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Full Name

Saren Valasorn


Human (Keleshite)


Void Elementalist 6/Magaambyan Arcanist 10/Loremaster 3








Neutral Good


Chaldira Zuzaristan


Personal demiplane, greater on a coastal island just off of Absalom


Abyssal, Aklo, Ancient Osiriani, Aquan, Auran, Azlanti, Celestial, Cyclops, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Ignan, Infernal, Jistka, Kelish, Necril, Orc, Orvian, Polyglot, Sakvroth, Senzar, Shadowtongue, Sphinx, +

Strength 7
Dexterity 16
Constitution 26
Intelligence 41
Wisdom 11
Charisma 7

About Saren Valasorn

(Statistics include effects of active Shard of Gluttony [with penalty] combined with active Shard of Sloth, as well as Profane Gift and Profane Pact.)

Human Void Elementalist 6/Magaambyan Arcanist 10/Loremaster 3; AL NG
Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +19; Senses Perception +31
Exp 54; Fame 114; Prestige Points 68

AC 15 (+3 Dex, +1 insight, +1 luck), touch 15, flat-footed 12
hp 279 (19d6+201)
Fort +21, Ref +16, Will +19; +3 vs. spells and spell-like abilities
Defensive Abilities blessed warding, void awareness (+3 insight)

Speed 30 ft.
Melee staff of the master +9/+4 (1d6-1)
Ranged n/a
Special Attacks reveal weakness (-10) 18/day
Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 20th; concentration +39)
9th- aroden's spellbane, clashing rocks (+13 ranged touch; DC 36), mage's disjunction (DC 34), prismatic sphere (DC 34), shapechange (DC 36), time stop
8th- greater angelic aspect, dimensional lock, mind blank, polymorph any object (DC 35), trap the soul (DC 35), wall of lava (+13 ranged touch; DC 35)
7th- caustic eruption (DC 34), heal, holy word (DC 32), hungry darkness, limited wish (DC 32) (2), spell turning, greater teleport
6th- blade barrier (DC 31), chains of light (DC 33), disintegrate (+13 ranged touch; DC 33), greater dispel magic, greater heroism, sign of wrath (DC 31; CMB +35), tar pool (DC 33), true seeing
5th- cloudkill (DC 32), death ward, echolocation, life bubble, magic jar (DC 30), overland flight, communal stoneskin, telepathic bond
4th- acid pit (DC 31), confusion (DC 29), emergency force sphere, freedom of movement, persistent haunting mists (DC 27), greater invisibility, spike stones (DC 31), strongjaw
3rd- blink, dispel magic (2), displacement, greater magic fang (4), stinking cloud (DC 30)
2nd- barkskin, bull's strength, cat's grace, mirror image, resist energy (4), see invisibility
1st- ant haul, anticipate peril, blood money (3), entangle (DC 28), mage armor, shield (2)
0 (at will)- arcane mark, detect magic, message, prestidigitation
Opposition Schools wood elemental

Before Combat Every 40 days or until expended, Saren uses the Extend Spell feat to cast the following spells: extended contingency (if reduced below 111 hit points, Saren is affected by a heal spell), extended spellstaff (storing wish), and create demiplane, greater. To cast the wish spell, Saren first casts greater planar binding to summon an elder earth elemental into a fully prepared magic circle against evil calling diagram. He then casts magic jar to implant his soul within it's body. Casting heart of the mammoth followed by shapechange to polymorph into a huge dragon, he then casts blood money to fuel the material component for the wish spell to be stored. When complete, he casts heal upon the earth elemental before returning it to it's home plane.

