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Full Name

Scott LaBarge




Oracle 7, enlightened philosopher archetype




Medium (but I always see myself as little)



Special Abilities

Amazing ability to choose good melons, and I magically know to put things in places my wife just cleared out for something else.


Neutral Good, but because of place-stealing ability described above, leaning toward Chaotic




Santa Clara, California (by way of Sandpoint)





Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 14
Charisma 13

About Scott LaBarge

The short version:
IRL, I'm a college prof. I teach Philosophy and Classics at Santa Clara University, and help to run a student residence hall there. I'm married with 2 young kids, and while I haven't ever quite managed to get my wife to play RPG's, my kids are avid gamers. My son even announced a few months ago that he wanted to DM for me for once, and chose Serpent's Skull as the AP he wanted to use! So I've got 2 PC's exploring the Vaults of Madness these days. And my daughter has expected daily games of Munchkin with me since she was age 3. You can't believe how ridiculously cutthroat she's gotten. Pity me.
It was actually my work as a Prof. that got me back into RPG's. I started playing D&D way back with the Blue Box in the early 80's, but when I entered junior high I moved to a new town where gaming didn't seem to be a thing, so I mostly just played computer RPG's all the way through high school, college, and grad school. And then one day, I found out a couple of my favorite students were about to play D&D for the first time. I told them I used to love the game, at which point they looked at each other and said, "Will you be our DM?" To which the immediate answer was, "Hell no! I don't have time for that!" But a few months later, I stumbled onto a box of 3.5 materials at a thrift store, and figured it was a Sign from God. I started running a weekly Shackled City campaign for 9 students, which lasted right up until they all graduated. I've even had the pleasure of officiating at the wedding of one of those students (and ran Expedition to the Barrier Peaks for the other wedding guests at the hotel when we weren't doing wedding stuff!) Since getting back into the game, I've gone off the deep end with gaming -- building elaborate papercraft terrain settings, accumulating ridiculous amounts of minis, and getting back into painting. (Curse you, Reaper Bones! but still deliver my Kickstarter rewards soon, yes?) If you want to see my papercraft stuff, you can find my old forum posts at the Fat Dragon Games website as Cleanthes. There's a multi-floor build of the Lucky Monkey Inn from Shackled City that's pretty sweet, though I say it myself! And I sell a lot of prepainted minis and other RPG stuff through Ebay -- enough that the government now wants to know about it :-p.
Anyhow, I still play Pathfinder at least once a week most of the time, sometimes as the DM of a Kingmaker campaign, sometimes as a player in a Rise of the Runelords campaign one of my former students runs via roll20. Great time to be a gamer, and I can't fully express how much I admire and appreciate Paizo and the fine people who run it.