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So, looking at my GM session credit a few minutes ago it appears that I once again have the correct amount. Unfortunately, I'm still listed as a 2-star GM even though I have 62 tables of credit under my belt. Now, I have run a fair number of modules, so I'm not sure if that double credit is somehow affecting my number of stars. Just my best guess....

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I'm looking at making a paladin with the Oath of Charity. This modifies and renames Lay on Hands to Charitable Hands. The description says it "otherwise works like and replaces lay on hands." I wanted to take a number of feats whose prerequisites require the Lay on Hands class feature (ex. Extra Lay on Hands, Word of Healing, etc.), but I'm wondering if by going with Oath of Charity that I will be unable to do this.

I've read through a couple of threads that talked about this question and most seemed to agree that it "should" be allowed, however, this character will be used in PFS, so won't be open to GM interpretation.