While within his demiplane, Saren calls a Lilitu demon and Succubus demon into specially prepared calling diagrams with planar binding spells. Once secured, they are targeted with persistent dominate monster spells to remain compliant for the duration required to create simulacrums of each. Upon the successful creation of the simulacrums, both called demons are promptly destroyed. The simulacrum of the Lilitu demon is instructed to provide Saren with it's Profane Pact ability (providing Saren with a +4 Profane bonus to Intelligence), while the simulacrum of the Succubus demon is instructed to provide him with it's Profane Gift ability (providing Saren with a +2 Profane bonus to Constitution). Following their compliance, both are rendered into unconscious statues using flesh to stone spells, and carefully hidden within the demiplane.

If expecting trouble or preparing to assault enemies, he casts blood money to create material components for a limited wish, using that spell to create the effects of arcane concordance. Choosing the Extend Spell feature, he goes on to cast the following spells over the next 20 rounds: persistent shapechange, greater angelic aspect, spell turning, greater heroism, death ward, echolocation, communal stoneskin, telepathic bond (to his companions), freedom of movement, strongjaw, barkskin, bull's strength, cat's grace, mirror image, resist energy x4 (acid, cold, electricity, and fire), see invisibility, and shield. He then proceeds to cast the following spells without the benefit of arcane concordance: aroden's spellbane (2) (choosing immunity to antimagic field, dispel magic, greater dispel magic, mage's disjunction, siphon magic, source severance, spell scourge, and wall of suppression), mind blank, life bubble, overland flight, greater magic fang x4 (bite, claw, tail slap, wings), ant haul, and mage armor.

Both Saren's coastal island fortress and personal demiplane are littered with 9th level simulacrums of himself, and heavily warded by dozens of symbol spells, greater gylphs of warding, and numerous guards and wards.

During Combat If taken unaware or hard pressed at any time, Saren will use an immediate action to erect an emergency force sphere to purchase time to assess the situation, buff, or retreat. If he intends to fight, he will cast a quickened mage's disjunction to destroy his foe's spells and magic items followed by an extended time stop, either using that time to buff himself or assault his foes. His standard spell strategy while using time stop is to cast persistent stinking cloud upon as many foes as possible, followed by persistent cloudkill upon as many foes as possible, followed by persistent haunting mists upon as many foes as possible, followed by empowered blade barrier directly upon as many foes as possible, followed by dazing hungry darkness upon as many foes as possible, followed by empowered wall of lava adjacent to as many foes as possible, followed by sealing as many foes as possible within a persistent prismatic sphere to contend with those spells, followed by readying an action to cast persistent tar pool the moment time stop ends. If facing spell casters or others capable of teleportation effects, Saren also casts dimensional lock upon as many foes as possible to prevent them from easy escape from his death trap.

If not taken by surprise, he is far more methodical and conserving of his magics. His preferred forms using shapechange are that of a gorgon, huge green dragon (or other color as situation may warrant), and ratling. As a gorgon, Saren liberally employs his breath weapon to quickly end his foes with petrification (Fort save, DC 37 roll twice and keep the lowest saving throw to resist). As a dragon, Saren prefers to rend his foes with magically enhanced claw and jaw. Saren typically only assumes the form of a ratling when acute armor class, initiative, or mundane stealth scores may be required, such as to get the drop on another spellcaster.

Against a single powerful foe, Saren is likely to use his standard action to employ his reveal weakness class feature (-10 penalty to saving throws and AC for 1 round), followed by a quickened polymorph any object or trap the soul.

Against multiple enemies he assesses to be a true threat to his life, he opens with a persistent mage's disjunction in order to destroy their buffs and magical equipment, and follows up with a quickened antilife shell if the enemies he faces are of proper race to be affected by it or a quickened greater invisibility if they are outsiders or the like.

Morale Bearing God-like intellect, Saren can often instantly ascertain when a situation has turned against him. Not one to waste resources, he will flee any encounter he does not believe himself likely to prevail in. That said, he is borderline arrogant of his capability, and is likely to engage any group of enemies who is not obviously overwhelming before attempting flight.

