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Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Sergei Farmer



Sergei never really believed his grandfather's stories about where his family had come from. To hear the old man tell it, they were nobility, exiled long ago. The last remnants of the line sent away to save them from the madness of the second son that had killed the first born on his wedding day. The the firstborn's betrothed, the object of the second son's affections, was slain as well, but what the second son did not know was that she had already given birth to a child, who had been hidden away to protect the couple from the stain their bastard would bring to the family.

The purge went on, the second son seized control during a brutal civil war. The guardians of the child hid beneath the nose of the tyrant, pretending to be simple farmers. Their cover identities became their actual identities as generations passed, their fake farmstead expanding to become a full fledged community at the edge of the mist-shrouded wood. Centuries passed and the reign of the bloody tyrant faded to history and legend.

There, at the very border of the lands his grandfather said they had once owned, a young man growing up as a simple farmer listened to the impossible stories. They were never believed. It all changed when the old man died. On his death bed he gave the young man a key that opened an old chest. It's contents changed everything. Many things were in it, and together they were irrefutable. The young man was a heir to a long dead kingdom in a land now shrouded in mists.

Not that it mattered. He had responsibilities. A family. Work. Debts. Everything he'd had before he opened the damn chest he still had, and for years that was exactly the way he wanted it.

Then word that an ancient treasure, a powerful sword that had once belonged to the Tyrant's brother. This news brought the sword-hunters with it. They were little more than bandits armed with a writ from the lord to find and destroy the threat. They wanted money as "tribute", but there was none. They wanted food, and he gave it. It was when they wanted his wife that he drew the line. He killed three men that day. That night they came with twenty. He survived, but not much else did.

Months passed, recovering, rebuilding, crying, hating, drinking. It was the day he finally finished rebuilding the roof that he realized that it didn't mean anything anymore. Not as long as they could simply ride in and do it again. Something had to be done. There were supposed to be people to protect the ones that could not protect themselves. There was supposed to be justice.

The man who rode from that farmstead was not the man who had grown up there. Dimitri Farmer was dead. This new man was armed and armored in the colors of a kingdom unheard of for centuries. The line of Zarov was raised from antiquity. The sword had returned to the land, and with it, it's true owner.

Human Fighter 1

Initiative: +1
Speed: 20 ft


AC: 20 (+6 chainmail, +1 kilt, +2 shield, +1 dex)
Touch: 11
Flat-footed: 17

CMD: 15
+10 vs Left Hand Disarm (shield, locking gauntlet)

Hit Points: 13/13

Fort +5 (+2 class, +3 con)

Ref +1 (+1 dex)

Will +2 (+1 Wis, +1 trait)

Circumstantial bonuses:
+2 vs. Divinations
Ignore Fatigue/Exhaustion x1 per day



Masterwork Shield +6, 1d6+4, x2 crit

Hand Axe +5, 1d6+2[, x3 crit (mallet back)


Sling, +2, 1d4+3

Feats and Traits:

Rich Parents: 900 gp starting gold
Carefully Hidden: +1 will, +2 vs. divinations.

Improved Shield Bash (1st)
Two Weapon Fighting (fighter1)


Skill Points per level: 2 class, 1 int, 1 race, +1 favored class
4 Total

+8 Climb(1 rank, +4 str, +3 class)
+2 Knowledge Local (1 rank, +1 int)
+4 Knowledge History (1 rank, +1 int, +2 equipment)
+5 Craft: carpentry (1 rank, +1 int, +3 class)

Class Abilities:

Race Abilities:

Dual Talent (Strength and Charisma)


Armor: Chain mail
Shield: heavy steel kite shield w/ wayfinder
Hands: Locking Gauntlet (L), Gauntlet (R)

-Sheathed or Belted-
Signal horn
Water skin
utility knife

-In belt pouches-
tindertwigs x10
50' twine
fish hooks x10
5 shoeing nails
Steel marbles
chalk x10
Flint and steel
5 gold and some change

-Worn around Shoulders-
Very worn wool cloak

-In Pack-
Ancient Flag
The Book of Zarov (book of family history, knowledge history masterwork tool)

Extra Clothing x3
Waterproof Tarp
Winter Blanket
Cooking kit
5 gallons of water (in 1/2 gallon skins)
2 weeks rations
2 lbs ground flower
1 pint cooking oil
1/2 lb salt
1/2 lb pepper
Money in small lockbox

-Workman's Satchel-
-Smith's tools
-Hostler's tools
-Carpenter's tools
-10' chain
-Basic lock x2
-10 Iron Spikes
-10 Pitons
-50' Rope
-Pully x2
-Oil x5