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Full Name

Raspar Soulsage




Perception +6; F8/R8/W8; Acro 8;Athl 8;Dip 6;Labor 5;Rel 6;Stealth 10;Thiev 3



About Raspar Soulsage

The halfling Raspar, when not working at the Great Dreamhouse, wears a new-to-him but very old and worn set of hide armor. Around his belt, he might carry up to four different starknives.

His face is well tanned by the sun as he works outdoors so much. His labors have given him much muscle and his small frame allows for a lot of leverage is some situations.

Raspar is a cheery sort, often walking about as if he cannot believe his good luck. His current life is a dream to him, compared to his past life. As a result, he feels that he is currently blessed beyond his ability to believe, but also he knows that it might end in a moment. He will enjoy it while it lasts.

Raspar stands around 3 feet tall, but he’s hard to measure as he usually bent over doing work, or shouldering some load to take around town. His hair is dark and his eyes are green.