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I rather enjoy the way the flying ray's tail wraps around the post. It's a nice touch.

I must say, I have a soft spot for leshys. Perhaps a future set will have a forest or jungle theme?

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Kyra wielding a straight blade? What strange manifestations the vampirism corruption has!

I'm quite excited about this book, most especially the corruptions.

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Gnick Gnak PaddyWack wrote:
Joana wrote:

From the blog:

The Starfinder RPG Core Rulebook will be releasing at Gen Con 2017, but that's not all—we're also going to be starting a monthly Starfinder Adventure Path in addition to our ongoing Pathfinder Adventure Paths. The Starfinder AP volumes will include both adventures and cool new rules and setting information to help expand your Starfinder game.
Thank you. I'm not sure I like this. To get one yout need to buy the other.

I suspect the additional rules will largely be available through some sort of rules reference document at Paizo, and possibly some fan-run site for those that prefer a different format.

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Fromper wrote:
Serisan wrote:
Tonya Woldridge wrote:

No, we cannot list all the triggers. But we can cover the big ones - drugs, intoxication, adult themes, nudity. Violence is inherent in all the games, so not calling it out unless is major. Physical restraint is another trigger. As is arachnophobia and ophidiophobia. We are starting by color coding, but may consider moving to the movie rating system if we need more levels of distinction.

One I would bring up is creepy animated dolls. I've run 3 tables of a certain season 7 scenario and had multiple players tell me that it's a legit phobia for them before we actually got to the part where there was an animated one. I know there are at least a few other scenarios that this happens, too.

** spoiler omitted **

Yeah, there are two much earlier season scenarios with dolls like those, too, and I played them with a friend who was totally creeped out by them. I think those were from seasons 2 and 3.


Pediophobia - fear of dolls

The more you know.

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Drogon wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:
Will Pathfinder Academy have school friendly materials? I ask since I found out my old school has a D&D club and I'm hoping to donate them som Pathfinder stuff.


I.E., you should give local and store organizers access to the program, as well, or you will be under-serving this program's potential.

I bet my local public library could be convinced to host some PSA events if materials were to be donated...

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I feel like Merisiel is going to take some penalties on many of her Disable Device checks. Fingers and thumbs are just so useful.

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James McKendrew wrote:
Mike Selinker wrote:
It's the *power* of the mustache.
Can this be a Promo Blessing?

I believe Abadar is known to occasionally manifest with a rather fine mustache.

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Those Nightwalkers look like fun. Do you think they'll make an appearance in the Hell's Vengeance Pawn Collection?

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I'd even love a PaizoCon Lite East. Obviously with less ease for employees to be in the east, you'd have to lessen the seminars and what not, but even just a 2 day lots of PACG and RPG with a few Paizo and Loneshark Employees would be fantastic. And I think Delaware would be the perfect state for such a thing.

Oh, the joys of tax-free shopping...

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Any plans for a PaizoCon East someyear? I'd also accept a transcontinental bullet train.

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zeroth_hour2 wrote:

Singular they usage. Seems to have been criticized in the 19th century.

@DrJill, the team is probably still in discussion, so Keith has nothing to report :) they are not robots! Well, anymore than Hawkmoon is...

I prefer descriptive linguistics to prescriptive, and so don't mind the use of the singular they. It was used commonly, fell out of fashion for a while, and is coming back into vogue. It's of tremendous help when discussing non-binary gender, or any time you want to leave gender out of it. That said, I could see some people misinterpreting it as a plural they. It looks to me like Paizo's system is in line with (or slightly ahead of) its time.

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I'd like to see the card type allotment for each, but I'm already pretty happy with how this deck looks.

I'm a fan of Salim from the novels, but Varril looks pretty cool to us healer types.

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I had a similar experience to Ragadolf.

I played through all of the B scenarios and the only bugs I ran into were:

little to no gold acquired due to constant connection drops
store had wonky pricing for piecemeal purchases

I don't mind either as I intend to pick up the Season Pass as soon as it's working consistently.

I do hope Ameiko becomes available as a playable character in regular scenarios.

In the meantime, I'm gonna play as much of the scenarios available to me as my free time will allow.

Very happy to finally have this game in hand, bugs or no bugs. :)

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-1 gold sounds like a steal to me. Shame the transaction won't go through. :P

Was there ever an answer about syncing progress across devices?

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Efreeti wrote:
FattyLumpkin wrote:

It's coming out on April 28th? Oh, I hope so!

