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258 posts. Alias of Curtisin (RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32).

Full Name

Rennah Mars




Soldier 3 / Jedi 4 / Imperial Knight 2 - Hit Points: 103 (103)




1,73m, 75 kg




Dark Side: 0


Basic, Togruti, Huttese, Droid Speak

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 11

About Rennah Mars

Character Image - More to come, with better lighting.

Point Buy: (25 point)
Str 12 (4)
Dex 14 (6)
Con 14 (6)
Int 13 (5)
Wis 10 (2)
Cha 10 (2)
Racial Modifiers: +2 Dex, -2 Con
Statups by level: 4th Level: +1 Int , + 1Con,
8th level: +1 Con, +1 Cha

Hit Points: 93
Damage Threshold: 25
Speed: 4
Force Points: 10 (originally 10)
Base Attack: +9

Fortitude: 25 (10 + 8 level + 2 Armor + 2 Con + 2 Class + 1 feat)
Reflex: 30 (10 + 8 level + 4 Armor + 3 Dex + 2 Class + 1 feat)
Will: 21 (10 + 8 level + 2 Class + 1 feat)

Imperial Knight Armor (+10 Reflex, +2 Fortitude, + 3 Max dex, Speed 4 - Superior Armor Mod)

Custom Built Lightsaber (Trophy from defeated Sith, Red Blade, Superior Damage Mod)
+ 12 Attack, Damage: 2d8+12, Energy and Slashing

Bluebolt Blaster Pistol
+12 Attack, Damage 3d8+4, Energy

Initiative: +12 (+4 level + 3 dex + 5 trained)
Knowledge: Tactics + 11 (+4 level + 2 Int + 5 trained)
Perception +9 (+4 level + 5 trained)
Pilot +12 (+4 level + 3 dex + 5 trained)
Use Computer +11 (+4 level + 2 int + 5 trained)
Use the Force +14 (+4 level + 5 trained + 5 from Skill Focus Feat)

Harms Way
Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber
Redirect Shot
Armored Mastery

Force Techniques:
Improved Force Trance

Species Info:
Pack Hunter (+2 damage when flanking)
Spatial Awareness (Ignore cover and concealment on perception checks within 10 squares)

Armor Proficiency Light
Armor Proficiency Medium
Force Sensitivity
Powerful Charge
Improved Defenses
Skill Training: Use the Force (GM Extra Feat for skills).
Skill Focus: Use the Force
Weapon Proficiency Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Rifle
Weapon Proficiency Simple Weapons
Weapon Proficiency Lightsaber
Double Attack: Lightsaber
Savage Attack: Lightsaber
Weapon Focus: Lightsaber

Imperial Knight Armor (Legacy Era)
Dueling Lightsaber, custombuilt, force-activated (Jedi Academy)
Blue-Bolt Blaster Pistol (Legacy Era)
Com-Link, Hands-free (Legacy Era)
Electro Binoculars
Glow Rod
Aquata breather
Breath Mask (+2 filters)
2 Medpacs
Liquid Cable Dispenser

Remaining Credits: 1180

Born into a Mid-Rim family, Rennah never expected to find that her real talents lay with violence and the force. Brought up and educated as a diplomatic attache, she had the standard militia training, but wasn't seen as a great talent. It was only when she'd turned 19 and got involved in a hostage situation as a hostage that she discovered her talents.
Out of pure desperation she opened herself to the Force, when the hostage takers started executing the hostages, and she tore through them in a hailstorm of violence, eventually killing them all.
Following this, she was recruited by the Jedi, but she was always under a pall of suspicion due to her sudden awakening to the Force, and no Master was willing to take her as their Padawan after the initial apprentice period.
Disgusted with their lack of action and consequence, she left the order and put her services up for the highest bidder.
By the age of 27, Rennah had turned into a hardened and experienced soldier and mercenary, known for her dedication to getting the job done.
This was when she got hired for a special mission by an undercover agent for the Empire. She performed exceedingly well and was impressed by the discipline displayed by her comrades. So she made it her business to find out more and she learned about the Imperial Knights.

She presented herself as a candidate for the Knights and impressed them by dueling with a fully fledged Knight and fighting him to a standstill. Following this she swore her allegiance to Emperor Roan Fel and was inducted to the Knights.

3 years later, she has now completed her training and has been deemed ready for her first mission away from her master's eye.

Rennah's Lightsaber deserves special attention however, as it is a trophy weapon, obtained from a defeated Sith enemy, hence the non-standard dueling hilt on it. She has had this customized to fit her own grip, but kept it out of sentimental reasons. She has since taken the (self-admittedly, somewhat morbid) habit of having defeated enemies (though only those who fought valiantly or well) carbonized and added to her Lightsaber crystal. She refers to the crystal as "her own personal score-card".