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Full Name

Reth Kaskin




Cleric 4 - Herald Caller







Special Abilities

Shifting (Beasthide), Low Light Vision, Aura, Channel Positive Energy


Lawful Good


Silver Flame




Common, Celestial


Cleric of the Silver Flame

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 20
Charisma 12

About Reth Kaskin

Hit Points: 24 (+3 Favored Class)
Armor Class: 21 (Mithril Breastplate +1 & Dexterity)

Initiative +15 (+4 more from Read the Threads)

Protection (Resistant Touch & +1 to Saves 8x day for up to 1 minute)

Concentration +9 (+10 Summoning Spells)

Orisons, 4 per day
Resistance, Guidance, Detect Magic, Light

Level 1 - 4+D per day
Sanctuary (D), Command, Magic Weapon, Bless X2

Level 2 - 3+D per day,
Shield Other (D), Bear's Endurance, Hold Person (swap out for Summoning), Resist Energy


Channel Energy - 4x day - 2d6

Call Heralds - Spontaneously swap Summoning spells - +1 to Concentration checks to cast defensively at 1st, +1 more thereafter every 5 levels.

Divine Heralds - Herald must match alignment of deity. Can speak language of all summoned creatures. When Channeling Energy, can include Heralds in effect even if outside of 30' range.

Augment Summoning -

(Considered to have Spell Focus Conjuring for Purposes of Prerequisites)

Read the Threads which will make you immune to be staggered and helps prepare you for battle, a bonus to initiative checks equal to your level.

Saving Throws:
Fortitude +5, Reflex +4, Will +11

Shifter Trait - Beasthide - 4 rounds +2 Con & +2 AC

Simple Weapon Proficiency, Proficient with Silver Flame Favored Weapon (Longbow), Light & Medium Armor Proficiency

Selective Channeling.

Flaw - Noncombatant -2 to Melee attacks.

Sacred Summons - Cast Summon Monster spells as Standard instead of full round action.

Bonus feat from flaw - Improved Initiative

Character Traits: Reactionary +2 Initiative, Cleansing Light - re roll 1s when damaging undead with channel energy
Indomitable Faith (+1 will), Sacred Touch (stabilize w/ touch)
Campaign Trait - Outlander - Exile +2 Initiative score

Drawback - Zealous -5 attack +2 damage vs foe who worships God not of the silver Flame.
Meticulous - -2 on skill checks in which Reth is untrained

Move: 30' (20' while wearing Scale Mail)

Skills: 4+Int per level + Favored Class (1)

Acrobatics - 4 (-1 in Armor) (Ranks 1)
Climb - 5 (4 in Armor) (Ranks 1)
Diplomacy - 6 (Ranks 2)
Knowledge Arcana 4 (Ranks 1)
Knowledge Planes 4 (Ranks 1)
Knowledge Religion - 5 (Ranks 2)
Heal - 9 (Ranks 1)
Linguistics - 5 (Ranks 2)
Perception - 6(1 Rank)
Sense Motive - 11 (Ranks 2)
Spellcraft - 5 (Ranks 2)


Base Attack Bonus +3

Melee Attack Bonus: +2

Ranged Attack Bonus: +6

Combat Maneuver Bonus: +4

Combat Manueuver Defense: +17

Melee - Morningstar - 1d8+1 (Crit - 20x2)
Mwk cold iron heavy mace 1d8+1

Ranged - Masterwork Mighty Composite Longbow - 1d8+1 (Crit - 20x3) [20 Arrows]

Green Cloak & Riding Boots
Silver Holy Symbol (Silver Flame)
Thunderstones (4)
Antitoxin (4)
Holy Water (8)
Acid Flask (4)

Magic Gear:
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2
Ring of Feather Fall,
Manacles of Cooperation,
Ioun Torch,
Potion of Shield of Faith x 3,
Ring of Sustenance.

Backpack (contains)
Waterskin, Torches (10), Flint & Steel
9 Silver Pieces

GP =


Reth is a zealot plain and simple. He believes that his own interpretation of right and wrong is nearly infallible and that if something he deems is wrong, wrong it must be. His own confidence is shaken after his failures in the Gloaming and his subsequent imprisonment by his own Church. His zealotry is his cover for this crisis of faith. Without question Reth cannot stand his race and is shamed at even being a Shifter. He tries for all intents and purposes to be as human as possible (hiding his appearance as best he can with cloaks) though he will not hesitate to use his racial abilities in combat. Reth proudly wears the insignia of the Silver Flame and encounters evil head on, perhaps too head on.


Reth stands 6’1” tall and weighs 195 lbs. He has a very hairy body as is the nature of a Shifter (he gave up on shaving his body and face long ago, it just grew in thicker). Reth has green eyes and brown skin underneath his hair. He always wears a large dark green cloak and black gloves to hide his appearance. To hide his face Reth wears a mask made of metal, it also makes him appear more intimidating (he thinks).

Beneath his cloak is scale mail armor. Around his back is strapped a quiver full of sheaf arrows. Through a look in his belt is dropped a Morningstar and he carries his longbow unstrung as a “walking stick” when not ready to engage in combat.

Background spoiler:
Reth Kaskin

Shifter of the Silver Flames


As a young babe Reth was found in the Wynarn River near the city of Varna. The kindly Sesha Kaskin found the poor child unharmed but badly malnourished thinking the child human she took it in and cared for it as if it were her own. Sesha had come to the Eldeen Reaches at the behest of the Friars of the Silver Flame to spread the faith to the heretics of the Reaches. As a human and adherent of the Silver Flame Sereth would not have conceived of allowing a Shifter to live as such creatures were abominations.

