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All the creatures left out via the 3.0 SRD. They couldn't do them, which is why I wish for them.

Honor Harrington

1 - Megastructures: Starlifting, starmoving, ringworlds, Dyson spheres, Dyson swarms, Matrioshka brains, star colonies, world elevators, world rings, galactic engineering, races working now on the ultra-ultra-long range tasks of assembling matter and energy against the incoming heat death of the universe, all electronic AI civilizations; basically all the goodies from the finest of SF and the Issac Arthur channel on YouTube; and then throw magic into the mix. You can make this the size of an unabridged dictionary, please. Several unabridged dictionaries.

2 - Starships: Expanded construction rules and options, including extremely large vessels and unusual hull types. How about, dare I say it, a formula-based system (I'm still waiting for something better than Traveller's Highguard or a Fusion, Fire, and Steel w/o the errata).

3 - Non-weapon gear. Medicine, construction, lifestyles, etc.

4 - Setting: One book per Golarion system world, Azlanti Empire, Swarm, other nations, independent worlds. So far, SFi hasn't been heavy on the interstellar nature of its setting outside of APs, IMO. Lots and lots of setting. Maybe this should have been my number one spot.

5 - Computers/Hacking.

6 - Trade: I'm thinking interstellar for PCs in a small ship, but some corporate and financial rules might be good. There are banks and stocks and securities for the PC trying to squirrel money away. Cover how the bad guys cheat financially in a high level way to offer some useful plot points.

7 - Espionage: More hacking, plus infiltration, disguise, body swapping, body shaping, gear, organizations, etc.

8 - Magic: More. To me, magic seems to take a back seat to technology in the SFi setting. Give me more.

The first and second links are not working for me. The second link gives an error message:

"Something appears to be missing…

The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire. Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance."


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Sahkil, Kimenhul

You will be afraid forever.

I would do my best imitation of a pile of ash because that is all that would remain.

Sarenrae -Tally Ho!
Yoko Kano
Macross Frontier

YouTube video.

There are not enough dragons in the game, but you might have difficulty fitting even most of them onto a single world in a reasonable manner.

In my version of the Great Wheel, the Blood War rages.

In my version of the Outer Sphere, no. However, there is widespread warfare between the various planes. The primary conflict is good vs. evil and so there are armies of devil's and hordes of devil's battling angels. Axis vs. Maelstrom battles are also extensive. I use inevitables as the armies of Axis against the Maelstrom and also occasional devil and demon attack.

Daemon hunger for souls leads them to wherever they can obtain their food. Mercenary work, raiding the River of Souls, and trade (nighthags, etc.) are their main areas. They tend to fulfill their "troop contracts" with large scale devil and demon forces, but otherwise are known as backstabbers at any turn.

Other fiends are bit players at various levels.

There are people on Golarion who cheat death all the time: alchemists who pick the eternal youth grand discovery. Have a steady stream of inevitables been attacking Artokus Kirran in Thuvia for the last 3,000 years?

Punishing characters via the milieu for selecting class abilities seems odd. I realize that most campaigns that reach 20 are over, but an epilogue of, "Inevitables rain on you until you die," is unsatisfactory.


Azothath wrote:

You said yes, but the topic ends. </sad face>

Aboleth Sticks,

The only question is why aren't you writing comedy? That was all gold.


While I personally wouldn't run it that way, you're ideas are super cool.


I think that soul contracts still require a signature in blood, so no clickable souls sales for me.


I'm waiting for Paizo's take on the Outer Sphere. I hope I'm not waiting for years.

All light from everywhere more than 300 ly away from anywhere is information from before the Gap.

Off the cuff I would have to go with some type of enforced Cosmic Censorship. All the information is there and can be recorded, but when any intelligent being attempts to view high resolution data, what the being sees is different, contradictory, and inapplicable to the current universe every time. I mention high resolution so that the general starscape is still viewable. This is not a mind-effecting effect. It is a matter of an unavoidable interface between the intelligent viewer and the high resolution data.

From every point in the universe, this does produce an expanding "shell" in which this viewing phenomenon occurs. For me, viewers with a lot of time on their hands could, by viewing many points many times across a range, come up with an average possible length over which the Gap occurred, but that won't help them know what happened during the Gap due to the censorship.

I wasn't asking for answers to mysteries in this topic. I was asking if we could get some examples of the mysteries coming out of the Gap. That may not happen, of course, but I think I can ask.

I guess I was curious as to the apparent amount of time lost in the Gap. I understand if it appeared to start at different times, even possibly in the same place because of contradictory information, but are we talking about apparent differences of 10, 100, 1000, or 10000 years in start times or even more?

I guess this also leads to the question of how long after PF Golarion's current history do the first apparent Gap starts begin, to which there may also be no given answer.

The Gap ended 300 years before campaign start in the Pact Worlds. What happened during the Gap is not known. However, ancient history is known at least in as much as anything so far in the past can be known.

Is there a known start date for the Gap? Or a suspected range of possible start dates? Or is this just not known?

Intellectually, I understand the explanation of the Gap. Viscerally, not so much.