Str 7, Dex 16, Con 26, Int 41, Wis 11, Cha 7
Base Atk +9; CMB +10; CMD 24
Feats Alertness, Dazing Spell, Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Greater Spell Focus (conjuration), Greater Spell Focus (transmutation), Greater Spell Penetration, Improved Initiative, Persistent Spell, Quicken Spell, Scholar (Knowledge [arcana], Knowledge [planes]), Skill Focus (Knowledge [arcana]), Skill Focus (Perception), Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Spell Focus (conjuration), Spell Focus (transmutation), Spell Mastery (antilife shell, antimagic field, aroden's spellbane, blood money, death ward, emergency force shield, heal, life bubble, limited wish, mage's disjunction, overland flight, plane shift, shapechange, greater teleport, wish), Spell Penetration, Toughness
Traits Lessons of Chaldira, Reactionary
Skills Acrobatics +8, Appraise +21, Bluff +19, Diplomacy +22, Escape Artist +24, Fly +11, Handle Animal +15, Heal +16, Intimidate +19, Knowledge (arcana) +52, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +34, Knowledge (engineering) +34, Knowledge (geography) +34, Knowledge (history) +34, Knowledge (local) +34, Knowledge (nature) +34, Knowledge (nobility) +34, Knowledge (planes) +38, Knowledge (religion) +34, Linguistics +39, Perception +31, Sense Motive +25, Spellcraft +45, Survival +15, Use Magic Device +22
SQ altruistic guardian, arcane bond (greensting scorpion familiar), aura of good, cantrips, focused study, halcyon magic (antilife shell, barkskin, death ward, entangle, freedom of movement, heal, greater magic fang, spellstaff, spike stones, strong jaw), holy arcana, immediate spell mastery 1/day, intoned recollection (full round), lasting goodness, lore (+1), righteous contravention, secret (applicable knowledge, secret health), skilled, spontaneous spell mastery 2/day, superior spell mastery, timeless body, virtuous spells
Languages Abyssal, Aklo, Ancient Osiriani, Aquan, Auran, Azlanti, Celestial, Cyclops, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Ignan, Infernal, Jistka, Kelish, Necril, Orc, Orvian, Polyglot, Sakvroth, Senzar, Shadowtongue, Sphinx, Sylvan, Taldane (Common), Tekritanin, Terran, Thassilonian, Tien, Undercommon, Vudrani
Prestige Awards Coastal Island, Green Faith, Information Brokerage, Master of Trade, Riftwardens, Wizard's Tower
Combat Gear staff of the master (2); Other Gear +1 dueling spiked gauntlet, ghost touch amulet of mighty fists, belt of mighty constitution +6, blessed book, cloak of resistance +5, headband of vast intelligence +6, cracked dark blue rhomboid ioun stone, 3 cracked deep red sphere ioun stones (Acrobatics, Escape Artist, and Fly), cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone, 2 cracked incandescent blue sphere ioun stones (Heal and Survival), cracked mulberry pentacle ioun stone, 2 cracked pale green prism ioun stones (attack rolls and saving throws), 3 cracked pink and green sphere ioun stones (Handle Animal, Intimidate, and Use Magic Device), 13 cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stones (Appraise, Knowledge [arcana, dungeoneering, engineering, geography, history, local, nature, nobility, planes, and religion], Linguistics, and Spellcraft), dusty rose prism ioun stone, emerald ellipsoid ioun stone, ocher rhomboid ioun stone, orange prism ioun stone, jingasa of the fortunate soldier, polymorphic pouch, greater ring of inner fortitude, robe of runes, stone of good luck, wayfinder, 9 pathfinder chronicles (knowledge [arcana, dungeoneering, engineering, geography, history, local, nobility, planes, and religion]), spell component pouch (3), spell focuses (a gold and ruby lens worth 1,500 gp [for analyze dweomer], masterwork thieves' tools [for aram zey's focus], a cold iron sceptre worth 1,500 gp [for aroden's spellbane], an ivory statuette of himself worth 1,500 gp [for contingency], a forked metal rod worth 500 gp [for create demiplane line of spells], a fetish of mammoth's hair soaked in dragon's blood [for heart of the mammoth], four pieces of ivory worth 50 gp each [for legend lore and vision], a miniature ivory door, piece of polished marble, and silver spoon worth 5 gp each [for mage's magnificent mansion], a miniature platinum sword worth 250 gp [for mage's sword], a crystal worth 100 gp [for magic jar], an ivory plaque worth 50 gp [for mnemonic enhancer], a miniature shovel with 10 gp [for pit lines of spells], twenty-one forked metal rods attuned to the following planes of existence: abaddon, the abyss, air, astral, axis, the boneyard, earth, elysium, ethereal, fire, first world, heaven, hell, the maelstrom, material, negative energy, nirvana, positive energy, purgatory, shadow, utopia, water [for plane shift], a diamond worth 1,000 gp [for protection from spells], a pair of canine statues worth 50 gp [for repulsion], a jade circlet worth 1,500 gp [for shapechange]), pouch full of trail mix, 33,677 gp
Ioun Stones Note The dusty rose prism ioun stone is slotted into Saren's wayfinder. All other ioun stones are implanted into his body.
Manuals and Tomes Saren has read a manual of bodily health +4, manual of quickness in action +2, and a tome of clear thought +5.

