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Archaeologist (Bard Archrtype)/20, Pathfinder Chronicler/3, Pathfinder Delver/10




5 ft. 10 in.






Cayden Cailean


Anywhere his intrests, fancies, or friends take him.


he can read, write, understand, and speak all languages thanks to some permanent spells and study.


Explorer, Mediator, Treasure Hunter, and all-around good guy.

About SamoshQuarnen

SamoshQuarnen or Sam for short, is a gnome with a deep and passionate history, having been raised in a gnomish community (the name of which changes every time he talks about home). having been raised with two cousins, one became a thief and had to leave town to escape the law,and the other a brilliant construct craftsman who suffers from bleaching and isolates himself from everyone except his "perfect people". While growing up, Sam read every pathfinder chronicle he could get his hands on and dreamed of the day he could become a member of the pathfinder society and go on adventures. when he became old enough he was tested and found accepted into the pathfinder society.

While he calls no single lodge his true home or allegiance, he has made enough friends to be welcomed at every lodge with open arms.he has gone thru many long adventures since he first started, first while studying ruins in Sandpoint he became involved in a series of quests culminating in a great battle against a Runelord in a lost city. after heading many return expeditions to the city, he was called upon by the society in Magnimar to join a group of new recruits to find and reassemble an ancient artifact due to your experience as a ruin raider.

After these adventures Sam tried the settled life in Sandpoint, but was called upon by his friend Ameiko(who taught him a lot about the land of Tian Xia, including it's language)to aid in reclaiming her family legacy. with the temptation of seeing new lands in mind he joined he on her trek north and helped her reclaim the throne of Minkai. Afterwards he was once again summoned by the Society, and was Teleported to the grand hall in Absalom where he was sent to meet a contact in Cheliax about a map of an unexplored area near Sargava.

when gaining the map and took the next ship to Sargava, he was shipwrecked and stumbled upon the knowledge of an ancient Azlanti city. of which he led an expedition for the Pathfinder Society to claim, and in time helped lead an army against the serpentfolk and behead their deity. spending a few more years with further exploration and establishing a new lodge, he went to meet a friend in Port Peril about a map to an old cyclopian ruin. but was however forced into joining a pirate crew, and later helped a fellow crew member become the next hurricane king. When his friend was stable in his position and had gotten a more charitable deal made between Sargava and the Shackles, Sam left once again to find more adventures and tales to tell.

Now continuing to wander the realm of the Inner Sea, he can be recognized by his gentle smile and his rich chopped, disheveled brown hair. Wearing a simple set of leather armor, and carrying a Elysian Bronze Gladius (whom he has named Snake Biter). He also wears a pair of glasses over his large green eyes and carries a magic backpack full of books, bearing tattoos from his time in Sargava and the Shackles. He also carries five magic items, each of which he gained during one of his great adventures.