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Vibrant, but Overpriced


I didn't even want to buy any originally because of the price, but I decided to grab 3 small (1 medium or 2 small figures each) and 1 large (1 large figure) boxes. This cost me $19 before taxes and I ended up with 1 large and 3 medium figures. When D&D Miniatures was producing boosters I would pay $15 or $16 before taxes to get 8 figures and I'm pretty sure there was 1 large per booster.

I then placed them side by side with the D&D Miniatures I have and I would say the quality is about the same, but the Pathfinder minis are more vibrant. The D&D minis though each came with a stat card and could be used to play a separate minis tactical game.

Even if I were to get 2 small figures in each of the small boxes of Pathfinder minis I purchased I'd have 7 figures. For $3 or $4 less I would have 1-4 more figures and I never remember seeing a full booster of D&D minis as small figures, maybe half at most.

I really like the Pathfinder RPG books, but I'm sorry, I won't be buying any more minis because I think they're overpriced. Maybe I'm just behind times though because I know the D&D minis are not being produced any more, but I can still buy singles for $1 each for commons and uncommons.