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Hello all!

My party is defending our kingdom against a cruel neighboring ruler who has declared active war against us. We are at the point of devising an offensive, which would primarily involve the party itself as our armies are better served defending against his greater numbers. As a group we have been trying to brain storm some ideas to use what limited resources we have against him.

And that is where my tengu comes in. He had previously saved the kingdom diplomatically by leveraging his linguistics skill to forge official documents. Basically party overlooked some red tape, but he was able to slip in some "logical post-notarization edits" that were not detected and fulfill the requirements. While not as maximized as I am sure he could be, at level 14 he sports a 32 linguistics modifier, before any assistance from magic or circumstance bonuses from tools or such (skill focus, tengu bonus, trait bonus, int, etc). He has access to the standard +2 tools, and some competent NPC help for aid bonuses, as well as party spells. We have also gotten our hands on some of the enemy kingdom's bounties (for our heads) so we have examples of what their work looks like (for forgery mods, etc).

My curiosity as a player, however, is to find some solid hook or idea to use this resource against our enemy. I've thought about sort of pen and paper version of a DDoS attack, flood their bureaucratic system with ridiculous bounties such as "1 gp for 100 fish bones", or "1sp for the return of this bounty". We want to hamper him, but not harm his people, we are focusing our attempts as more liberation over conquering.

Basically, what if any other mass forgery ideas does anyone else have, or have used in their games? GM will entertain some of my ideas, but out of respect I don't want to fluff it and say "I do some badass forgery stuff" and just roll the dice. This grift needs some class!

Thank you in advance for any ideas you may have!