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Full Name

Raven Six




Alchemist 8/Rogue 2; Init +2; Darkvision 60 ft, Low-light vision, Perception +18; AC 16 (+2 Dex., +4 armour, +2 natural); hp 70/70; Fort +8; Ref +11; Will +4










Brigh, Pharasma


Aklo, Androffan, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Halfling, Infernal, Shoanti, Sign, Varisian, Vudrani

Strength 10
Dexterity 15
Constitution 14
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Raven Six

'Female' Android Alchemist 8 / Rogue 2

Init +2; Senses Darkvision 60 ft, Low-light vision, Perception +16

AC 16 (+2 Dex., +4 armour)
hp 70
Fort +8; Ref +11; Will +4

Speed 30 ft.
+9 Mithral rapier, 1d6+2, 18-20, x2
+7 Bayonet
+7 Club, 1d6, x2, 10 ft., B
+7 Dagger, 1d4, 19-20/x2, P / S
+7 Heavy mace (silver), 1d8, x2, B
+8 Mithral rapier, 1d6+1, 18-20, x2
Note you receive +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged within 30 ft., but not to splash damage!
+9 Bomb, 4d6+5, splash 9
+9 Crossbow, 1d8, 19-20/x2, 80 ft., P
+9 Dagger, 1d4, 19-20/x2, 10 ft., P / S
+10 Masterwork hand crossbow, 1d4, 19-20/x2

Str 10, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 20*, Wis 14, Cha 8
(* Headband of intellect +2)
Base Atk +7/+2; CMB +7; CMD +19

Chakra initiate (3)
Brew Potion
Extra Discovery x 2
Point-blank shot
Psychic Sensitivity
Throw Anything

Acrobatics +11 (1 skill rank, +2 Dex., +3 class skill, +5 boots)
Appraise +13 (5 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill)
Climb +5 (+5 gloves)
Craft (alchemy) +20 (10 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill, +2 Alchemist's lab)
Craft (alchemy) to create items +28 (10 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill, +8 Alchemist level, +2 Alchemist's lab)
Diplomacy +8 (3 skill ranks, +2 Wis, +3 class skill)
Disable device +13 (7 skill ranks, +2 Dex., +3 class skill, +1 Rogue)
Escape artist +7 (+2 Dex., +5 armour)
Heal +10 (5 skill ranks, +2 Wis., +3 class skill)
Intimidate +1 (-1 Cha., +2 Love lost)
Knowledge (arcana) +18 (9 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill, +1 trait bonus)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +10 (2 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill)
Knowledge (history) +13 (4 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill, +1 trait bonus)
Knowledge (nature) +12 (4 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill)
Linguistics +18 (10 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill)
Perception +16 (9 skill ranks, +2 Wis., +3 class skill, +2 Alert)
Perception to find traps +16 (9 skill ranks, +2 Wis., +3 class skill, +1 trapfinding, +2 Alert)
Sense motive +8 (7 skill ranks, +2 Wis., +3 class skill, -4 Emotionless)
Sleight of hand +7 (2 skill ranks, +2 Dex., +3 class skill)
Spellcraft +17 (9 skill ranks, +5 Int., +3 class skill)
Stealth +6 (1 rank, +2 Dex., +3 class skill)
Survival +6 (1 skill rank, +2 Wis., +3 class skill)
Swim +5 (+5 gloves)
Use magic device +7 (5 skill ranks, -1 Cha., +3 class skill)

Adopted: Fanatic.
Love lost

Languages Androffan, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Halfling, Infernal, Shoanti, Varisian

Extracts/day: 6 / 5 / 3

Prepared extracts:
3 - Cure serious wounds x 2, Displacement
2 - Bull's strength, Cure moderate wounds, False life, Lesser restoration, Vomit swarm
1 - Cure light wounds x 2, Enlarge person, Expeditious retreat, Shield, Stone fist

Formulas known:
1 - Adhesive spittle, Ant haul, Comprehend languages, Crafter's fortune, Cure light wounds, Disguise self, Enlarge person, Expeditious retreat, Heightened awareness, Shield, Stone fist, True strike

2 - Bull's strength, Cure moderate wounds, False life, Invisibility, Lesser restoration, Protection from arrows, Vomit swarm

3 - Cure serious wounds, Displacement


Alert: Androids gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Bombs: 8/day (6/8); 4d6+5 damage, modifiers explosive arrow, frost & precise.

Constructed: For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as a ranger's favored enemy and bane weapons), androids count as both humanoids and constructs. Androids gain a +4 racial bonus on all saving throws against mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, and stun effects, are not subject to fatigue or exhaustion, and are immune to disease and sleep effects. Androids can never gain morale bonuses, and are immune to fear effects and all emotion-based effects.