9th Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: aroden's spellbane, clashing rocks, create demiplane, greater, fiery body, heroic invocation, interplanetary teleport, tsunami, wall of suppression
8th Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: angelic aspect, greater, heart of the mammoth, holy aura**, seamantle, stormbolts
7th Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: caustic eruption, control construct, create demiplane lesser, heal*, holy word**, hungry darkness, ice body, fly, mass, resonating word, waves of ecstasy
6th Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: antilife shell*, battlemind link, blade barrier**, chains of light, cloak of dreams, cold ice strike, sign of wrath, sirocco, spellstaff*, tar pool, unconscious agenda
5th Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: acidic spray, covetous aura, death ward*, dispel evil**, echolocation, fickle winds, fire snake, hungry pit, life bubble, phantasmal web, stoneskin, communal
4th Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: acid pit, age resistance, lesser, ball lightning, conjure deadfall, emergency force sphere, freedom of movement*, holy smite**, named bullet, obsidian flow, overwhelming grief, protection from energy, communal, spike stones*, strong jaw*, vitriolic mist
3rd Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: aqueous orb, ash storm, blood rage, deathwine, force punch, greater magic fang*, pain strike, pellet blast, reckless infatuation, resist energy, communal, spiked pit, swipe, twilight knife
2nd Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: align weapon (good only)**, ant haul, communal, aram zey's focus, barkskin*, create pit, flurry of snowballs, frigid touch, haunting mists, raiment of command, share language, suppress charms and compulsions, unnatural lust
1st Level All spells from the Core Rulebook, plus: abundant ammunition, air bubble, alter winds, ant haul, anticipate peril, blood money, corrosive touch, entangle*, infernal healing, liberating command, memory lapse, snowball, touch of gracelessness
0th Level acid splash, arcane mark, bleed, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, flare, ghost sound, haunted fey aspect, light, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, resistance, scrivener's chant, shocking grasp, spark, touch of fatigue


