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Sahkil, Kimenhul

You will be afraid forever.

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I am also experiencing this issue and it is driving me bonkers. It's horrifying to see the "watermark" image. I'm using Safari on an iPhone 7 Plus.

It simply appeared after I loaded a new topic page, not having been there before.

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Wands, 10 charges
Rods, 20 charges
Staves, 30 charges


I would make feats sort the same way as spells, with improved, greater, and so on after the feat name.


Fix old and stop new horribly named feats.

Spell Focus doesn't focus on a spell, it focuses on a school. If I want a feat that focuses on a spell, do I call it School Focus and just hope everyone understands? A feat that focuses on a school should be called School Focus, plain and simple.

Combat Expertise should have been called Extra Opportunities.


I'm not sure how this would be done, but any step toward stopping "dips" into various classes for features X, Y, and Z would be greatly appreciated. Players creating ClassA 1/ClassB 1/ClassC 1/ClassD 1, ClassE 1 is so completely ridiculous that it's difficult to overstate. They don't care that they'll never get to the upper reaches of a class because for the most part, parties never actually get into the high teens.


Experience progression. With the exception of getting out of 1st and into 2nd level, even the slow column is much too fast as far as I am concerned. Rise of the Runelords catapults players from 1 to 20. Game over. The rise through the teens and upper teens should, IMO, should be a lengthy challenge. No outing for a set of encounters (one story arc), and, "Hey, we picked up another level."

I'm not sure how popular this one would be, though. I think a lot of players might get bored without getting hit by rapid-fire level increases.


I want Epic rules, not Mythic rules. The 3.5 epic rules on magic would be abandoned. I can't say what would replace it, but that whole made little to no sense and gave me the impression it had undergone no meaningful playtesting. Equal consideration would be given to both offense and defense, as opposed to the Mythic rules 99% concentration on offense causing playing to annihilate everything in their path starting around tier 3.


Take careful aim at problem spells and nerf them. Obviously, this does not include all spells.


Take aim at known broken class, feat, spell, and item interactions, and block them.


Pay attention to reports on typographical and grammatical errors. If you go through the Ultimate Equipment Guide errata topic, you'll find that one poster was reporting on errors in some entries that he had reported when that entry had appeared in its original publication, meaning that the errata on the original sources was ignored.

In fact, all Paizo books seem to have a large amount of errata.

To be fair, this isn't a Paizo exclusive. It was in WOTC all through 3.x and in TSR all through AD&D 1.0, AD&D 2.0, and probably AD&D 2.5 (I didn't not buy the AD&D 2.5 rulebooks). Forgotten Realms, I'm looking at you, here. FR publications had wide ranging editing issues from the release of the first boxed setting through the end of 3.5. I don't know what happened to FR in 4.0 and 5.0, because I went with Pathfinder.


That was all I could think off off the cuff.

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I find all claims that gods are Mary Sue or overpowered to be absurd.

Being powerful may allow one to dictate rules and enforce them, but that doesn't necessarily make them right/moral/ethical/good.

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Dave Justus wrote:
going with the Gods are powered by souls thing.

That makes all the primary gods look like daemons. I can't view them as feeding on souls, at least those without evil in their alignments.

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Klorox wrote:
and Abadar makes me break out in hives.

We need Salve Against Abadar Hives immediately.

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Nethys and Abadar are the two I don't like.

Nethys because I had enough of neutral Boccob and mad Zagyg a long time ago.

Abadar because I had enough of corporate executives a long time ago.

The Golarian so-called pantheon has no creation myth and seems like a group of random refugee gods from other milieus thrown together. They have almost no history with each other and their described interpersonal relationships are vague.

For use as sources for clerics, the gods are fine. For use in understanding the Golarian milieu, not so much.

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Middle Finger of Death turned out to be too long a name so it was cut down to Finger of Death.

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I am a cynical person, and even though I seriously believe Resonance destroys the game, I am not at the point of saying PF2 is doomed. I'll wait around and see what happens.

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Elleth wrote:

In case it's relevant here:

Appendix 1: Traits wrote:
A curse is an effect that places some long-term affliction on a creature. Curses are always magic and are typically the result of a spell or trap.

Thank you for that information about other curses and the trait.