Discoveries: Cognatogen, Explosive arrow, Frost bomb, Infuse, Mutagen, Precise bombs, Promethean disciple

Emotionless: Androids have problems processing emotions properly, and thus take a –4 penalty on Sense Motive checks.


Low-light vision


Nanite Surge: An android's body is infused with nanites. Once per day as an immediate action, an android can cause her nanites to surge, granting a bonus equal to 3 + the android's character level on any one d20 roll; this ability must be activated before the roll is made. When an android uses this power, her circuitry-tattoos glow with light equivalent to that of a torch in illumination for 1 round.

Poison resistance +6

Poison use

Rogue talent: Ki pool (2)

Sneak attack +1d6

Swift alchemy: At 3rd level, an alchemist can create alchemical items with astounding speed. It takes an alchemist half the normal amount of time to create alchemical items, and he can apply poison to a weapon as a move action.

Swift poisoning


545 gp
1 sp
+1 Mithral rapier
Alchemist's kit
Alchemist's lab
Antiplague (1)
Belt pouch
Cold iron dagger
Crossbow bolts (5)
Crossbow bolts [silver] (10)
Formula book
Headband of intellect +2
Light crossbow
Mace (heavy, silver)
Masterwork hand crossbow
Rations (3 days' worth)
Scroll case
Studded leather armour
Thieves' tools

Blackjack's +2 slick leather armour
Blackjack's boots of elvenkind
Blackjack's amulet of proof against detection and location
Blackjack's gloves of swimming and Climbing
Blackjack's +2 mithril rapier

A study of contradictions. Raven Six is petite and slender, with the beauty of a porcelain doll. She has large, dark eyes, lustrous black hair that falls down to her shoulder blades and glossy skin.
But that skin is covered in a gridwork of tattoos from head to toe, with additional markings in some of the squares, varying from crude tribal markings to sophisticated arcane runes. She insists on wearing mannish, dowdy clothes, like a clerk or a scholar. That lustrous hair is tied back into a ponytail, more to keep it out of her eyes than out of any preference for that style.



Noises in the darkness.
"Are you alright? Can you hear me?"
"Just forget it, man. She's dead. Gotta be, after floating up out of the river."

Dead. Dead meant... cease to function. Dead. Cease of biological function. But what did that have to do with her?

"The old man's going to throw a fit over this. Pretty young girl, drowned right off his estate."
"Who cares what he thinks? I just know we'll be the ones who have to dig the hole to plant her in."

Such crass voices. It seemed they were misunderstanding something, because she was not dead, not drowned. Could she drown? She had a notion that she could do something similar, but... It was gone. Looking inside, most of what she encountered was an aching void, a lack of knowledge. It was... painful. She had a notion that she should know more, but beyond some basic facts...

"Just go grab the spade. We'll do it by the roses; it'll save us having to fertilize 'em."

Burial. Insertion of dead body into the earth, where it rots. Wait. Insertion into the earth? Notions were firing all through her brain - notions of danger. She could no more survive long-term insertion into the earth than she could long-term insertion into the water, because...
'Because I need air. Air is part of my fuel. I need fuel to function, to... live? Am I alive? If I am alive... I can die? Or... what am I?'

This void of knowledge was so... confusing, so... painful. Pain. Pain! Pain! What was happening? Where was she? Who was she? There was a name in her fragment of memory; she was Raven Six; but who was Raven Six? What was Raven Six? Why was Raven Six?
Her eyes snapped open and she screamed, a sound of misery and confusion.


The old man's servants were terrified when she opened her eyes, shrieked her head off and sat up, but that passed. Somewhat. They brought her to the old man, their master, who turned out to be a reclusive son of a noble family. Possibly he was the last member of his family, or just of his generation; he never said and Raven Six never asked.
The two men who found her - the estate's gardener and its game warden - presented her to him as a gift of sorts. No doubt they would have been delighted to see some more human quality in the old man, such as a liking for what appeared to be a young girl. They expected him to toss her out on her ear after she was done recuperating, and maybe after having had some fun with her.
They did not expect the old man and the girl who came with the river to bond.

He was a scholar, the old man. An alchemist, who had fled the hustle and bustle of the social scene in his home city to this place, the family's country estate. In his estate, he studied his books and ran experiments, all without having to worry about disapproving relatives. He was surprised when he found the girl he grudgingly took in so she could recover in his library, when she should have been fast asleep. He was astonished to find her reading his most difficult books, going through them as if starved for knowledge, and to have her ask him probing questions.