From various statements, we know some information came out of the Gap, but it was contradictory or did not make sense.

One day, I hope some devs in Paizo can create some examples of the contradictory and nonsensical information that made it out of the Gap so players (who care to) can internalize the same things as people living after the Gap.

Perhaps as a preface to a worldbook, or possibly a web enhancement to The Pact Worlds? I miss web enhancements.

I believe the entire Gap is time locked and also inaccessible by any other means. All attempts to travel into it fail: artifacts, dragons, aeons, inevitables, time-beings, gods, no one can get there, at least until the GM is ready for it to happen.

Either the gods know what happened and aren't telling or they don't know.

If they know, then I think that a) not telling is related to any revalation making matters worse, or b) they have told, but nobody can understand because it's information from inside the Gap, which the universe appears to be actively obscuring for most beings.

If they don't know, I think not telling is related to avoiding embarrassment over not knowing.

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I am also experiencing this issue and it is driving me bonkers. It's horrifying to see the "watermark" image. I'm using Safari on an iPhone 7 Plus.

It simply appeared after I loaded a new topic page, not having been there before.

1059: You don't tug on Aroden's wand.
1060: You don't port into the void.
1061: You don't pull that mask off the old Pharasma.
1062: And you don't mess around with Wes.

The elves of Kyonin have some bad-ass magic rituals going 24/7 that keep those demons from teleporting away and from summoning in new demons. They also have an entire military organization devoted to border containment. These will be disrupted as soon as it becomes convenient for Treerazor's story to begin and for the players to enter from stage right.

The god of the Faerie Dragons: Chaoticus Absurdicus.

The Unspeakable whispers in the mind, the mind thinks them promises of power. Instead, the mind will be drained and swirl about the Unspeakable, laughing to it's delight.

Okay, it says wish list:

A gigantic city map of Absalom, ala the map in AD&D FR1 Waterdeep and the North. It's thirty-two years later, somebody has the technology. That is to say, the map would go with a CRB-sized hardback of Absalom. Then duplicate it for Kelesh and Nex.

Giant hardback and map of Kyonin.

Giant hardback and map of *each* layer of the Darklands.

Giant hardback and map (as possible) for each plane. Planar adventures was just the tip of the iceberg to me.

Giant hardback and map for every region, town, village, organization, and NPC.

[Heart beating a hundred-fifty, I wake up and wish my dreams were true.]

I would appreciate it if Paizo finalized the geography of the Golarion globe. This is something that is well overdue and it limits their ability to produce regional world books.

I want to see Casmaron and the others.

You are welcome.

Thank you.

When I copy the link, paste it into a text editor, copy it again, and paste it into my browser's address box, it goes to the correct product page.

GeraintElberion wrote:

Can anyone guess why, when I tap that link to another website site, my browser (Safari mobile) goes to my Paizo shopping cart?

As I was reading over the first post, I was wondering if the OP had read Ryan Dancey's report on purchasing TSR, found here:


Cause murder for hire.

Cevah wrote:
If shutting does the bag causes loss to the astral, then why would shutting down the Rope Trick not do the same. That was my point.

Destroying a bag of holding doesn't cause a shift to the astral plane, interaction with a portable hole does that, and both interactions do not appear conducive to travel into the astral plane.

"If a bag of holding is placed within a portable hole, a rift to the Astral Plane is torn in the space: bag and hole alike are sucked into the void and forever lost. If a portable hole is placed within a bag of holding, it opens a gate to the Astral Plane: the hole, the bag, and any creatures within a 10-foot radius are drawn there, destroying the portable hole and bag of holding in the process."

MidsouthGuy wrote:
This may be a bit off topic, but I would love to see some kind of Chaotic Neutral Paladin-like class devoted solely to the spreading of Chaos and the smiting of Law without regards to Good or Evil. And I could see that type of behavior working as an Antipaladin archetype.

Plethora of Paladins

Search the page for Fantra.

W E Ray wrote:

Here's the correct Link

Sorry I didn't post it earlier.

Thak you.

Xenocrat wrote:
RainOfSteel wrote:
I find all claims that gods are Mary Sue or overpowered to be absurd.
I find that the claims of Mary Sue gods map pretty consistently to a picture of a certain person's presumed kinks.

A certain person and presumed kicks are unknowns in that statement.

Gods are massively powerful beings. If one turns out to be capable and unstoppable in every way, that is not Mary Sue.

I don't know where that is.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
^Other than your dislike of dipping, I'm with you. Now if you're saying you don't want people to need to dip so much, I could even be with you on that one as well.

It's isn't the idea of multiclassing that puts me off, it's the idea that in-game someone would apprentice as a Wizard, then immediately as a Bloodrager, a Cleric, a Cavalier, and a Kineticist. It's absurd. You would hand me whatever written rationale for switching over so many times and I would only laugh my head off. A player is 1st level, out on the first story arc with the party. Half-way through, the player levels up to 2nd and is suddenly announcing, "Okay, I need to go back to town train as a Bloodrager." And there are no Bloodragers in town because it's so small, which of course means the player must send the character off to the nearest city where there is one, who will, of course, accept the 2nd level Wizard as a student...