If a curse is permanent, then either the trait or the spell's description block must state it. If I have to interpret permanacy, the rules are lacking.

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1 - I was going to say nerfing problematic spells such as truestrike and haste, but other spells, like prismatic sphere, have been wrecked, so the two matters cancel out. I've got nothing in this category.


1 - Resonance: A must-track point pool of strategic importance all day every day. Every choice to use Resonance on consumables is now one some players will ponder over in the middle of combat ("Have you decided yet?" "Don't rush me, this is important."). It is unfair to Alchemists. I have read other people's complaints of what led to this, but have never personally seen any of those situations in a game. Try setting wands to 10 charges; 50 chargers in PF1, or 100 in Ad&D, is massively overpowered for an expendable stick. It's my personal opinion that this system goes against all magic-item use back to Chainmail and I viscerally do not like it. Further, the mechanic invades every game milieu; every character must actually decide on and actively use Resonance every time. Every morning: "Hey, everybody got their Resonace set?" "Michael, you set up your resonance so badly yesterday we all nearly died. You need to..." "Shut up!" Followed by the game breaking up permanently. I expect future Pathfinder novels to contain narrative of characters strategizing over how to use their resonance and then actively using it; but I'm not looking forward to it because it will be so awkward. Further, it creates a severe break in compatibility with all prior adventure material (official, 3rd party, and fan). No matter how much you have fallen in love with this mechanic, please don't put this in the game.

2 - New Action System: I find puzzle after puzzle as I read through the actions. Raise a shield? That's not D&D. Point out? That would have been a free action in PF1. Arrest a fall? I was wondering why stopping a tumble down a mountain would be an action when I noticed it was to stop aa uncontrolled fall in mid-air for those who could fly. Flyers do not arrest a fall, they recover control. I see little I'm this system that makes it better than 3.x. Iterative attacks and mobility are still issues, though not quite as big. AoOs are now restricted to fighters, but not really; the example immediately suggests monsters have them.

3 - Layout/Organization: Proficiencies not in the skills chapter. No magic chapter. No combat chapter. Feat blocks underwhelming. Spell blocks absolutely terrible; I can no longer follow a spell back to the class who can cast it; endless repeats of the fully spelled component names and endless action icon repeating with them; I want the rarity as an abbreviation or full word, not a color. Trying to tell he blue, brown, and black apart on the given background is problematic.

4 - My eyes fell upon Aeon Stones and instantly I thought, "Oh! A new kind of magic item." I then saw it was an inexplicable name change from ioun stones. My excitement faded away into disappointment. Was this the result of an unavoidable legal requirement?

5 - Magic: 10th level spells exist solely as a place to move some former 9th level spells and restrict access to them even more than rarity already can restrict them. Yes, there were a handful of new 10th level spells, but they didn't impress me. The uncommon category of spells have restricted so many spells that I consider first-choice for my caster characters that there is not much left behind. Four "traditions of magic" that are the same but for their spell lists, and those lists are not equal; it's pointless as far as I can tell. Prismatic sphere can now only be cast while flying or levitating and with 10' clear in all directions; that is not a 9th level spell.

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For millennia now, scholars have pondered how Tar-Baphon created all those undead. Perhaps the world should hope to never learn!


Local GM pages through PF 1.0 CRB looking for material to convert.

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Also 3.5, Epic Level Handbook:

Great Wyrm Force Dragon, CR59
Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragon, CR66

These critters could possibly kill 20th level/10th tier Mythic characters.

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In 3.x/PF, there is what I think of as a convention: rolls that are higher are better and rolls that are lower are worse.

The spell Contact Other Plane contains a chart that makes lower rolls better and higher rolls worse.

Can the chart for Contact Other Plane please be rearranged to make higher rolls better and lower rolls worse?

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Since 3.0, feats have been sorted alphabetically, dividing up different versions of a feat, such as improved or superior, into different parts of the list.

Also since 3.0, spells have been sorted with prefixes after the main name of the spell, grouping all versions of a spell together in the list.

For PF2, please sort feats the same way spells have been sorted.


Spell Focus. This feat focuses on a school, not a spell. Can this feat please be renamed School Focus?