Sereth had met with little success in the four years she had been living as a missionary in Varna. She somewhat lost her way once the child came into her life and she began to spend much more time caring for it than spreading the light of the Silver Flame. As the child grew Sereth out of the corner of her eye she would see strange things happening to it almost as if it were changing forms. At first she passed it off as her imagination being alone near such an obviously dangerous location as the Eldeen Reaches. Her fears were confirmed though as the child became old enough to walk and talk, this child was no human! It was a Shifter!

Her first thought was to dash it against the wall and end its existence lest it grow up to be a force for evil in the world. As she stood there holding the babe in her arms she realized that it was not something she could not bring herself to do. Instead she decided that she would ensure that the child was a force for good and bring it up under the strict teachings of the silver flame.

Reth grew and Sereth’s determination to ensure that her “son” would become a force for good grew as well. Reth was forced to hide his heritage from locals in Varna and thus grew up ashamed of what he was. On the occasions that Silver Flame Friars visited, Reth could not meet them or receive them lest his dark secret be revealed. Despite this life of solitude and isolation Reth developed a deep respect and passion for the teachings of the Silver Flame. He hoped to match the deeds of past heroes of the Silver Flame. Perhaps he thought through such great deeds he could transcend his race of birth and a purification of sorts thus becoming human. At 15 Reth received a vision from the Silver Flame and took up the mantle of the cleric much like his adoptive mother.

Unlike his mother he was not content to preach the message of the Silver Flame he was a warrior. Reth found locals who were willing to teach him the ways of combat. A combination of physical prowess and divine might were the ways that Reth saw to achieve the transcendence he so desperately wanted. At 17 Reth joined an adventuring band and headed into the deepest darkest parts of the woods to combat evil. Reth and his band the Valkyries, took the fight to evildoers whether agents of the Dragon Below or of the Emerald Claw it did not matter. Many denizens of the Reaches saw Reth as a traitor to align with the Church of the Silver Flame considering their traditional stance against Shifters and their attempts to systematically destroy their lycanthropic ancestors.

Unfortunately a journey into the Gloaming resulted in the loss of all members of the Valkries except for Reth and Ladonna a female human wizard. Reth managed to pull her out when the battle versus enormous vermin went terribly wrong. Reth felt horrible, he had failed. He felt he must atone for this failure by journeying to Thrane and being purified by the Keeper of the Flame. Sereth begged him not to go, as his presence revealed would place them both in danger from the church. Reth felt that it was time for him to reveal himself to the church he was sure that they would accept him and see him for the warrior of light that he was.

Against the better judgment of Sereth, Reth journeyed across Aundair with the aid of Ladonna, who grew up there. Taking the main road to Flamekeep, Reth in disguise with Ladonna accompanying him finally arrived. His big reveal proved to be yet another disaster. He was seized as an assassin and a heretic, how could a Shifter be blessed by the Silver Flame? Reth was thrown into chains to be questioned later and judged by the Cardinals in light of the odd situation. Clearly, this Shifter received divine strength from the Silver Flame but how could this be? Before a resolution could be reached an agent from another land intervened.

Reth was broken out of his imprisonment by a shadowy figure. Reth did not know where Ladonna had gotten to nor could he take the risk to find her. He felt obligated to follow his rescuer though he knew nothing about him. Reth felt more disillusioned than ever, how could the very church he dedicated his entire life to turn on and imprison him? Reth rationalized along the road out of Thrane that this was a test of faith that he was determined to pass.

This introspection so dominated Reth’s thoughts that he did not question the motives of his rescuer seeing the break as divine intervention. His rescuer after finally getting Reth out of Thrane revealed himself as a Dark Lantern an agent of the crown of Breland. His assignment in Thrane was coming to an end so he decided to spring Reth believing that Reth could aid in his next mission. His name was Kranth a human and agent of the throne of Breland. He explained to Reth that his mission was to infiltrate a new organization in the city of Sharn, a merchant company named the Darkstar Company.

Kranth believed that Reth’s unique situation as a cleric of the Silver Flame would allow him to gain access to the Company as a healer. He could then feed information to Kranth if the company was revealed to be up to no good. Reth was intrigued, though investigation was not his strength perhaps this was test of his versatility? He therefore decided to accept the opportunity. Reth agreed to join this Company, indeed he believed that a mercenary company would allow him to find a place where he belonged. If the company proved itself a force for evil he could bring it down and find acceptance in Breland. Thus, either way it would be a win for him.

After arriving in Sharn Reth joined the Darkstar Company. Through years of service Reth did not find anything amiss and moved up the ranks to assume a position in an elite Darkstar force the Sellsword Syndicate. While his position is as a healer, his skills with ranged weapons has made him a valuable member of the Company in more than one way. In his time with the Company he has moved from a Healer to a Leader or at least attempted to, this is Reth's first big push to lead an excursion.

Reth's push met with success as he successfully brought a Company to the mysterious Mornlands and extracted the target item from a vault in the doomed city of Metrol.

Despite his success with the Darkstar Company or perhaps because of it Reth felt the pull to lead a life more dedicated to the Silver Flame. Hiding his race beneath his clothes and his mask was not enough for the leadership of the Flame, to prove himself he would have to guard a holy site until he was allowed to relinquish his duties. Doing so of course would not be looked upon kindly by the Dark Lanterns but his loyalty was to the Flame, not to Breland.