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The Gap ended 300 years before campaign start in the Pact Worlds. What happened during the Gap is not known. However, ancient history is known at least in as much as anything so far in the past can be known.

Is there a known start date for the Gap? Or a suspected range of possible start dates? Or is this just not known?

Intellectually, I understand the explanation of the Gap. Viscerally, not so much.

From various statements, we know some information came out of the Gap, but it was contradictory or did not make sense.

One day, I hope some devs in Paizo can create some examples of the contradictory and nonsensical information that made it out of the Gap so players (who care to) can internalize the same things as people living after the Gap.

Perhaps as a preface to a worldbook, or possibly a web enhancement to The Pact Worlds? I miss web enhancements.

I have yet to read a creation myth that discusses how Golarian's top twenty gods came about and fit together. There is an Asmodeus creation myth. There is also an Apsu/Tiamat myth. I do not consider either of those two to be adequate.

These gods have almost no history with each other and their described interpersonal relationships are generic.

Are all of Golarian's gods refugees from other milieus who were randomly thrown together? Perhaps the shattered remnants of various pantheons left behind from attacking Rovagug?

Even so, there should still be creation myths about them, whether individually or in groups, in circulation with their followers. Some of them should even contain some truthful nuggets.

Religion is strong on attempting to explain how the past created the present, but I'm not feeling it as far as Golarian is concerned.

Hey! PF 2.0 is coming. Sounds like a perfect chance to give the Golarion milieu, and it's gods, a creation myth.

I have some wants/suggestions about replying to forum posts using the current software/system.

I did search for prior topics on this subject, but the only search I could think of at the moment was "replying to posts," which produced a swarm of irrelevant results.

1 -- When I click on the reply link, and the composition window appears, apparently if the post was beyond a certain length, the current system cuts off everything after that length limit in the quoted text block that is automatically provided. The length limit appears to be short, too. If I plan on replying to various parts of the post after that, the absence of most of the post makes it much more difficult to reply. I have to go back to the source post and manually copy and paste over to my composition window. I want the system to quote the entire original post and I can trim out everything to which I'm not directly replying.

2 -- If the length limit is there to stop unfortunate posters from quoting entire lengthy posts with replies of a few words, then I believe that there should be two reply links: Short Reply, which would have the length limit on the quoted material from the post, and Long Reply, which would quote the entire original post. (The tooltips when hovering over the links would be, "Your reply will be short," and, "Your reply will be long and you will trim out text you are not addressing.")

3 -- Currently, the link to start a reply to a post is found at the top of that post. I want the link to start a reply to a post be at the bottom of the post. When I am done reading a post, I am at the bottom of that post and that is where I am ready to click on reply. Scrolling back up to the start of the post to start a reply is counter-productive.

Yes, I realize none of this may be done. I think I get to ask, though.

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In 3.x/PF, there is what I think of as a convention: rolls that are higher are better and rolls that are lower are worse.

The spell Contact Other Plane contains a chart that makes lower rolls better and higher rolls worse.

Can the chart for Contact Other Plane please be rearranged to make higher rolls better and lower rolls worse?

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Since 3.0, feats have been sorted alphabetically, dividing up different versions of a feat, such as improved or superior, into different parts of the list.

Also since 3.0, spells have been sorted with prefixes after the main name of the spell, grouping all versions of a spell together in the list.

For PF2, please sort feats the same way spells have been sorted.


Spell Focus. This feat focuses on a school, not a spell. Can this feat please be renamed School Focus?


Combat Reflexes contains the word reflexes. There is a saving throw mechanic called reflex, making this feat sound (to me) like it has something to do with reflex saving throws.

Can Combat Reflexes please be renamed Extra Opportunities so the feat name connects with the attacks of opportunity game mechanic?


</puppy looks up at Paizo staff and wags its tail>

My personal must-see list:

  • Demogorgon
  • Orcus
  • Graz'zt<sp>
  • Lolth

Yes, I want to see another treatment of Orcus. H4: Throne of Bloodstone was semi-cool, and the picture of the stronghold rocked, but it has an odd atmosphere, and I'd like to see Dragon's new standards of excellence applied.

I also want a similar treatment applied to Lolth. Perhaps Dragon can resurrect her from old hat to sinister demon queen once again?

As long as I'm prowling around . . .

Some message boards (but most certainly not all) have a way of displaying a list of threads posted to recently from all forums in the message board (say, the last 24 hours, or some other time period).

This can be quite useful.

(And my apologies if the feature exists, and I simply did not find it.)

I've been having some trouble with the message boards.

I came over here to post a question, and I get more of the same trouble.

I click on "Add New Thread", and I wind up in the store. I click on my back button. I click on "Add new Thread" again, and I wind up in the store. Repeat, wash, rinse.

On attempt #4, I finally get here, to this text box I'm typing away in. We'll see how it goes from here.

I've been posting away for a while over in the Dragon board.

Several times, when trying to click on "reply", I would get error messages about exceeding the site backtracking limit (except I wasn't backtracking).

I wrote a longish response to the Dragon Reborn thread, and hit submit, and it vanished utterly. Going back was pointless, the previous page had expired (this is quite a surprise for me, as this is definitely quite unlike most other message boards). With great fortune, I had been editing the majority of the post in MS Word, and still had 80% of it. I didn’t bother to add the missing 20%, and just tried posting that. It took three tries to get it to post without vanishing.

(Needless to say, I’m writing this post in MS Word, as well.)


I got to the bottom of page one of the Cities of the Realms - feedback thread, and clicked on "2" to get to page two. Oops, I wind up in the store. Wash, repeat, rinse. Attempt #3 got me to page 2. I stopped and came over here to write this post, and have already described what happened to me above.

Although it is possibly unrelated, I’m getting very slow load times for simple things like hitting the back button. The last page is right there on my hard drive, I wouldn’t think hitting the back button should take 30-60 seconds or longer (I have broadband).

Hitting “Preview” to review this post caused a wait of 3 minutes. Yes, 3 minutes. I’m just going to have to post this extra text in, and hit submit, for I’m not waiting through another previewing delay.

Additional: Well, I’ve been sitting here, waiting yet more time for the preview to finish. It’s been around 8 minutes, so I hit the stop button on my browser and am going to switch to trying to submit the post.

Additional: On executing the post, I got another “You backtracked too far. The application backtracking limit of 30 has been exceeded.” message: “http://paizo.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wo/16.StandardPageTemplate.2 4#newPost”

Clicking on the back button to get back to the text box got me no where, the back button went grey, but the browser did not go back.

Gulp! Ok, time to start with “Add New Thread” again.

First Try: Backtrack Error.

Six More Tries: All Backtrack Errors.

Hmmm, I think I might have some trouble even getting to report this.

I tried refreshing the Website Feedback forum; and that seemed to work ok.

Now clicking “Add New Thread” gets me to a message box again.

Round Two, Fight!

Is this just me? Is anyone else having these difficulties?

Many message boards I visit have a place I can look up my most recent posts.

I locate cannot that feature here. Can someone provide directions to where the link is located, or otherwise let me know if it really isn't present?

I've been glancing around the board, and cannot locate any Private Messaging feature.

Is it turned off or unavailable?