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Full Name

Ree Soiel


Primary attack: Adamantine Rapier +10 (1d6+4+4) 18-20/x2 |


Female Ifrit Swashbuckler (Inspired blade) 4


| Active spells/effects: none | HP 40/40 | Panache: 4/4 | Charmed life 3/3 | AC 21 T 15 F 16 | Fort +3 | Ref +8 | Will +0 | Init +12 | Perception +3 |




61 (19 in human years)

Special Abilities

Wouldn't you like to know? ;)




Calistria, or was it Nocticula?


Wherever and with whoever she feels like ;)


Common (Taldane), Ignan


Full time performer and hedonist (nsfw) for hire!

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57894-2 / 9 xp 18 fame 9 prestige /

Strength 10
Dexterity 19
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Ree Soiel

Fenale Ifrit Swashbuckler (Inspired blade) 4
CN Medium Native Outsider (Ifrit)
Init +12; Perception +3
Darkvision 60 ft


AC 21 (+5 armor +1 shield +4 dex +1 dodge); Touch 15; Flat-Footed 16
hp: 40
Fort +3, Ref +8, Will +0


Adamantine rapier +10 (1d6+4+4) 18-20/x2
MW Cold iron rapier +10 (1d6+4+4) 18-20/x2
Sap +8 (1d6) x2
Silver cestus +8 (1d4) 19-20/x2 (-1 & +4 damage when piercing)
Dagger x2 +8 (1d4+4) 19-20/x2
Switchblade knife +8 (1d4+4) 19-20/x2

Dagger or switchblade +8 (1d4) 10ft 19-20/x2 (+4 within 30ft)


Stats STR 10, DEX 19, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 8, CHA 16
BAB +4, CMB +4, CMD 18

SKILLS (4/lv = 16)
Acrobatics (4) +11, Bluff (1) +7, Climb (1) +4, Diplomacy (1) +7, Escape Artist (1) +8, Intimidate (4) +10, Perception (1) +3, Perform (Dance) (2) +8, Sleight of Hand (1) +8

1- Weapon focus (Rapier) (+1 to attack rolls)
1- Fencing grace (add dex to damage with rapier and +2 CMD vs disarm if I have at least 1 panache)
3- Combat reflexes (get extra attacks of opportunity equal to my dex bonus)
4- Weapon Trick (One-handed weapon tricks)
Stylish Riposte: When your AC exceeds the result of a foe’s melee attack against you by 5 or more, that foe provokes an attack of opportunity from you. Once you make such an attack of opportunity against a foe, you can’t again use this trick against the foe that day.

Class Features
Panache (only recover with rapier crits), Swashbuckler finesse (Weapon finesse with light and one handed), Weapon focus (bonus feat), Deeds
Panache (4/4) OOOO

Charmed life (3/day) OOO
Immediate action before saving throw can add charisma (+3) to result must declare before the roll is made.

+1 to AC in no or light armor.

^ Derring-do (spend 1 panache to add d6 to acrobatics, climb, fly, escape artist, ride, swim before roll, reroll and add 6s max dex times)
^ Dodging panache (spend 1 panache to move 5 feet as immediate action +cha to ac vs original attacker provokes from others)
^ Opportune parry and riposte (spend 1 panache and use attack of opportunity to try and parry attack with an attack roll, if higher attack misses, -2 for each size difference, if parry and still have 1 panache can use immediate to attack if target in reach)
^ Kip-up (stand up from prone as move action no provoke as long as I have 1 panache or spend 1 panache to do it as a swift action)
^ Menacing swordplay (as long as I have 1 panache, intimidate to demoralize after hit as a swift action)
^ Swashbuckler initiative (as long as I have 1 panache, get +2 to initiative)
^ Precise Strike (as long as I have 1 panache, add swashbuckler level to damage dealt if target can take precision damage or spend 1 panache to add double level to damage)

Traits: Fiery glare (can always take 10 on intimidate even in combat), Reactionary (+2 Initiative)

Alternative racial traits: Wildfire heart (+4 Racial bonus to initiative), Fire in the blood (Fast healing 2 for 1 round when taking fire damage maximum 2hp/day/level) (0/6 used)

Languages: Common, Ignan

Spell-like abilities: Burning hands 1/day (CL 4, DC 14) (0/1 used)

Combat Gear: Adamantine Rapier, Masterwork cold iron rapier, Rapier, Sap, Silver cestus, Switchblade, Dagger x10, Buckler shield, +1 Mithril shirt, Spring loaded wrist sheath x2 (daggers x1, stillgut x1), Holy weapon balm x1, Snapleaf x1, Wand of cure light wounds (44 charges), Potion of fly, Stillgut (2)

Other Gear: Backpack, Hammock, Waterskin, Whetstone, Flint and steel, 2 Tindertwigs, 10 Torches, Trail rations, 155gp, 5sp.

Mission (borrowed) gear:

Exchange S8 faction card:
4 Goals: Slush fund - Day Job always gets 25 gp for every two goals completed (50). Exchange reimburses tolls, bribes, expenses up to amount earned on DJ.
4:Goals: Showmanship - Once per adventure use craft/profession in place of disable device, knowledge (eng), or use magic device as if I was trained in that skill (0/1 used).

2/2 complete: Identify a valuable business prospect during the course of an adventure.
1/1 complete: Recruit a named NPC merchant...
1/1 complete: Undermine a rival...
2/2 complete: Resolve a combat encounter nonviolent...

If you have to bot me:

In a normal combat Ree will leap forward using acrobatics to avoid attacks of opportunity from enemies with reach and will try to set up a flank for her allies if she has enough movement. She'll then stab with her rapier. If it looks like the enemy hits hard she'll use Panache as an immediate action off-turn to attempt a parry and riposte but she'll never spend her last point of panache. Also remember her stylish riposte ability from the weapon trick feat that means she gets an AoO when enemies miss her by 5 or more!

[dice=Acrobatics]1d20 + 11[/dice
[dice=Attack!]1d20 + 10[/dice
[dice=Damage!]1d6 + 4 + 4[/dice
Parry roll = riposte roll = attack roll

Almost all of my characters are a lot "racy" it's just who I am and what I love to play. If you want to know why, my main profile page kinda explains. If you want me to tone it down in a pbp (or turn it up ;) in public or in private just let me know! I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable!