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Rakavet Kaldaria:

Name: Rakavet Kaldaria

Wounds: 17
Insanity: 32
Corruption: 14
Fate Points: 3


Homeworld: Forgeworld Opus Macharius
Rank: Magos Militant Malatek

Imperial Divination: 85 - “Thought begets Heresy; Heresy begets Retribution.” Increase Strength by +3


Fit For Purpose - Add +3 to Will.
Stranger to the Cult - Take a -10 regardin the Imperial Creed, and a -5 on any Fellowship tests involving the Ecclesiarchy.
Credo Omnissiah - Start play the Technical Knock Talent.
Opus Macharius - Add the Bulging Biceps and Light Sleeper Talents at the cost of -5 to Perception..
Mechanicus Implants
- Electro-Graft: Allows access to data ports and certain types of data nets.
- Electoo Inductors: Can be used to emit or siphon power in many ways.
- Respirator Unit: Grants a +20% bonus to resist airborn toxins and gas, contains a vox-synthesiser.
- Cyber-Mantle: Acts as a sub-dermal anchorage point.
- Potentia Coil: Powers the various cybernetic implants of the TechPriest
- Cranial Circuitry: Upgrade to the brain itself.
Outsider Looking In - Treat the disposition of all members of the Mechanicus as two steps lower than usual.
Soul of Iron - All Interaction Tests against a Magos suffer a -30 penalty. Gains an additional success with Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) or Tech-Use.
Armour Monger - Increases all armour worn by +2 points each day so long as he has an hour to prepare it.
Heightened Senses (Eyes) - Gain +10 on sight based checks
Unnatural Intelligence x2 - Double Intelligence bonus, add two successes.


Weapon Skill: 45
Ballistic Skill: 48
Strength: 42
Toughness: 58
Agility: 22
Intelligence: 54 (Unnatural Intelligence x 2)
Perception: 24
Willpower: 49
Fellowship: 26


All skills marked in Italics are trained.

Awareness - Perception (24) - 24% - 34% for eyes
Barter - Fellowship (26) - 13%
Carouse - Toughness (58) - 24%
Charm - Fellowship (26) - 13%
Climb - Strength (42) - +10 Cybernetic Limbs - 26%
Command - Fellowship (26) - 13%
Concealment - Agility (22) - 11%
Contortionist - Agility (22) - 11%
Deceive - Fellowship (26) - +10 - 36%
Disguise - Fellowship (26) - 13%
Dodge - Agility (22) - 22%
Evaluate - Intelligence (54) - 27%
Gamble - Intelligence (54) - 27%
Inquiry - Fellowship (26) - 26%
Intimidate - Strength (42) - 42%
Logic - Intelligence (54) - +10 - 64%
Literacy - Intelligence (54) - 54%
Scale Sheer Surfaces - Strength (42) - 26%
Scrutiny - Perception (24) - 24% - 34% for eyes.
Search - Perception (24) - +10 - +20 - 44% - 54% for eyes.
Silent Move - Agility (22) - Stummer +30 - 41%
Speak Language (Low Gothic) - Intelligence (54) - 54%
Swim - Strength - Cannot Swim

Common Lore (Machine Cult) - Intelligence (54) - +10 - + 20 - 74%
Common Lore (Tech) - Intelligence (54) - +10 - 64%
Chem Use - Intelligence (54) - +10 - 64%
Demolition - Intelligence (54) - +10 - 64%
Drive (Mastery) - Agility (22) +10 - +20 - M.I.U +10 - 52%
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) - Intelligence (54) - +10 - +20 - 74%
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) - Intelligence (54) - +10 - +20 - 74%
Forbidden Lore (Warp) - Intelligence (54) - 54%
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) - Intelligence (54) - +10 - 64%
Interogation - Willpower (49) - +10 - +20 Excrutiators - 79%
Medicae - Intelligence (54) - +10 - +20 +Master Chrigeon +10 - Medicae Mechadendrite +10 - Medikit +20 - 114%
Pilot (Military Craft) - Agility (22) - 22%
Scholastic Lore (Legends) - Intelligence (54) - 54%
Security - Agility (22) +10 - +20 - +10 Opus Machina - 52%
Secret Tongue (Tech) - Intelligence (54) - 54%
Secret Tongue (Throne Agent) - Intelligence (54) - 54%
Tech Use - Intelligence (54) - +10 - +20 - Electro Graft Use +10 - MultiTool +10 - Utility Mechadendrite +10 - M.I.U +10 - 114%
Trade (Copyist) - Intelligence (54) - 54%
Trade (Armourer) - Intelligence (54) - +10 - +20 - + 10 Cybernetic Limbs - 84%



