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Full Name

Sath Saltblood


Half-Elf +2 Init / Perc +12 / +5 Mel / +6 Rang / +7 Scim / AC: 17/15 f_f/12 tch


Expert (Merchant Sailor) 1/ Aquatic Druid 5 39/39 HP


Female (But to all appearances dresses and acts male).






Neutral Good


Common, Elven, Druidic, Aquan, Draconic, dwarven, Gnome, Goblin, and Orc.


Sailor and Adventurer

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 11
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12

About Sath Saltblood

Strength 12 (2) [+1]
Dexterity 14 (2) +2 (Racial) [+2]
Constitution 11 (1) [+0]
Intelligence 14 (3) +1 (4th) [+2]
Wisdom 16 (10) [+3]
Charisma 12 (2) [+1]

Class: Aquatic Druid / Expert
Level: 5th Level / 1st Level
Hit Points: 39

Fortitude +4
Reflex +3
Will +9

Basic Attack Bonus: +4 (+5 melee / +6 ranged or scimitar)
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +5
Combat Maneuver Defense: 17
Armor Class- 17 (+5 Armor, +2 Dex)
flat-footed- 15
touch- 12

Race: Half Elf
Medium Sized / 30ft. Base landspeed / Low-Light Vision / Elf Blood / Elven Immunities: Immune to magic Sleep effects and +2 vs. enchantment spells/effects. / Adaptability / Keen Senses / Languages: Common, Elven; Druidic (Class, restricted)

Class Abilities:
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies- All simple weapons, plus scimitar, and scythe, plus all natural attacks; light armor, medium armor (no metal armor), and any wooden (non-tower) shield.
Aquatic Adaptation- +2 Initiative, Knowledge (Geography), Perception, Stealth, Survival, and Swim skills while in Aquatic terrain and cannot be tracked through such terrain.
Nature Bond- In addition to her other powers and spells, she also has the Weather Domain spells and powers.
Domain Spells (can cast each 1/day as additional spell slots):
1st level- Obscuring Mist 2nd level- Fog Cloud 3rd level- Call Lightning
Domain Power: 6 / Day She can summon a Storm Burst (Sp): Standard action, targeting any foe within 30 feet, ranged touch attack, deals 1d6+2 nonlethal damage and target is buffeted by winds and rain, causing –2 penalty on attack rolls for 1 round.
Nature Sense- +2 to Knowledge (Nature) and Survival checks.
Natural Swimmer- She has a natural Swim Speed of 15ft. Does not need to make skill checks for movement at swim speed, can take 10 on swim rolls even while distracted/endangered, +8 Swim for special action/avoid hazard, and can use the run action while swimming in a straight line.
Orisons- Can prepare 4 per day but each can be cast without being expended, allowing them to be cast without limit.
Resist Ocean’s Fury- +4 to save vs. all spells of the water type or the Ex/Su abilities of creatures with the aquatic or water subtype.
Spells- Can cast a limited number of druid spells per day:
1st level- 4/day 2nd level- 3/day 3rd level- 2/day
Wild Empathy- Can only be used on creatures with swim speed or the aquatic/water subtype but can use this ability of all creatures of this type- even those with Int 1 or 2 or mindless creatures.
Normally Prepared Spells:
0- Create Water / Detect Magic / Purify Food and Drink / Read Magic
1- Charm Animal (x2) / Cure Light Wounds / Speak with Animals
2- Chill Metal / Gust of Wind** / Warp Wood
*Can spontaneously replace a prepared spell with Summon Nature’s Ally spell of same level.

Athletic- +2 to Climb and +2 Swim skill.
Point Blank Shot- +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged attacks out to 30ft.
Skill Focus- +3 to Climb skill.
Weapon Focus- +1 to hit with scimitars.

Acrobatics +2 (+2) (+3) [+7]
Appraise +1 (+2) (+3) [+6]
Climb +3 (+1) (+2) (+3) [+9]
Diplomacy +2 (+1) (+3) [+6]*
Fly +1 (+2) (+3) [+6]
Handle Animal +4 (+1) (+3) [+8]
Heal +4 (+3) (+3) [+10]*
Knowledge (Geography) +4 (+2) (+3) [+9]*
Knowledge (History) +1 (+2) (+3) [+6]
Knowledge (Nature) +3 (+2) (+3) (+2) [+10]*
Linguistics +1 (+2) (+3) [+6]
Perception +4 (+3) (+3) (+2) [+12]
Profession (Sailor) +5 (+3) (+3) [+11]*
Sense Motive +1 (+3) (+3) (+1) [+8]*
Sleight of Hand +1 (+2) (+3) [+6]
Swim +5 (+1) (+3) (+2) (+1) / (+8) [+12] / [+20]
Survival +3 (+3) (+3) (+2) [+11]

Suspicious- +1 to Sense Motive checks and added to class skill list.
Touched by the Sea- +1 to swim checks and penalties on attack rolls underwater are lessened by 1.

