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Male Sun Elf Mage 1/Fighter 1

About Ridel Liakiir "Silverblossom"



Ridel Liakiir (Silverblossom)
CG Medium Sun Elf Swordmage

AC 12 (+2 dexterity)
hp 12 (6+6)
Hit Dice 1d6+1d10

Speed 30 ft.
Melee long sword +4 (1d8+3 slashing, versatile {1d10+4})
Ranged ray of frost +6 (1d8 cold, speed 10 ft until next turn)
Spells Per Day 1st-2
Spells Prepared (Save DC 12)
burning hands (1)
In a 15 foot cone, all creatures take 3d6 fire damage. Dex saving throw halves damage. Fire ignites flammable objects not worn or carried.
detect magic (1)
Sense the presence of magic within 25 feet, for up to 10 minutes. Blocked by 1 ft. stone, 1 in. metal, thin sheet of lead, or 3 ft wood/dirt.
light (0)
For 1 hour, object glows bright 20 ft, dim 20 ft. Requires firefly or phosporescent moss.
mage hand (0)
Summoned hand uses your action if within 25 feet for 1 minute.
minor illusion (0)
Create a ghost sound or silent image within 25 feet for 1 minute. Wisdom (perception) vs spell save determines illusion.
ray of frost (0)
Make a ranged attack (50 ft. range) to inflict 1d8 cold damage and reduce targets speed to 10 feet until your next turn.

Proficiency Bonus +1
Armor all armor, shields
Weapons long sword, short sword, shortbow, longbow, dagger, dart, sling, quarterstaff, light crossbow, all simple and martial weapons
Tools Gaming set, mounts (land)
Saving Throws Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills Arcana, Athletics, History, Insight, Persuasion

Str 16 Dex 14 Con 10 Int 18 Wis 13 Cha 14
Skills Arcana +5, Athletics +4, History +5, Insight +2, Perception +1 (advantage), Persuasion +3
Background Noble
Languages Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarvish, Elvish, Infernal, Giant, Orc
SQ wizardry, arcane recovery, ritual casting, low-light vision, protection, keen senses, fey ancestry, trance, retainers, spellcasting bonus (magic focus), second wind

Protection (fighting style) While wielding a melee weapon, shield, or both, Ridel can use a reaction when an enemy he can see within 5 feet of him attacks him: the attack suffers disadvantage.
Spellcasting Bonus (wizardry) With his crystal orb, component pouch, or a spellbook used as a magic focus, Ridel casts spells with proficiency bonus added to the spell DCs.
Second Wind As an action, Ridel gains temporary hitpoints equal to 1d6+1. He loses these hitpoints before losing his own. They go away after 5 minutes. Ridel must complete a short rest or long rest to use this ability again.
Low-Light Vision Ridel can see as far in dim light as he can in normal light. He also has advantage on perception skill checks.
Fey Ancestry Ridel has advantage on saving throws against charm, and is immune to sleep
Trance Ridel meditates for 4 hours a day instead of sleeping.
Ritual Casting (wizardry) With his spellbook in hand, Ridel can cast certain spells with ritual casting, adding 10 minutes to the casting time.
Arcane Recovery (wizardry) Once per day, after a short rest, Ridel recovers spell slots equal to half his mage level (rounded up).

Traveler's clothes, scroll of pedigree, riding horse with saddle and bridle, grooming kit for horses, feed (7 days), long sword, spellbook, component pouch, adventurer's kit

0-light, mage hand, minor illusion, ray of frost
1-burning hands, detect magic, find familiar, longstrider