Combat Reflexes contains the word reflexes. There is a saving throw mechanic called reflex, making this feat sound (to me) like it has something to do with reflex saving throws.

Can Combat Reflexes please be renamed Extra Opportunities so the feat name connects with the attacks of opportunity game mechanic?


</puppy looks up at Paizo staff and wags its tail>

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Edna Mode wrote:
(Fingers and toes crossed) Really hoping that hint means Monday's blog will be about the rogue.

I was going to say that I would object if there was no Edna Mode, and so I come to the comments, and I find that Edna Mode is already here.

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Zaister wrote:
Also, I'm wondering if it is realistic to have nothing but water on the south pole. Wouldn't it freeze over somehow, even without a continent?

The amount of freezing on the oceans at poles without a continental cap or nearby blocking continents, like Earth's North Pole, is reduced by increased oceanic circulation. There should be less of an Antarctic ice pack on Golarion's south pole with open ocean for vast distances in all directions.

Earth's great snowball phase had both poles land capped, which greatly reduced the north/south circulation of the oceans. Warm phases, such as during Pangea's time, had both poles open.


Also, this may well be one of the greatest topics on Paizo's forums.

Mr. Jacobs, I'm still waiting for "one day."

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I had a bard in a campaign who used his singing and storytelling to impress the heck out of crowds and make friends.

Charisma is not a dump stat in my campaigns.

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189. You don't tug on Aroden's wand
190. You don't 'port into the void
191. You don't pull that mask off the old Pharasma
192. And you don't mess around with Wes

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I will be happy to buy a Manual of the Planes the moment it becomes available.

I hope Paizo will consider its long-term product strategy in such a product.

The Book of the Damned, for the evil planes of the Outer Sphere, is already coming.

I would hope that similar major books, one each, will be considered for the good and neutral planes of the Outer Sphere. I would then home that a major book on the transitive planes would be made. For the transitive planes, especially, I want to see more about how to survive in these planes in general. (Yes, I have the 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0 material on the planes, but I want to see Paizo's take on things.)

By the time those three book are done, quite possibly across the next several years, I can hope that Planes of Power will be sold out (go, go Paizo sales success!) and the Elemental planes can get a major book.

To me, this should make The Manual of the Planes the skeleton that would hold all these other books I am imagining together as they come out. It would contain the mechanics notes and setup information I need to manage games outside the Material Plane. It would also contain the basics of each plane, hopefully in more expansive detail than The Great Beyond, since The Manual of the Planes will be a bigger book. I am not looking for a bestiary in this book at all. Leave more monsters for later Bestiaries. Maybe Bestiary 7 can concentrate heavily on the various planes.

More specific things I am looking for:

About the Aeons and Inevitables. I'd like to see some examples of things they actually do. There are lots of people on Golarian who either have or are working on immortality. I wonder how often peole on Golarian (like Geb's leader) are attacked by the Marut Inevitables? Or does that not happen? As for the Aeons, reading over their description leaves me puzzled. Apparently, I can just randomly inject an Aeon anywhere for any inscrutable reason just because and not explain it (because I can't). This leaves me feeling a little--unimpressed--with the Aeons.

When all of these things are produced (hopefully), I'd like to see some more consistent use of terminology. The protean entry in Bestiary 2 discusses their presence in Limbo. It also discusses the proteans serving entropy. When I go over the Nightshade entry, it also discusses them serving entropy as well, but I'm wondering if those are really the same things in these cases.

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Z-z-z wrote:
How can you beat time stop? What can party do against evil wizard who cast time stop, except a dispel as redied action against it?

If you're the GM and you are seeking to assist your PCs, you can always drop in a spell that blocks time effects over an area.

I was thinking it would be hard to figure out which spell to counter with a readied dispel if the Time Stop were quickened.

Didn't Karzoug have Time Stop and a Rod of Quickened Metamagic for 7-9 level spells? Didn't his combat strategy have him leading with a quickened Time Stop?

RofRL, page 364, "ROUND 1: Karzoug casts meteor swarm and quickened time stop."

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Dragon78 wrote:

I would love to see a world neutral book of artifacts that have stats for many real world artifacts from history, myths, legends, books, movies, etc.

Excalibur [...]

That list is not world-neutral, it's Earth-centric.