Venture-Captain Protege (Protege of Venture-Captain Solail. This tutelage manifests in a +2 bonus to Intelligence at character creation.)
Kassen's Blessing (1/1; Re-roll a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.)
Inside Connections (You receive a +2 bonus on all Cha-based checks against the faithful of Razmir.)
Stolen Deeds (Purchasing any property in Absalom costs 1 less PP than normal [minimum 1].)
Shard of Greed (When active gain a +1 insight bonus on attack rolls, but become sickened whenever you are not wearing non-magical jewelry and fine clothing worth atleast 500 gp per HD and each time you sell or give a belonging away you must succeed on a DC 20 Will save or take 1d4 points of Wisdom damage.)
Shard of Pride (When active gain a +2 insight bonus on all skill checks, but become sickened whenever you must serve another creature as a subordinate of any sort for as long as that arrangement persists and you cannot gain the benefit of the aid another action nor take that action.)
Lamashtu's Bane (You gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against targets displaying an unholy symbol of Lamashtu.)
Kassen's Boon (1/1; You may use one of the following once: 1). Add 1d6 to a single d20 roll before the results of the roll are revealed; 2). Recall one spell or spell slot expended that round; 3). Automatically stabilize if at negative hit points and dying.)
Haunt Survivor (You gain a +2 bonus on Perception checks to notice haunts. Additionally, once per day, you can re-roll a saving throw to avoid a haunt's negative effects before the results of the original roll are revealed.)
Shard of Lust (When active gain a +2 insight bonus on Initiative checks, but become sickened whenever you have not had sexual relations with another creature in the last 12 hours and you become staggered while you wear any sort of armor of magic item that occupies the body slot.)
Perfect Defense (1/1; You may, as an immediate action, gain a +4 competence bonus to your CMD until the end of your next turn.)
Magic Tattoo (5/5; Once per day as a swift action, you may use the tattoo to enhance a spell of 3rd level or lower with Still Spell and Silent Spell. This ability can be used 5 times before the tattoo fades.)
Shard of Gluttony (When active increase your maximum hit points by 1 point per Hit Die, but you are always sickened when you have not eaten food within the last hour and must make a DC 20 Will save every hour to resist consuming any food or beverage (including potions) you carry.)
Sigil Wafer (You gain a +2 Profane bonus to Intelligence for one year. [Date received 5/11/2013])
Ocher Rhomboid Ioun Stone (You gain a unique ioun stone that grants you Extend Spell as a bonus feat. This ioun stone is cursed and cannot be removed without a remove curse spell or similar.)
Shard of Envy (When active gain a +2 Insight bonus to AC, but you are sickened whenever you are within 30 ft. of a creature of the same race of character class as yourself and physical contact with such a creature nauseates you for 2d6 rounds if you fail a DC 20 Fortitude save.)
Thassilonian Library (1/day, by spending 8 hour pouring your resources, you gain a +20 competence bonus on a single Knowledge (history) check about Thassilon, the Runelords, or creatures of the giant type.)
Shard of Sloth (When active gain a +4 insight bonus on all concentration and caster level checks, but you become sickened for 1 hour whenever you take more than a single move action in any round and all your movement speeds are halved.)
Shard of Wrath (Gain a +2 insight bonus on all weapon damage rolls, but you are sickened whenever you have not brought a living creature to -1 or fewer hit points within the last hour and once you attack a creature you must make a DC 20 Will save to cease attacking that creature before you have killed it.)
Lunar Liberator (0/1; When you would spend PP, you may reduce the final cost of a single purchase by 8 PP to a minimum of 0.)
Sihedron Reforged (You may now benefit from two shard boons simultaneously and only suffer one of the shard's penalties (your choice). In addition, once per day as an immediate action you may unleash a surge of potent magic that grants a willing ally within 120 feet a +2 insight bonus on all saving throws for 1 round and 2d8+10 points of magical healing.)
Hide of Dragons (Blue) (You may purchase a dragonhide suit of masterwork armor and a masterwork light or heavy shield sized for a Medium creature.)
Runelord's Reputation (You defeated Runelord Karzoug. As a result, your Fame score increases to equal 6 × your character level [as though you had earned maximum prestige in each adventure up to this point].)
Thassilonian Ioun Stone (In your battle against Karzoug and his minions, you encountered several ioun stones from ancient Thassilon that were unknown until you discovered them. Select one of the four ioun stones listed below (emerald ellipsoid). You gain the selected ioun stone at no cost.)