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Rakim of House Darshud's page

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Full Name

Rakim of House Darshud




Metal Whisperer 6







Special Abilities

Efreeti Magic, Bound to a Lamp, Fear of Water.


True Neutral


Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno


The Burnished Lamp, demiplane of pleasures


Common, Kellid, Ignan



Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 6
Charisma 16

About Rakim of House Darshud

Rakim portrait

The brass cauldrons of the House Darshud pour liquid steel into the forges of the multitude of smithies and anointed metal whisperers that craft arms and armour for their entire lives. These tools of war are then sold across the planes, making the House Darshud name both feared and respected.

Two years ago in Golarion, The Keleshite sorceror Korbak conjured a representative of House Darshud. The metal whisperer was a obsidian horned, red skinned brute of muscle and steel, who was enraged at being removed from the City of Brass. Binding his essence within a copper rod, the wily Qadiran tricked the Ifrit into serving Trade Prince Hakar Al-Aqim of the Pathfinder Society.

Today the metal whisperer Rakim, of House Darshud, crafts arms and armour for Master Farabellos and his students. He is afraid of water and mortally afraid of the ocean. Despite his fiery temperament, he has served well as a bodyguard and striker on the field, and brings an impressive knowledge of the worlds beyond Golarion.

MO1 Metal Oracle, Armour Mastery, Tongues, Extra Revelation: Dance of Blades
M02 sp: Lead Blades
MO3 Skill at Arms, Weapon Focus: Falchion
MO4 sp: Heat Metal, +STR, +DEX
MO5 Celestial, Power Attack
MO6 sp: Keen Edge
MO7 Vision in Iron, Combat Casting
MO8 sp: Versatile Weapon, +STR
MO9 Cleave
M10 sp: Major Creation, Tongues
M11 Iron Skin, Fire Sight
M12 sp: Wall of Iron, +CON

Traits: Planar Savant, Arcane Temper.
Racial Traits: Efreeti Magic, Fire in the Blood.

'Darshuudi Masterwork' +3, Expeditious, Spell Storing Mithril Full Plate (30,500gp)
'Rubicante Venerator' +2 Flaming Burst Falchion (32,375gp)
'Forge Apron' +4 Strength, Constitution Belt (40,000gp)
Eversmoking Bottle (5,400gp)