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| SP 18/18 HP 22/22 | RP 4/4 | EAC 16; KAC 17 | Fort +1; Ref +7; Will +3 | Init: +10| Perc: +8 SM: +8


| Speed 40ft | Active conditions: none

Acrobat +12, Bluff +11, Computers +9, Culture +8, Diplom +8, Disguise +11, Medicine +8, Pilot +12, Sleight of Hand +12, Stealth +12, Survival +2


Male CN human (outlaw) operative 3

About Rril Suolwind

Part owner of the vessel he refers to as Sydevenik's Dream.

SFS #90900-716
Experience 3 XP
Slotted Faction Acquisitives
Wealth 45 Credits

Rril Suolwind
Operative 3
CN Medium Human Outlaw
Init +10; Senses Perc +8, Sense Motive +8


EAC 16, KAC17
SP 18 HP 22 RP 4
Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +3

Speed 30 ft.
Melee sword cane, tactical +6 (1d4+1 P)(Crit 1d3 bleed)
Ranged semi-auto pistol, tactical +6 (1d6+1 P)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks

Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 14

BAB +2

Skills Acrobatics +12, Bluff +11, Computers +9, Culture +9, Diplomacy +8, Disguise +11, Medicine +8, Perception +8, Piloting +12, Sense Motive +8, Sleight of Hand +12, Stealth +12, Survival +2

Starship-Combat Version of Skills Piloting +12, Computers +9, Gunnery +7

Feats Deadly Aim, Improved Initiative, Quick draw, Weapon Specialization
Languages Common, Azlanti, Drow, Vesk
Combat Gear sword cane, tactical, freebooter armor I (+2 EAC, +3 KAC)
Other Gear semi-auto pistol (tactical); formal clothing, disguise kit, hacking kit, basic med kit, medpatch, 45 credits.
Special Abilities
Operatives Edge – Rril has a +2 insight bonus to initiative checks and to skill checks.

Specialization (Spy) – Rril can attempt a Bluff check with a +4 bonus to make a trick attack. He gains Skill Focus in Bluff and Disguise.

Trick Attack – Rril can move up to his speed as full round action and then make an attack with a melee weapon with the operative special ability or any small arm. Just before he makes the attack, Rril may attempt a Bluff, Intimidate, or Stealth check (DC=20+target’s CR). If successful at the check, Rril deals an additional 1d8 damage to the target and the target is flat-footed.

Evasion – If Rril succeeds at a Reflex save that normally has a partial effect on a successful save, Rril instead suffers no effect. He gains this benefit only when unencumbered and wearing light armor or no armor, and he loses the benefit when helpless or otherwise unable to move.

Uncanny Mobility (Ex) – When Rril makes a trick attack, if he chooses the target of his attack before he moves, his movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity from that target. When he uses his standard action to move, he can choose one creature; he doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity from that creature for this movement.

Quick Movement (Ex) = As long as he is unencumbered and wearing light armor or no armor, Rril's land speed increased by 10 feet.


[dice=Bluff (Trick Attack)]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Melee (sword cane, tactical)]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=Damage (sword cane)(P)]1d4+1[/dice]
[dice=Additional Damage is Trick Attack Successful)]1d8[/dice]

[dice=Bluff (Trick Attack)]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Ranged (semi-automatic pistol, tactical)]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=Damage (semi-automatic pistol, tactical)(P)]1d6+1[/dice]
[dice=Additional Damage is Trick Attack Successful)]1d8[/dice]