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About Roland Agape

Name: Roland Agape Race: Celestial (outsider, angel subtype) Gender: Male Age: 18 Description: A beautiful young man with features so perfect they look carved by a master artisan, he appears human with blond hair, green eyes and tan skin, his only supernatural trait beyond his physical perfection a large pair of snow white angel wings.

Levels: 18 hit dice
HP: 378 (maximized)
Initiative: +14
Speed: 60ft, Fly 90ft (perfect)
AC: 29 (+9 natural armor, +10 Dex)
CMB: +28
CMD: 48
Attacks: 2 slams +29 20/x2
Damage: 1d6+10
Special Abilities: Stunning Beauty (DC 34)
Special Qualities: darkvision 60ft, low-light vision, Fast Healing 10, SR 28, DR 15/evil, Immunity to acid, cold and petrification, fire and electricity resistance 10, +4 on saves against poison, Protective Aura (su), Truespeech (su), Divine Grace
Stats: Str: 30 Dex: 30 Con: 30 Int: 20 Wis: 24 Cha: 36
Saves: Fort: +34 Ref: +29 Will: +31
Feats: Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Alertness, Ability Focus (Stunning Beauty), Flyby Attack, Quicken Spell-like Ability (glitterdust), Weapon Focus (slam), Toughness, Combat Reflexes
Skills: Bluff +34. Diplomacy +34, Sense Motive +30, Acrobatics +31, Knowledge (the planes) +22, Perception +30, Swim +31, Fly +31, Climb +31, Use Magic Device +34, Perform (sing) +34
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages: Common, Celestial

Spell-like abilities: Cl 18 DC 23+spell level - trueseeing (constant), 3/day-charm monster, good hope, heal, glitterdust, heroes’ feast, greater restoration, greater teleport, plane shift 1/day-holy word, limited wish

Special Ability: Stunning Beauty: All who gaze directly upon Roland’s supernatural perfection must succeed a Will save or be stunned for 1 round. This is a mind-effecting effect. The save DC is Cha based. This ability can be suppressed or resumed as a free action. (Roland consistently suppresses it except in combat situations.)

Equipped Items:

Passive: Royal outfit (worth 200 gp), dagger

Use activated:



Platinum: 1,000

Back Story: Sophia, an Archangel whom embodies the various cosmic concepts of Love, used her great power to create a son for herself so that she could express maternal Love for a being forged directly by her own hand. Raising him from a baby Sophia took great pride in her child whose beauty almost equaled her own and whose wisdom grew on a daily basis. His childhood was one of the happiest times for her in an eternal lifespan of joy. Unfortunately as he entered his teens her little angel became more and more rebellious and began use his insight to criticize his mother and her way of life.

He believes that the way she uses her beauty and charm to create cults of personality and facilitate her desires (benevolent though they are) is a corrupt use of power and as he got older he became more and more vocal about it. In addition as he traveled the planes he adopted an extremely tolerant attitude and a moral relativism perspective in relation to even some of the darkest of creations creatures, like Devils and the Undead, that shocked his mother fiercely.

In their final argument before she had finally had enough he defended some of his less than pure friends by comparing his mother to Asmodeus, the dynamic ruler of the Nine Hells; claiming that they were both nothing but “Tyrants of Desire” and equally unworthy of “worship”.

“And I will never use my beauty as a weapon against the impressionable as you have!” He spat at her.

Taken aback and deeply wounded she decided that perhaps, at least for a time, it would be better if she not be involved in her son’s life. She told him to go out and find his own place in the world and leave her in peace, effectively banishing him from her sight. Roland wandered for awhile until he was discovered by the teachers of Avalon Academy, now he is enrolling to see if he has truly found a place for the open minded who have a desire to better themselves in life.