Weapon Talents
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) - Can use basic melee weapons
Basic Weapon Training (Las) - Can use basic las weapons
Bulging Biceps - Use heavier weapons without the need to brace
Pistol Training (Las) - Can use basic las pistols
Basic Weapon Training (Flame) - Use basic flamers
Heavy Weapon Training (Las) - Use heavy Las based weapons
Exotic Weapon Training (Integrated Ranged Weapons) - Allow the use of integrated ranged weapons.
Exotic Weapon Training (Integrated Melee Weapons) - Allow the use of integrated melee weapons.
Melee Weapon Training (Power) - Trained to use Power Weapons,

Tech Priest Talents
Electro Graft Use - +10 to Tech Use, Common Lore and Inquiry tests when connected to a Data Port
Technical Knock - Unjam 1 weapon per turn as a half action.
Lumien Charge - On a successful Toughness test you charge one item. Gain fatigue with each use.
Lumien Blast - Inflict 1d10+WP bonus as energy damage to an enemy within 10m. Gain one level of fatigue with each use.
Mechadendrite (Medicae) - Allows the use of medical-based mechadendrites.
Mechadendrite (Utility) - Allows the use of utility mechadendrites.
Machinator Array - Increase strength and toughness by +10. Reduce agility and fellowship by -5. Can no longer swim. Weighs three times as much as a normal human. Can use any one handed pistol or melee weapon with a mechadendrite.
Gun Blessing - Unjam a number of guns equal to intelligence bonus within a 10m radious
Maglev Grace - Levitate for 1d10+TB about 30cm off the floor. Reduces falling damage to 1d10+3 impact. Usable once every 12 hours.
Luminen Shield - As a full action, create a barrier lasting the same length as TB with a rating equal to half of the toughness bonus. When any attacks hit, roll to see if they are negated. If rolling 1-5 the attack is stopped but the shield collapses, causing fatigue unless a challenging Toughness test is passed..
Luminen Barrier - As Lumien Shield, but uses full Toughness Bonus rather than half.
Energy Cache - No longer gain fatigue when using Luminen Talents.

Light Sleeper - Always assumed to be awake, even when asleep, for the purposes of being surprised or getting up in a hurry.
Sound Constitution - Gain 1 wound. Taken 9 times
The Flesh is Weak (2) - Gain the Machine trait and add armour to all locations equal to the number of times this has been taken.
Total Recall - Recall all minor details.
Jaded - Never gain insanity points from ordinary horrors such as murder.
Master Chirugeon - Gain +10 to all Medicae tests. When treating Heavily or Critically wounded patients, all successes heal 2 points instead of 1. Add +20 to patient’s toughness test to resist limb loss.
Orthoproxy - +20 to resist mind control and interrogation.
Fearless - Immune to fear and pinning, but must pass a willpower test to break off combat.
Armour of Contempt - Reduce all corruption points by 1.
The Power Without - Reduces all Fear levels caused by Xenos by 1, May once per session automatically pass a Forbidden Lore (Xenos) or (Archeotech) with successes equal to intelligence bonus.
Peer (Academics) - +10 to interact with Academics
Peer (Inquisition) - +10 to interact with the Inquisition.
Binary Chatter - +10 to control Servitors.
Strong Minded - Reroll failed willpower tests against psychic powers.