I really don't see a need to do this. If someone wants a Wizard/Bloodrager? Fine. But they'll wait until they can find one. If that's when they're 3rd or 4th level, that's the way it is. They want to seriously pick up all the other classes listed above? Prospective teachers are going to be less and less impressed with any explanation: "You see, I need X, Y, and Z to create some massively broken combination that I think I need to crush every enemy I come across in the game," does not cut it.


Add general Challenge Rating rule. "It is possible for players to assemble ideal combinations of classes, feats, and items for characters to give them overpowered capabilities compared to the Challenge Ratings that they should be facing based on their total character level. Feel free to add the munchkin template to all creatures such characters face. Said munchkin template would add +AC, +HD, +save, +hit, +skill to compensate for the munchkin character, and would have the special feature of not raising the creature's challenge rating and not increasing the experience points generated."

If encounters aren't challenging, make them challenging.

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Wands, 10 charges
Rods, 20 charges
Staves, 30 charges


I would make feats sort the same way as spells, with improved, greater, and so on after the feat name.


Fix old and stop new horribly named feats.

Spell Focus doesn't focus on a spell, it focuses on a school. If I want a feat that focuses on a spell, do I call it School Focus and just hope everyone understands? A feat that focuses on a school should be called School Focus, plain and simple.

Combat Expertise should have been called Extra Opportunities.


I'm not sure how this would be done, but any step toward stopping "dips" into various classes for features X, Y, and Z would be greatly appreciated. Players creating ClassA 1/ClassB 1/ClassC 1/ClassD 1, ClassE 1 is so completely ridiculous that it's difficult to overstate. They don't care that they'll never get to the upper reaches of a class because for the most part, parties never actually get into the high teens.


Experience progression. With the exception of getting out of 1st and into 2nd level, even the slow column is much too fast as far as I am concerned. Rise of the Runelords catapults players from 1 to 20. Game over. The rise through the teens and upper teens should, IMO, should be a lengthy challenge. No outing for a set of encounters (one story arc), and, "Hey, we picked up another level."

I'm not sure how popular this one would be, though. I think a lot of players might get bored without getting hit by rapid-fire level increases.


I want Epic rules, not Mythic rules. The 3.5 epic rules on magic would be abandoned. I can't say what would replace it, but that whole made little to no sense and gave me the impression it had undergone no meaningful playtesting. Equal consideration would be given to both offense and defense, as opposed to the Mythic rules 99% concentration on offense causing playing to annihilate everything in their path starting around tier 3.


Take careful aim at problem spells and nerf them. Obviously, this does not include all spells.


Take aim at known broken class, feat, spell, and item interactions, and block them.


Pay attention to reports on typographical and grammatical errors. If you go through the Ultimate Equipment Guide errata topic, you'll find that one poster was reporting on errors in some entries that he had reported when that entry had appeared in its original publication, meaning that the errata on the original sources was ignored.

In fact, all Paizo books seem to have a large amount of errata.

To be fair, this isn't a Paizo exclusive. It was in WOTC all through 3.x and in TSR all through AD&D 1.0, AD&D 2.0, and probably AD&D 2.5 (I didn't not buy the AD&D 2.5 rulebooks). Forgotten Realms, I'm looking at you, here. FR publications had wide ranging editing issues from the release of the first boxed setting through the end of 3.5. I don't know what happened to FR in 4.0 and 5.0, because I went with Pathfinder.


That was all I could think off off the cuff.

David knott 242 wrote:
You might want to look up Purple Duck Games on Patreon. It just so happens that they are in the early stages of working on a "Porphyra RPG", which is basically the same sort of update to Pathfinder 1st edition that Pathfinder 1st edition was to D&D 3.5.

Vewy, vewy, inewesting. I must go look at this.

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I find all claims that gods are Mary Sue or overpowered to be absurd.

Being powerful may allow one to dictate rules and enforce them, but that doesn't necessarily make them right/moral/ethical/good.

DRD1812 wrote:
Does resonance solve this problem?

No. Resonance enshrines the pedestrian nature of magic items by integrating their existence into the fabric of character abilities.

Sir Marcus the Fighter - Hmmm, which magic item do put my resonance points into this morning? [As if any character in any D&D game prior to PF2 has ever stopped to handle magic items that way.]

Resonance creates problems.

How would I feel? As long as the GM told me before character creation, and as long as higher CRs took it into consideration, that would be okay. I'm not married to any munchkinized builds.

Then I would allow a floppy ear slap.

When I said allow a gore attack, I meant:

As appropriate based on the artwork being used for that dragon in that game.

Replacing one of the other allowed natural attacks, not adding an extra natural attack during the dragon's turn. <-- That does not alter a CR to me.


Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:

You don't give me a lot to go on, here. I'll speculate:

1 - You think adding the option for single new natural attack would alter the CR. I disagree.

2 - You think a GM can't do that at all. I disagree.

Yqatuba wrote:
Are the horns just for show or what?

If you are the GM, just add in an appropriate gore attack. One new natural attack isn't going to alter the CR of a dragon.

Personally, I think finding a situation where it would be used is going to be rare.

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