Such a strange thing, to find a kindred spirit in this girl, who seemed to remember only her own name, and such an odd name at that: Raven Six... That, and that there had been a river. Nothing else; a hole in her memory, she said. A hole she tried to fill with every scrap of writing the old man had collected and penned down. She read everything he had in his library, and in record time; the works of great scholars, the musings of philosophers; poetry, fiction and history; religious dogma and mathematics, nothing was beneath her interest.
They bonded over their desire to know, the old man and the girl. She became his apprentice in alchemy, his assistant in experiments great and small. Then, five years after Raven Six' arrival by the river, a morning dawned on which the old man did not come down from his room. Raven Six and the gardener found him dead in his bed. Someone had slit his throat in the dead of night, after apparently having tortured him for hours, and neither Raven Six nor the servants had heard a thing...
Raven Six felt the old terror seize her again, coupled with a new confusion.

'Dead. Why kill the old man? Dead is - the flesh immobile, the body's own biological processes halted, rot and decay set in, all lost. There is no logical reason to kill him, so what is the illogical reason? But dead is - the soul(?) moves on to its reward, knowledge maintained (?) / retained elsewhere (?) How do I understand un-logic? Dead is... unclear.'

Raven Six barely found time to answer the local Sheriff's questions or attend the old man's funeral -- by the roses, at his own request prior to his death -- due to her frenzied re-reading of every book the old man had that related even vaguely to death and the afterlife. For a few days, she lived in the old man's library... Then the lawyers and the old man's relatives swooped in, alerted by the gardener and the game warden. Unlike the old man, they noticed something off about the girl. Some thought she might have been involved with the murder, an accomplice to the killer -- or maybe the killer herself? -- and involved in a scheme to steal the country estate. Other relatives thought either did not believe that or did not care, but they were all determined that she would not be 'lounging' around the old man's home any longer, 'sponging' off the estate.

Raven Six fled before the double threat of litigation and imprisonment. She could not be imprisoned. She now realized that staying in the old man's house was pointless; she needed more information, needed to learn all that she could about this world and the others. The old man's library had been exhausted, she needed fresh sources of knowledge, needed to meet and talk to people. She needed to travel. And travel was what she did for the next eleven years; she travelled from one great centre of learning to another, seeking universities, libraries, great temples of deities involved with knowledge, scholarship and death.

Her own nature continued to confound her. She knew her origins were artificial, but everything she learned about constructs suggested that they were mindless automatons, tools that walked like people. Raven Six was different, somehow. Was she alive? What was the proper definition of alive? Did she have a spiritual aspect, something which would survive the destruction of her body? If she didn't, then all that she had learned might become lost...! So she kept travelling, kept studying every book she could find, even prayed to the gods that seemed relevant to her quest.
Brigh, the goddess of science and invention, for Raven Six' studies of natural philosophy, maths and science.
Irori, god of self-perfection, for her quest to understand herself.
And Pharasma, lady of birth, death and prophecy, for her desire to learn whether she had a soul or not.
She haunted libraries, funerals, monasteries... She kept searching. And searching. And searching...

For a time, she found peace in Korvosa - in the company of a new patron. Geoffrey was not rich or extremely well-learned, but he was a kind young man who understood the ways of people and emotion, of social interaction, far better than had the old man. And far, far better than did Raven Six.
While Raven plied her trade as an itinerant Alchemist, Geoffrey did... other jobs, and they pooled their income to live well. (To Raven, the fact that Geoffrey was a criminal was immaterial.) Then came the day that the guards came to fetch her. To identify what was left of Geoffrey, his remains having been found in an alley.
This, she did, appearing as unemotional as ever.

But this time, appearances were deceptive.

For the first time, Raven delved deep into the dark side of alchemy, both to achieve a goal and so she could ignore the terror of the unknown clawing at her essence, the old fear of death and its consequences to her. She brewed cognatogens to help her find the ones responsible. Once she had done so, she brewed mutagens so she could have revenge.

She never once lied to herself or anyone else that this was for anything other than revenge. The word 'justice' never passed her lips.

In the end, it did not take the city guard too long to find out who had burst through the door of a hovel in the bad side of town and made a mess of two grown men. Unlike Raven, they did use the word 'justice', and they made her an offer. An offer that would make the record of any criminal acts on her part just... go away. All she would have to do was serve the queen's interests in Korvosa.
There was even pay involved.

It was something to do, to keep her mind busy, and give her some space to continue her work....

Future plans:

Alchemical simulacrum -- Level 8
Alchemical zombie -- Level 8
Boneshard bomb --
Greater alchemical simulacrum
Holy bomb -- Level 8
Infuse mutagen
Lingering spirit -- Level 4
Precise bombs
Preserve organs
Promethean Disciple (DM permission pending) -- Level 6
Sticky bomb -- Level 10