Backpack - Allows the carrying of stuff
Glow lamp - 1d5 hours of light.
Mechanicus robes and vestments (Good Quality Clothing)
50 spare parts (power cells, wires, chronometers etc)
16 Vials of Sacred Machine Oil.
Badge of office - Proof as agent of the Inquisition.
Auspex - +20 to Perception, tech-use to spot thing beyond human senses.
Combitool - + 10 to Tech-Use
Cutting Torch - Cuts open or welds shut 10cm of metal per turn.
Vox-caster -
Excrutiator Set - Adds +20 to interrogation tests.
Red Dot Laser Sight x 3 - Adds +10 to Ballistic Skill for any weapons it’s equipped with.
Microbead - Allows communication over 1km.
Stummer - +30 to move silently for 30 minutes
6 x Screamers - Sets off an alarm if non-authorised personnel enter there range.
Concealed Weapon Bionic (Lathe Blade Sword).- Hides a Lathe-forged sword in cybernetic arm.
Greater Opus Mechanicus - Gains +10 to Fellowship tests with members of the Mechanicus, plus counts as a set of multikeys (gaining +10 to security checks)


Medi-Kit - +20 Medicae Tests
3 x 6kg Demolition Kits - Blows stuff up.
20 x Stimm Shots - Ignore the effects of damage for 3d10 rounds, but take a -20 penalty to Strength, Agility and Toughness for one hour once used.
20 x Counterseptic - Add +20 to toughness tests to resist disease.
10 x Halo - +10 to fear and pinning tests, -10 to Perception for an 1d10 hours.
5 x Rainbow - Reroll all tests against poison and disease, stops blood loss but failing on a toughness test inflicts 1d5 damage.
Toxin Wand - Check for poisons with a Routine Medicae Test. Two or more successes identifies the poison.

Weapons and Armour

Las carbine and 2 charge packs,
Knife - 1d5 - 0 Pen
Concealed Lathe Blade - 1d10+7 - 2 Pen - +10 to hit - Power Weapon Resistant.
Best Quality Hellgun - S/3/# - 1d10+5 Energy - 7 Pen - Clip 30 - Reload 2 Full - 6kg - Red Dot Laser Sight - +20 to hit - Extra Grip (One Handed, reduced range)
Best Quality Integrated Multilaser - #/#10 - 3d10+4 - 4 Pen - Integrated - 50kg - Red Dot Laser Sight - +20 to hit. Full Auto +20.
Beast Quality Dragon Scale Armour - Head 8 / Chest 8 / Legs 8 / Arms 8 / - 20kg - +10 strength - PhotoVisor - Respirator.
Best Quality Carapace Armour - Head 5 / Chest 7 / Legs 6 / Arms 6 / - 8kg


Best Quality Cybernetic Arms - +10 to Agility tests using the limb and +10 to Strength checks with it.
Best Quality Cybernetic Legs - Grant the Sprint talent and +20 to Athletics to leap or Jump.
Best Quality Cybernetic Eyes - Gain Heigtened Senses Talent and grants +20 on attacks that target the eyes.
Sub-Dermal Plating - Adds 2 AP to each location.
Shoulder Mounted Utility Mechadendrite - +10 to tech use. Also includes a censor, six injectors for Machine Oil, and a Cutter that counts as a Defensive Mono Knife
Sternum Mounted Medicae Mechadendrite - +10 to Medicae use. Also includes six drug injectors and a flesh-stappler (Stops bleeding as a half-action) plus a small chain blade for amputations (Makes them Challenging).
Sternum Mounted Optical Mechadendrite - +10 to all Perception-based tests. Functions as a microscope, telescopic sight, infrared torch and sensors, plus a multi-spectrum torch.
Mind Impulse Unit - +10 to Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive or Ranged Weapons that can be integrated with.
Cortex Implant - Functions as Coginator and grants Unnatural Intellligence.
Enhanced Potentia Coil - Grants a number of abilities to other Tech-Priest abilities.
- Luminen Shock - Gain Willpower Bonus in damage plus the shocking and tearing qualities.
- Luminen Barrier/Shield - Can be activated as a reaction.
- Luminen Charges - Tests are two steps easier.
- Maglev Grave - Activates as a Free Action, can be activated once every six hours.


