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Special Abilities

+1 DM to any Recon or Survival checks involving Sight or Hearing

About Relsanth Lodic Kelser

Lodic's brother & sister, dressed up all fancy

Lodic's Mother Ready to test a new ship

Lodic's father

Additional Family(Not pictured): 8 aunts & uncles, 28 cousins, 3 grandparents, and 1 great grandparent.

Family Name : Relsanth
Given Name : Kelser
Taken Name : Lodic
Full Legal Name : Relsanth Lodic Kelser
Called by co-workers : Relsanth Lodic
Called by Strangers : Relsanth Kelser
Called by Friends : Lodic
Height : 2.1 meters (Maternal Grandmother was human, below average for Darrian)
Eye Color : Silver
Hair Color : White
Skin Color : Gold

Darrians have slightly better hearing and vision than humans, giving them a +1 DM to any Recon or Survival checks involving these senses. Wide pelvic structures give Darrian females less chance of birth complications but make balancing upon narrow beams or ledges more difficult.

Darrians are genetically predisposed towards water conservation, sweating far less than humans and possessing white or light toned hair combined with a slightly reflective, gold coloured skin; both of which help reflect excess heat. Additionally the golden protremelanin pigmentation protects against high levels of ultraviolet radiation. Darrians are also able to adjust their core temperatures via unconscious metabolic control and are therefore more comfortable in colder climates.

Another Darrian trait is their ability to safely metabolise Ozone, normally mildly poisonous to humans, due to a naturally occurring retrovirus present on their homeworld.

Special Equipment:

Stealth Bodyglove, Armoured (TL10): A protective bodyglove worn
to cushion against impacts and potentially deflect low calibre
rounds, this armour is designed to help blend into shadows and
undergrowth equally well, adding a +2 bonus to all Stealth skill
checks in darkness and foliage.

Compact Communication Suite (TL10): A special communications
transmitter/receiver set that is worn inside the mouth and ear.
Fastened around a rear tooth, the transmitter is triggered by the
user clenching his teeth and then whispering barely audibly. This
allows the user to keep a communication range of 3 kilometres
without worrying about giving away his position, adding a +2 DM to
Stealth skill checks for these purposes. Cr. 750.
Holographic Decoy (TL9): This small and easily hidden projector
creates intermittent flickers of holographic movement throughout
a nine-metre area that can be seen for over a hundred metres,
attracting attention to that area and away from the user. An active
holographic decoy will add a +4 DM to Stealth skill checks within
fifty metres but not within nine of the projector. Cr. 800.
Intrusion Kit (TL5+): This is a collection of useful tools and implements
used to break into locked perimeters. Lock picks, hinge grease,
glass cutters and the like make breaking and entering much easier,
granting a +1 DM bonus to all skill checks pertaining to intrusion into
a building, plus an additional +1 DM for every two technology levels
higher the kit is compared to the building it is being used upon. Cr. 50
multiplied by the technology level of the kit.
Rope, Dissolving (TL9): This rope is chemically adjusted to melt
away into an alcohol-based fluid after one hour of being spooled
out of its container. 10m of this corded material can hold up to 175
kilograms before breaking. Cr. 150.
Sensor Goggles (TL7): Special polarised lenses with alternating
filament currents running through them, these goggles are used
for seeing the otherwise invisible beams of motion sensors and
IR trackers. Wearing the sensor goggles add a +2 DM to any skill
checks made to avoid security systems that use these components.
Cr. 1,000.

Magnetic Intrusion Gear (TL9): This is a set of gloves and foot
pads that contain extremely powerful electromagnets in the shape
of rollers and gripping points on their palms and soles. When
activated, the magnetic fields hold up to 175kg of weight against any
ferrous metallic surface. The roller points allow the wearer to move,
although slowly, while adhered (1.5 metres per significant action).
The magnetic intrusion gear adds a +2 DM to climbing-based
Athletics skill checks on a metallic surface, as well as granting the
ability described above. Cr. 750.
Pocket Scrambler (TL10): A powerful transmission scrambler fitted
into a small ovoid roughly the size and shape of a bar of soap. The
pocket scrambler emits a constant cacophony of feedback and noise
into most radio frequencies within 50 metres. It only functions for
up to one half-hour per battery charge but any unsecured radio
networks (such as the communications between security guards)
will be extremely difficult to use (–4 DM to skill checks) during that
time. Cr. 500.

Chameleon Uniform (TL9): A simple set of clothing that has
been patterned after any type of suit, uniform or other pattern. A
chameleon uniform is an easy way for a corporate spy to vanish
into the crowd when his mission is done. The uniform has a hidden
button in one of the cuffs that sends a light current through the
cloth, drastically altering its colour and pattern in seconds. This can
be used to turn a normal set of clothing into a corporate uniform or
vice-versa with a minor action and 1d6 seconds. Cr. 750.
Data-Corer (TL8): A malicious item used by corporate agents sent on
data-destruction missions, the data-corer is a handheld electronic
device that resembles a pistol with no barrel. When the trigger is
pulled the device emits a short-ranged (1.5 metres) cone of intense
electromagnetic and microwave pulses. This does very little to its
environment but will invariably wipe out or corrupt all computer
data on storage systems within that cone. The erasure is powerful
and extremely difficult to repair, requiring a total of 30 Effect on a
Formidable level Computers skill checks. A side benefit of the datacorer’s
effect is the ability to inflict 1d6 damage on any cybernetically
augmented target caught in the area of effect as well, ignoring
armour. Firing the data-corer is a significant action and it can be
used for ten pulses before needing to be recharged. Cr. 1,000.