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As many of you may know, Dagedai aims to be a place of commerce. We have seen and talked to a variety of other such settlements. We want to open a standing invitation for any other traders or trade settlements to send members or representatives to take up residence with us.

Just as we expect to have scouts looking for good deals and merchants securing arrangements for goods needed elsewhere, we expect many others will be doing the same. We want to make your work as easy as possible. The more business we can promote, the happier everyone is likely to be.

If there are other settlements that wish to facilitate the same smooth transition of goods, we would love to hear from you as well. Knowing where trade is more important than politics will help many in the pursuit of profits without having to worry about who they might be offending, or embargoes they might be violating.

Join Dagedai in creating a strong network of commerce, whatever the political climate might be.

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Several residents of Freevale have expressed interest in promoting trade. Indeed, we have our own trading company and a tavern in neutral (i.e. NPC hex) territory. I'm sure our traders would be able to work with Dagedai despite your overly rigid (i.e. lawful) customs. :]

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CBDunkerson is absolutely correct. I am pretty sure we have a lot of common ground in our interest to trade. Blunt Logic in Freevale is on board.

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*looks at Darcnes*

Can I pet the kitty? If I can pet the kitty I promise not to accidentally on purpose raid your caravan.

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I'll sign on for anyone who wants to add me to your address book. Roughshod of TEO: The Golden Scales Company of Brighthaven.

I don't speak for either TEO or Golden Scales, but we have always expressed open commerce and trade. I posted an earlier reply in your other thread, so I won't go into as much detail here.

I've added the names here to my address book. I'll try to follow up with you later on the Goblinworks forum when we have a more permanent home for EE. Please feel free to add / message me later if you need a contact.

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CBD and Gpunk, good to hear!

@Ravenlute Two times, a third will go poorly.

Roughshod, good to hear. This thread is primarily for the purpose of establishing representatives in remote locations to aid your efforts in goods acquisition and sales.

But a good place to get contacts nonetheless.

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Darcnes wrote:
@Ravenlute Two times, a third will go poorly.


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