Rank 1 - 0 - 499 - Technographer
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) - Skill - 100
Common Lore (Tech Use) - Skill - 100
Common Lore (Machine Cult) - Skill - 100
Sound Constitution x 2 - Talent - 200

Rank 2 - 500 - 999 - Mech-Wright
Tech Use +10 - Skill - 100
Security - Skill - 100
Sound Constitution - Talent - 100
Medicae - Skill - 100
Trade (Armourer) - Skill - 100

Rank 3 - 1000 - 1999 - Electro-Priest
Lumien Charge - Talent - 200
Common Lore (Tech) +10 - 100
Lumien Blast - Talent - 200
Mechadendrite (Medicae) - Talent - 200
Trade (Armourer) +10 - Skill - 100
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) - Skill - 100
Mechadendrite (Utility) - 100

Rank 4 - 2000 - 2999 - Secutor
Sound Constitution - Talent - 100
The Flesh Is Weak 1 - Talent - 100
The Flesh Is Weak 2 - Talent - 100
Total Recall - Talent - 100
Toughness Increase +5 - 100
Intelligence Increase +5 - 100
Common Lore (Machine Cult) +10 - Skill - 100
Logic +10 - Skill - 100
Security +10 - 100
Security +20 - 100

Rank 5 - 3000 - 4999 - Myrimidon
Machinator Array - Talent - 500
Heavy Weapon Training (Las) - Talent - 200
Ballistic Skill Increase +5 - 250
Weapon Skill Increase +5 - 250
Sound Constitution x 2 - Talent - 200
Jaded - Talent - 100
Master Chirugeon - Talent - 100
Gun Blessing - Talent - 100
Common Lore (Machine Cult) + 20 - Skill - 100
Orthoproxy - Talent - 100
Fearless - Talent - 100

Rank 6 - 5000 - 6999 - Centurius
Ballistic Skill Increase - 500
Weapon Skill Increase - 500
Demolition - Skill - 100
Demolition +10 - Skill - 100
Tech Use +20 - Skill - 100
Intimidate - Skill - 100
Dodge - Skill - 300
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) - Skill - 300

Rank 7 - 7000 - 9999 - Magnus - Malatek
Ballistic Skill Increase - 750
Weapon Skill Increase - 750
Intelligence Increase - 250
Toughness Increase - 250
Inquiry - Skill - 100
Deceive - Skill - 100
Armour of Contempt - Talent - 100
The Power Without - Talent - 200
Scrutiny - Skill - 100
Medicae +10 - Skill - 100
Search - Skill - 100
Maglev Grace - Talent - 200

Rank 8 - 10,000 - 12,999 - Magos Militant
Sound Constitution x 2 - Talent - 200
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) +10 - 100
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) +20 - 100
Exotic Weapon Training (Integrated Ranged Weapons) - Talent - 100
Exotic Weapon Training (Integrated Melee Weapons) - Talent - 100
Peer (Academics) - Talent - 100
Peer (Inquisition) - Talent - 100
Scholastic Lore (Legend) - Skill - 100
Scholastic Lore (Legend) +10 - Skill - 100
Forbidden Lore (Warp) - Skill - 100
Forbidden Lore (Warp) +10 - Skill - 100
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) - Skill - 100
Search +10 - Skill - 200
Search +20 - Skill - 200
Binary Chatter - Talent - 100
Pilot (Military Craft) - Skill - 100
Strong Minded - Talent - 100
Awareness - Skill - 200
Melee Weapon Training (Power) - Talent - 200
Luminen Shield - Talent - 200
Luminen Barrier - Talent - 400

Rank 9 - 13,000 - 16,999 - Magos
Willpower Advance - 100
Willpower Advance - 250
Chem Use - Skill - 200
Chem Use +10 - Skill - 200
Driving Mastery - Mastery Skill - 500
Energy Cache - Talent - 200
Interrogation - Skill - 100
Interrogation +10 - Skill - 200
Deceive +10 - Skill - 200
Medicae +20 - Skill - 200
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) - Skill - 100
Trade (Armour) +20 - Skill - 100

Strikingly tall, Rakavet often towers over normal humans, and has a heavy, muscular physique usually hidden beneath his robes. His dark skin is slightly sallow from too many hours indoors, working away at various experiments and theories. His head is clean shaven and his eyes a glowing, almost luminous green. He also has, when needed, aple white Electoo Inductors that appear in patterns across his face, body and limbs, forming arcane equations and prayers to the Omnissian in machine cant and binary.

