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My Homebrew Material:

  • Homebrew Fighter Tweaks - My tweaks to the Fighter class to add more martial and skill flexibility and versatility. Changes include increased number of skill points, flexible class skill selection, combat styles, and daily bonus fighter feat retraining.
  • The Chivalric Knight - A Cavalier archetype that replaces his mounted class features for a more generic, knight-protector feel. Yeah, the name could probably use a change, as I initially wanted to turn the Knight Protector prestige class, from D&D 3.5's Sword and Fist, into an cavalier archetype. The name I used for the archetype, kind of warped it from its original vision.
  • The Bladesinger - A Magus archetype that is a remake/conversion from the Forgotten Realms prestige class. I loved the flavor of the bladesinger's back when I played D&D 3.5, so I wanted to keep the class alive. The archetype's abilities were redesigned based on the class' flavor and lore, instead of just being a straight conversion.
  • My Daze Monster Spell overhaul suggestion. The original poster believed that the daze monster spell quickly became useless at higher levels. This was my attempt to make it more attractive.
  • My suggestions for fixing the Wild Stalker Ranger Archetype - These are my suggestions for fixing the archetype after NickleBricks' proposed fix.