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Full Name

Rhialla Hrafnsdottir (Ravensdaughter)


Peri-Blooded Aasimar


Sorceress (Elemental - Water) 10 / Oracle of Winter 1 / Winter Witch 1






Aasimar equivalent of 22

Special Abilities

casts spells as cold+rime+slowing


Lawful* Good




Crown of the World (born in Rahadoum)





Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 10
Charisma 19

About Rhialla Hrafnsdottir

Rhialla's powers manifested when she was very young, by aasimar standards. She did not understand it when it did, and her parents reaction terrified her. Out of control, her flames quickly engulfed the house, leaving her badly scared, her parents dead, and the Rahadoum anti-divinity squads seeking her death.

She fled to the north, far from the heat and the flame. How far she traveled is unknown, but beyond the realms of the mammoth lords. There, she cried out her grief and guilt, and her desire to be rid of the fire within her.

Grandmother Raven responded to her, and took her under her wing. Even Rhialla does not remember all the details of that meeting, but she returned south a changed woman. Her scars had changed to an intricate pattern of crystalline snowflakes, and her flaming eyes now burned a brilliant cold blue.

She traveled directly to the pathfinder society, and quickly became a member. With Andoletta as her guide, she tries to act as a conscience to any group she is a part of.

She joined with the Lantern Lodge, as they had often traveled near her home in the Crown of the World. She then set up her own caravans along that route. After becoming recognized as a Master of the Lodge and helping to settle it into Tien, she has joined with the Silver Crusade to do good where she can.

*Though she is lawful good, it is not flawed human law she is dedicated to, but the order and uniformity of Ice.