Rakavet is heavily augmented, as befits a Tech-Priest of his station. However, he has taken some pains to retain at least the majority of his human appearance. His face is currently unaugmented, bar his eyes, and his limbs are formed to look similar to human ones in shape and colour. Despite this they are obviously augmetics when seen up close. He also has sub-dermal armour plating, creating bulges beneath his skin.

Most notably, Rakavet has the cyber mantle all member of the Mechanicus has, his taking the form of a heavy set of metal and machinery running down his spine. From this there are various data ports and sockets, as well as the three mechadendrites he currently uses, arranged in a triangular fashion.

Rakavet will often wear the dragonscale armour of his order, the fine silver set covered in his red robes of office and bearing the Opus Mechanicus. The helmet is unusually smooth, with a single sensor in it’s centre. Rakavet also keeps a well made and maintained set of carapace armour for more subtle missions.


It often surprises people how personable Rakavet is. Although certainly not the most friendly of humans, he certainly isn’t as cold or socially awkward as most Tech-Priests, having made some effort to retain his humanity despite his augmetics. He refuses to undergo the Rite of Pure Thought, and has only allowed a Cortex Implant to keep his brain truly working.

Still, Rakavet is fanatically devoted to the Omnissiah, and views both alien technology and that tainted by the warp as abominable. His personal belief is that the Omnissiah intended to Mechanicus to show the future of mankind via the merging of flesh and machine, not the supplantation of flesh by machine, citing the various, disastrous attempts to make artificial life and the fact that the pinacles of technology require both as evidence.

He is also vaguely heretikal in his belief that the Mechanicus should serve more as doctors that priests to machines, understanding their function and how to make them run most efficiently rather than simply tending to their spirits with prayers and performing maintenance as ritual.

Currently cut off from the bulk of the Mechanicus and considered a borderline Heretek by some within his own order, Rakavet has only become more dogged in his personal beliefs.

Born among the Facotrums and Titan Bays of Opus Macharius, it was no great shock to anyone when Rakavet Kaldaria was discovered to be Fit For Purpose and inducted into the ranks of the Machine Cult. A strong body combined with a superior mind meant that he was an ideal candidate. Within due course he received the first of the Omnissiah’s gifts, the basic augmentation common to all Tech-Priests, and was assigned to the service of the Legio Venetor, providing maintenance and blessings to the ground forces of the Skiitari.
Rakavet therefore grew up in the shadow of the greatest of the Omnissiah’s bounty, his mightiest avatars of war. Even if too junior to service the great machines he had the privilege of watching the mightiest engines of war take life and walk, heard the talk of their crews and Enginseers; He hoped, one day, to serve on one himself.

During a campaign to retake the War World of Protasia the Legio Venetor was dispatched, in the hope that the Titans would quell any further notions of rebellion through their sheer dominance of the battlefield. With no Titans to face them the only danger lay in the larger defenses. It should have been a simple campaign with no losses.

It therefore came as a shock when rumours reached the main force that the Warlord Titan Sanctus Espiritus had been felled. But the leaders of the expedition didn’t confirm the news. No one was sure what was happening. Until Rakavet and several of his fellows were called into service.

It turned out the Titan had been badly damaged, one leg stuck within a simple enough trap. Essentially Sanctus Espiritus had been lured onto a mineshaft large enough to enclose it’s foot rigged with a huge quantity of explosives on top functioning as a massive mine. The charge was detonated and the Titan’s leg was noc trapped and damaged, unable to pulled out. Skiitari forces guarding the God-Machine were besieged.

And most worryingly, the expedition has been placed in the hands of an Ordo Malleus Inquistor named Copain rather than being left in the hands of the Mechanicus. It was he who had ordered a small cadre of field-ready Tech-Priests to be gathered. He didn’t say why.

A small fleet of Valkyrie transports guarded by Vulture Gunships was dispatched to rescue the downed machine. As they approached it soon became obvious that the defenders had been forced to withdraw into the God-Machine itself. The Titan’s weapons were functional, but ineffective at such close ranges. And around it were the rebel forces and...something else. Writing that made organic eyes weep and cybernetic ones show static. Something horrible.