I feel there is a lack of information on this. Does anyone know what this will cost?

The core of the game (first adventure and two characters) is free to play. Then there is unlockable content (other heroes, aditional cards, etc) you can get either with cash, or an in-game currency.

Don't forget the Season Pass option. $25 unlocks all 6 adventures (as they come out) and all of the standard characters immediately. In-game currency (earned by playing) can still be used for other unlockables.

Pick what works best for your situation.

Pricing, offers, and release date subject to change.

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So is that one of the illustrations in the book, or did you go with a prettied up version?

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Fromper wrote:
Slightly off topic, but is there any book with this type of detail on the Tien deities? Not necessarily the obediences, but just giving more detail on the fluff than the single paragraph write-ups they got in Gods and Magic and the Dragon Empires Primer? If so, I missed it. I'd love to see a book like this dedicated to Shizuru, Tsukiyo, etc.

I haven't had a chance to read it myself, but you might have more luck in the Dragon Empires Gazetteer.

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Rysky wrote:
TOZ wrote:
It was in the monsters belly, like a pinata.

A monster piñata?!

... or a piñata monster?!

The piñata monster, coming to Bestiary 6, takes a -10 to stealth anywhere but in a bazaar or children's party. It's basically just there for 1st-level PCs to beat on. Features prominently in We Be Goblins 5 (working title), where it may result in a player death for the unwary Poog. [/DREAMS&LIES]

Also, Zyphus' favored weapon is the scythe, right? right!? I've needed a fun harvester god for a while now. :)

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Borissimo wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
The exact method used in the PACG would require players to be prompted on whether to keep or ditch cards far too often, but they've come up with a suitable alternative.
I don't suppose you're allowed to tell us what that alternative might be? :)

Perhaps reducing the frequency of lower level banes as you move into higher level adventures, especially if the player regularly beats them handily, and similarly reducing the frequency of lower level boons, especially if the player acquires them, but regularly throws them out in the deck rebuilding stage (maybe with exceptions for potions or other disposables).

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ThreeEyedSloth wrote:

Some things to note from my questions on the stream:

Initially, only a few characters are available for play. From the hands-on previews a few weeks ago, I believe Kyra and Merisiel are the only two to select....

I played through RotR with Kyra and loved it. I've never quite been able to get Merisiel to work for me. I'll have to try again on March 29th.

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My Self wrote:

Now we can have true Paladin/Barbarians and Paladin/Druids.

We're only one alignment (and alternate class restriction) away from Paladin/Antipaladins.

Paladin/Antipaladin of Nethys?

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chbgraphicarts wrote:


"PhD in System Mastery required".

There's a PhD program!? And here I thought I was sitting pretty with a Master's in System Mastery. No wonder I can't get any of the good jobs in the Modular Industry.

Luthorne wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
Also...lawful neutral gray paladins of Asmodeus?
Nope, she must still follow a lawful good, neutral good, or lawful neutral deity.
Aww, no paladins of Cayden either...so sad. Ah, well.


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Did anyone else notice that hand in the bottom right of the screens on Ezren's and Seelah's chests? Might be worth moving that icon about half an inch to the left...

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Can't send people their product fast enough? What a great problem to have. I'm looking forward to the big influx of players this will (hopefully) bring in.

Now I just need to find a way to convince my local library to carry Pathfinder...

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Andrew L Klein wrote:
I really hope we get those two characters in the physical game, the mere consideration that we might not kind of irks me.

I really hope we get those two characters in the digital game for more than the tutorials. Ameiko is one of my favorite NPCs in Pathfinder.

ThreeEyedSloth wrote:

I freaked out when I saw Ameiko and Orik as playable characters in one of the previews posted yesterday. It's so cool!

Also, looks like each Adventure is $5, with a Season Pass that is cheaper than $25 (but not known at this time.) That's a great pricing model. It also sounds like each Adventure will come out in a staggered release, hopefully monthly, rather than all at once.

I was initially worried that price was going to be an issue. Looks like I needn't have. That said, some sort of incentive (say a discount) for those who buy the physical decks to also pick up the digital copy would be nice. Either way, I'm planning on a Day 1 purchase.

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I really enjoyed Death's Heretic and just finished Redemption Engine, both in paperback. I'd love to see a third in this series, preferably in paperback or DRM-free audio (for those of us who like to live unchained).


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Vic Wertz wrote:
critical path

This is precisely the tool I never knew I always wanted.