Armor / Weapons:
+1 Suit of Masterwork Darkleaf Lamellar (Leather) Armor (+5 AC / +5 Max Dex Bonus / -0 Armor Check Penalty / 30ft. landspeed / 12lbs.)
Masterwork Scimitar (1d6+1 Dam / 18-20 x2 Crit / 4lbs. / Slashing Damage) +7 to hit total
Masterwork Darkwood Spear (1d8+1 Dam / x3 Crit / 20ft. range increment / 3lbs. / Piercing / Brace) +6 to hit total / +7 Thrown
+1 Dagger (1d4+2 Dam / 19-20 x2 Crit / 1lb. / 10ft. Thrown Range Increment) +6 to hit total / +7 Thrown
Disposable Weapons:
1 Acid Flask (1d6 direct hit, 5ft. splash for 1 pt. / 2lbs.) [+6 to hit with thrown flasks]
2 Alkali Flasks (Same as acid except vs. oozes/acid-based creatures, does x2 damage to them / 2lbs.)

Other Equipment:
Bedroll (5lbs.)
Diving Suit (+1 circumstance bonus on Swim checks/ 2lbs.)
Druid’s Kit (44lbs.)
Explorer’s Outfit (Male Clothes / 8lbs.)
Fishing Kit and Fishing Net (8lbs. total)
Healer’s Kit (6 Uses / +2 Circumstance Bonus to Heal checks / 1lb.)
1Scroll Box (1lb.)
Masterwork Survival Kit (+2 Circumstance bonus on Survival checks) 5lbs.
Pocketed Scarf (+4 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to hide objects on the body / ½ lb.)
Waterproof Bag (½ lb.)
Waterskin, extra (4lbs. full)
Veterinarian’s Kit (10 Uses / +2 Circumstance Bonus to Heal checks on animals, only +1 Heal others / 1lb.)

Magic Gear:
Handy Haversack (holds 20lbs. or 2cu. ft. of items in each side pouch and 80lbs or 8 cu. ft. in main pouch- always weighs only 5lbs.)
1 Potion of Water Breathing (10 hours duration)
1 Scroll of Water Breathing (10 hours duration)
Money: 3238 GP, 7 SP 7 CP

GM Boons:
(4)CLW 1d8+3
(2)CMW 2d8+6
(1)CSW 3d8+10
(1)Oil of Magic Weapon
(1)Vial anti-toxin
Ever-full Mug (3/day 12 ounces of fine beer or wine)
Blank Map book , waterproof
Scrivener’s kit
Rope, silk 50 ft.
Grapple hook

Sathran Saltblood was the 3rd of 5 children born to a human male and his half-elven wife, all of them daughters. Sath was the only one of her sisters to display elven characteristics and therefore always felt apart from them. What also set her apart was that she took after her father, a merchant ship owner who still helped his crew with many of the day to day chores of the ship, teaching Sath from the moment that she could walk to follow in his footsteps. Sath always thought that she would- that someday she would take over for her father and captain the ship and run the business for him herself. Sath was a dreamer in this way.

Although her father had always wanted a son, and trained her to insure that she would make certain that his business was one day run properly, he was realistic enough to understand that a crew would not easily work for a woman, no matter how competent she might be. On Sath’s 14th birthday, her father announced to her that he had betrothed her to a young man who, while he had no idea of how to run a ship, was a fast learner with a head for business. The young man was also sweet and kind, and loved Sath. Her father thought he had done the very best he could for her- making sure that she would be involved day to day in the life that she loved and have a good man for a husband in the deal.

Sath however, felt betrayed- why must she marry some man to keep what was already rightfully hers? Why would the men that already admired her skills as a sailor not follow her as a boss? Why must society be so cruel? Sath gathered what she needed that evening and fled to up the coast to live on her own alongside the ocean, eventually meeting an old man who saw in her another with a soul of the ocean, and he taught her the ways of the aquatic druid over the next 4 years.

In the meanwhile however, her father had grown ill and he was depending more and more upon his intended son-in-law to help with the business. The young man had grown bitter however- feeling spurned by the woman he loved, he was not able to see that she had not meant to hurt him, and he sought to make her pay for his broken heart. When her father died, he took over the business and enlisted the law to help him bring her back, as her father had signed a formal contract with him that he should marry Sath. Finding out she was being hunted by the law and by other less savory types employed by her betrothed, Sath decided her course- she would flee her homeland. Cutting her hair and dressing in the manner of a man, her years of hard labor on the ship and with her mentor allowed her to pass as male, and she booked working passage on a ship out of port, heading for the dangerous area known as the Razor’s Coast, where she felt confident none would look to find her or seek to chase her.

Appearance: Sath dresses and acts (for the most part) as a man- though she does not go to absurd lengths to hide her gender, few realize that she is a woman. She does this not because she seeks to be male but because she understands now that many will not accept her and her skills as qualifying her for the life she seeks the way they would a man. So a man she appears to be.