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Rengo Philbin Schroeder



About Rengo Schroeder

Rengo was once the grandson of a successful whaling magnate. A family on its third generation of success, Rengo was being groomed to succeed his father...assuming his grandfather, a man of iron grit, ever passed away.

He had the blessing of having a modest education outside the more hands on training he also received in the whaling business. While the more genteel education and those of Channellers was well beyond such a man as he, he occasionally had contact with the nobles. Rengo had the fortune to capture the heart of a lovely woman he met in a rare event which had been open to those of the more mercantile class. Lydia Presinelle became his whole life.

Their love blossomed and inadvertently spawned more than Rengo ever suspected. When he was awoken and dragged away in chains guilty without a trial for the murder of his unfortunate love, the last thing he saw before being consigned to the darkness of a cell was a hooded man's laughing smile thanking him for his service and allowing such a "neat and tidy ending." From this he knew he was betrayed.

What clues he has gleaned over the years in the cell as to the nature of what conspiracy led his fate to this place have yet to be revealed, but a grim determination to bring those responsible to justice has burned ever since...