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Frencois wrote:

And an idea for Not-this-Mike and others :

Since indeed
Nathan wrote:
The original game has a lot of standard chain mail.

especially for those of us who bought character add-ons and class decks, I recommend you fill future class decks, base sets and character add-ons with the digitaly created variants.

Then we can redispatch all those various chain mails in the different existing base sets, so that all of them benefits from increased variety of boons.

Just an idea, but why waste a potential good one?


Also, very excited about this game. I like playing the physical game with friends, but it's hard to get everyone's schedule to line up.

Finally, I hope you can keep it under $25.

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OmegaZ wrote:
I don't get why people were mad over the cover mistake, I thought it was funny. Now its like we have collector's items or something.

What a conundrum! Do I leave it as-is to preserve its "Collector's Value" or paste in the errata to make a less pretty but better functioning rule book?

I think it's time to put a rank into book repair. Would that be Craft: Books or Profession: Bookbinder (or, since it's repair, Profession: Librarian)?

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Link to Chad Brown's previous blog post on power curves wasn't working. Here's a fixed one.

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Tripp Elliott wrote:
Are we allowed to Snark at the mixup Paizo has done with our voting titles?

I kinda like them. It adds that extra bit of whimsy. Maybe we can have the number be how many times we've gotten that achievement. Some of the veterans have titles longer than their posts.

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I think that one was a bird figurine. Also, maybe a touch too specific. <3

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Ya know, if you switched the prices, these would both be reasonable.

Additionally: Stop doing that! Do you know how expensive those are to mint?

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the Haunted Jester wrote:
What about another printing of the Advanced Players Guide. I know you cannot discuss next printings but I would like to point out that it's been nearly 5 years since it's seen an update.

I've been meaning to pick one up. A new printing would be a perfect excuse.

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Love the poster. Is that available as a PDF?

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Wszebor Uriev wrote:
Wow. Unexpected. Where's my notebook of ideas that passed through my head since last winter? *blows dust off a tome*

Speaking of, I'd be interested to see a round where the task is to construct a book of spells. Might not showcase enough skills though...

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At first glance I thought someone was wearing a full-sized (or Medium sized) goblin costume with giant buttons. Perspective can be tricksy.

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David knott 242 wrote:
BucketheadBaptist wrote:
A gross of goblins.

No, a gross is a specific number -- 144.

So, 144 goblins at CR 1/3 (135 XP) = 19440 XP or ~ CR12. Aka, the most boring, drawn out encounter for a level 12 group ever. To match the original intent, perhaps a Nausea of Goblins?

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I propose a mess of goblins.

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Gom-Gom is adorable. Can we get a plushie made?

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Liz Courts wrote:
Announced! Cover image and description not final.

Looking forward to this one. Some of my fondest PF memories are from running evil campaigns. Not really digging the title font though.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Fashion Goblin wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:

So, out of 29 posts in this thread, ten of them discuss her appearance in some fashion, from desiring more fanservice to "wanting to nail her" and comments on those.

Can we steer the conversation away from this? There's plenty of other things to discuss about Rivani *besides* her appearance.

srsly. Spilling so much internet ink on the clothes of the iconics.... That's just weird. :)

Can we get an AP that's just 18 levels of Rivani and Enora sitting quietly in a library researching and talking about their loving, yet somewhat estranged, families over lunch breaks.

There's actually a pretty fun piece of art of Enora and Rivani in a research room in a spirited philosophical argument about the true nature of the planes.

Always in favor of more library based art!

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A spontaneous INT caster? Sounds dangerous. I may have a new fave class. What's the balance? (I didn't see the Playtest Psychic)

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DragoDorn wrote:
Crowdforging is just another way to say playtesting,alpha testing, or beta testing. So far this game is looking like the Early Access games on Steam. People are paying to play test the game and tell the Developers how to fix those problems. If they made this free to play during this development stage, they might get more people willing to help them make it a better game. Paying to play test a game isn't very fun or appealing.

I feel what you're saying, but despite its shortcomings, it's fun to play even as a MVP (minimum viable product). The price is a little steeper than it ought to be at this point in development, but now we're just haggling.

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David Neilson wrote:
Well anyone can do that, the real question is will they answer? Also there is a typo, it says Master Summoner's Handbook and not Monster Summoner's Handbook.

I was actually pretty excited about a "Master Summoner's Handbook". Either is a pretty solid title for this item though.