

As Construnt







Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Servitor_drone_Rosa_Luminass

Race Devil Beguiler:

Type Quality
Outsider (native) (3 RP)
A native outsider is at least partially composed of the essence (but not necessarily the matter) of some plane other than the Material Plane. Some creatures start out as some other type and become outsiders when they attain a higher (or lower) state of spiritual existence. When making a native outsider race, it is sometimes important to pick a single Outer Planes that race is tied to. For example, tieflings are tied to Abaddon, the Abyss, or Hell. Such ties can be important for qualifying for other racial abilities, but it's not required that a native outsider be tied to another plane. A native outsider race has the followings features.

Native outsiders have the darkvision 60 feet racial trait.
Native outsiders breathe, eat, and sleep.

Ability Score Modifier Quality
Advanced (4 RP)
Prerequisites: Advanced or monstrous power level.
Modifiers: Pick either mental or physical ability scores. Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to all of those scores, a +4 bonus to one score of the other type, and a –2 penalty to one other ability score of the other type.

Language Quality
Standard (0 RP)
Members of this race start with Common plus their racial language (if any). Furthermore, choose up to seven languages (except for Druidic or other secret languages). Members of this race with high Intelligence scores can choose from any of these additional languages.

Normal Speed (0 RP)
The race has a base speed of 30 feet.

Fiendish Resistance (3 RP)
Prerequisites: Outsider (native) with ties to Abaddon, the Abyss, or Hell.
Benefit: Members of this race gain cold resistance 5, electricity resistance 5, and fire resistance 5.

Fiendish Damage Resistance (3 RP)
Prerequisites: Fiendish outsider[Native].
Benefit: Members of this race gain DR 5/cold iron.

Skill Training (1 RP)
Prerequisites: None. [Bluff, Diplomacy]
Benefit: Pick up to two skills. These skills are always considered class skills for members of this race.

Fiendish Sorcery (1 RP)
Prerequisites: Outsider (native) with ties to Abaddon, the Abyss, or Hell.
Benefit: If a member of this race is a sorcerer with the Abyssal or Infernal bloodline, it treats its caster level as 1 higher when casting bonus spells and bloodline powers. This trait does not give members of this race early access to level-based powers; it only affects powers that they could already use without this trait.

Negative Energy Affinity (–1 RP)
Prerequisites: None.
Weakness: A member of this race is alive, but is healed by negative energy and harmed by positive energy, as if it were an undead creature.

Resist Level Drain (1 RP)
Prerequisites: Negative energy affinity racial trait.
Benefit: Members of this race take no penalty from energy-draining effects, though a member of this race can still be killed if it accrues more negative levels than it has Hit Dice. After 24 hours, any negative levels a member of this race has accrued are removed without the need for any additional saving throws.

Rosa Luminass Servitor drone.
Rosa has a number of Simple Help Robots followers
that show staff and students around the SIMs and also can be found in key places in the school as information point.

They look like med sized Rosas, and are simple none magical constructs.
easily broken and will not fight.

special abilitys
Comprehend languages They link to the sim so can talk to just about any one in their native Lagrange*
Flight 20' Poor *the can kind of fly at a walking pace badly
Construct Immunity, there minds are human level 1 basic.
Dark vision 60'
AC 12
HP 20
Hardness 10
SR 12
Thats about it. simple drones.