As they approached, Inquisitor Copain explained what he needed of the Tech-Priests. What was happening below, he claimed, was a summoning ritual. The rebels were attempting to call into being a daemon within the blessed Titan. Worse, they wanted to modify it’s Void Sheilds into the opposite of a Geller Field, creating a patch of the Immaterium in the real world. Copain claimed it was insane, with no chance of success...but Chaos, as he called the enemy, sometimes thrived on the impossible.

If the Titan was tainted, there would be no way to bring it back into Imperial service. It would be lost. And it had to be ensured that the enemy didn’t get it’s might, either - such a Daemon Engine would be a terrible weapon.

Either the Tech=Priests saved Sanctus Espiritus, or they would kill it.
The bulk of the Inquistorial forces were sent to press the rebel. Copain himself attacked the ritual. And Rakavet was one of the Tech-Priests assigned to rig the mighty Titan’s core with enough explosives to reduce it to slag.

It was because of this that Rakavet was spared when the Rebels finally broke through and began to board Sanctus Espiritus. He heard across the Vox as his fellow Tech-Priests tried to fight back or finish the final repairs to bring the leg back online. He heard there screams and there prayers. And he heard, with a sickening finality, the voice of the Princeps as he calmly announced that the cockpit was under attack at that moment.

The explosives set and his task complete, Rakavet attempted to fight his way to continue the repairs, but was wounded and dragged back to a Valkyrie by a retreating defender. In a dazed, pain fuelled nightmare he watched as the transport departed. And therefore saw what rose when the ritual was completed. Sanctus Espiritus stood with a groan of metal and the sickening sound of ripping flesh. The voices of her crew screamed out one last time as the corrupted Titan rose, and that scream kept going, refusing to stop.

Rakavet looked down at the remote in his hand. And he pushed the trigger.

Deep within a core pulsing now with the energies of Chaos the charges detonated. Machine and Daemon-flesh alike were incinerated by a blast as hot as many suns as raw plasma errupted into the machine. And in a flash Sanctus Espiritus, the rebel army and the imperial forces were gone.

Copain was one of the few other survivors of the ordeal. Most of the survivors were Mind-Cleansed, but Rakavet was allowed to retain his knowledge in exchange for service with the Inquisitor. Shaken, he accepted. The encounter had left him questioning much of what he knew. The Inquisition would have answers, although Rakavet doubted they would be pleasant ones.

During his services, Rakavet chose to follow the Omnissiah as an Engine of War, joining the Elite ranks of the Secutors and forging himself into a destroyer. But he kept his mind clear of further augmentation. He had started to question the superiority of the machine over flesh in all things.

As he studied and learned from forbidden archives and strange places, Rakavet came to the conclusion that all past attempts to rid the machine of the weakness of flesh had ended in disaster. Indeed, wasn’t the Omnissiah in his manifestation as the Imperial Emperor considered one of the great heroes? Yet the Iron Men, pure machine beings, had nearly ended humankind.

Equally, the greatest of the machines built now - the vast warships and the Titans - required humans as much as the humans needed them. Rakavet began to conclude that it was not the removal of flesh that made a Tech-Priest closer to understanding, but rather the balance of mortal and eternal machine in one form.

Equally, he began to conclude that acting as priests to Machines wasn’t the only way. Instead of acting like a preacher, begging the machine-spirits for help, was it not wiser to make sure there physical form was perfect? Didn’t the Credo Mechanicus teach that all machine-spirits were the Machine God’s children? Then why were some so stubborn and unwilling to help? Rakavet came to a radical conclusion - that just like an ill patient, in pain and suffering, was often irritable and difficult, so too would a machine whose physical form was not in balance behave improperly.

Therefore, by tending more to the physical condition of the machine the spirit would better serve. Obviously, it would be insane to ignore the machine spirit completely, but the time spent of difficult ritual would be better spent on making sure everyone was perfect.

Thanks to his work with the Inquisition, Rakavet was now ranked as a Magos. But equally, the Mechanicus distrusted him. They had gotten wind of his research into Archeotech long forbidden, and his strange ideas. Although not declared a heretek, the Mechanicus began to view Rakavet with suspicion. This forced him to turn once again to the Inquisition as one of the few organizations that could, and would, support him.