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HP 19/36, Temp HP (0), Nonlethal 12, -4 max hp(from con damage), AC 19 (17), Fort +4 (+6), Dex +0, Will +4 (+6)


Rage 0/6, Command Undead 5/5, Assume Fate 2/2, Spells: 1st 6/7, 2nd 3/4 Active Effects: 2 Wis damage, 4 con damage

Special Abilities

Cold Resist 2, endure elements, darkvision 60'


Neutral Good


Old Skald, Skald, Taldane (badly), Draconic, Elvish

Strength 22
Dexterity 8
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Ragnar Deathspeaker

1/2 Ogre Haunted Cyclopean Seer Juju Oracle 4
Variant Multiclass barbarian

Init -1

Perception +0

HP: 36 (26 Oracle, +8 con, +2 favored class)
...Cold resist 2

===== Defense =====


AC 19 (scale armor +5, buckler +1, +3 natural armor [2 race, 1 cloak], dex -1, +1 Deflection [ring])
...-2 Rage

CMD 18 (10, +3 bab, -1 dex, +6 str)
...+2 while raging

+4 Fort (+1 Oracle, +2 con, +1 trait)
+0 Ref (+1 Oracle, -1 dex)
+6 Will (+4 Oracle, +2 Iron Will)
...+2 rage
...constant Endure Elements (cloak)



BaB +3, CMB +9

The Spear of Kul Khan (iron longspear), +9, 1d8+7

Greataxe +9, 1d12+7, x3 crit

Hand Axe, +9, 1d6+5, x3 crit

=====Traits and Feats=====


Gifted Adept: Animate Dead, +1 Caster Level

Northern Ancestry On the longest night of the coldest year that has ever been, I was trapped beyond time in a place where the sun never rose. You live where it is cold. I was raised by it.
You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves, as well as cold resistance 2; this resistance does not stack with cold resistance gained from any other source.

Power Attack (1st)
Rage [VMC BArbarian] (3rd)



16 Oracle, +8 *background

Total 18

+9 Survival (4 rank, +3 class, +2 eq)
+13 Intimidate (4 rank, +3 class, +2 cha, +2 race, +2 cloak)
+5 Craft: Skrimshaw* (4 rank, -1 dex, +3 class)
+3 Craft: Leatherworking (1 rank, -1 dex, +3 class)
+4 Linguistics* (4 rank)
+7 Knowledge Religion (4 rank, +3 class)
+7 Knowledge Nature (4 rank, +3 class)

=====Spells and Consumables=====


Spontaneous Cast to Inflict spells
Mystery spells marked in Bold

=====Orisons, at will =====
Mage Hand (haunted curse)
Ghost Sound (haunted curse)
Guidance (+1 on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.)
Enhance Diplomacy (+2 Intimidate or Diplomacy)
Resistance (+1 on saves, 1 minute)
Virtue (+1 Temp HP)

=====1st, 6 per day, +1 cha =====
Detect Undead (juju mystery spell)
Cure Light Wounds (oracle bonus)
Inflict Light Wounds (favored class)
Hidden Diplomacy (favored class)
Obscuring Mist
Hide From Undead
Decompose Corpse

====2nd, 3 per day, +1 cha ====
See Invisibility (juju mystery spell)
Cure Moderate Wounds (oracle bonus)
Lesser Animate Dead


Pot. Enlarge Person
Pot. Cure Light
Scroll Cure Moderate

=====Class Abilities=====


Haunted Curse
Meddling Spirits: Retrieving any stored item from your gear requires a standard action, unless it would normally take longer. Any item you drop lands 10 feet away from you in a random direction. Add mage hand and ghost sound to your list of spells known.

Juju Mystery
Undead Servitude (Su): You gain Command Undead as a bonus feat. You can channel negative energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier, but only to use Command Undead. You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Alignment Channel.

Cyclopean Seer
Bonus Spells Each time a cyclopean seer would gain a bonus spell from her mystery, she instead selects a divination spell from any class's spell list. If the spell is not on the cleric spell list, it must be at least 1 level lower than the highest-level oracle spell the cyclopean seer can cast.
This ability alters the bonus spells granted by the oracle's mystery.

Assume Fate (Su) As an immediate action when targeted by an effect that requires a saving throw, you can choose another creature within line of sight that is attempting a save against the same effect. The target takes a penalty on its saving throw equal to 1d4 + 1 for every 4 levels you possess. You gain the value of their penalty as a luck bonus on your saving throw. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus.

This ability replaces the revelation gained at 1st level.

=====VMC Barbarian Abilities=====


Rage (Ex) A barbarian can call upon inner reserves of strength and ferocity, granting her additional combat prowess. Starting at 1st level, a barbarian can rage for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + her Constitution modifier. At each level after 1st, she can rage for 2 additional rounds. Temporary increases to Constitution, such as those gained from rage and spells like bear's endurance, do not increase the total number of rounds that a barbarian can rage per day. A barbarian can enter rage as a free action. The total number of rounds of rage per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours, although these hours do not need to be consecutive.

While in rage, a barbarian gains a +4 morale bonus to her Strength and Constitution, as well as a +2 morale bonus on Will saves. In addition, she takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class. The increase to Constitution grants the barbarian 2 hit points per Hit Dice, but these disappear when the rage ends and are not lost first like temporary hit points. While in rage, a barbarian cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration.

A barbarian can end her rage as a free action and is fatigued after rage for a number of rounds equal to 2 times the number of rounds spent in the rage. A barbarian cannot enter a new rage while fatigued or exhausted but can otherwise enter rage multiple times during a single encounter or combat. If a barbarian falls unconscious, her rage immediately ends, placing her in peril of death.

Race Abilities:

Favored Class: Oracle
1st) +1 HP
2nd) +1 HP
3rd) +1 first level spell (from human)
4th +1 first level spell (human)

+4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom: Half-ogres are immensely strong and hardy, but somewhat slow-witted and brash.
Medium: Half-Ogres are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Half-ogres have a base speed of 30 feet.
Darkvision: Half-ogres can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Imposing Figure: Half-ogres are intimidating without trying. They get a +2 racial bonus to Intimidate checks.
Ogre Blood: Half-ogres count as both humans and ogres for any effect related to race.
Languages: Common, Giant. Half-ogres with high Intelligence scores can choose any of the following: dwarven, goblin, orc, or giant.



Armor: Hide Armor
Cloak: Cloak of the Yeti (constant endure elements, +1 natural armor, +2 intimidate)
Body: Old tunic
Ring: of protection +1
Feet: sandals

50' rope

In pouches/on belt:
Flint and Steel

In pack:

bed roll
Food and water
armor and clothing repair kit
Outdoorsman garb
Survival knife, obsidian and bone (mw survival tool)

Tatzelwyrm skin x2
Giant Weasel skin


30 GP

The Concept:

Ragnar will eventually become something of a mortal incarnation of Odin. His power will allow the ghostly children to grow up to become mighty warriors returned from the dead to avenge their families.

In the beginning, he is a confused and sad young man who looks older than he feels and is constantly surrounded by clamoring spirits, lost in a world he does not understand.

About Ragnar:

Ragnar is a man out of time. He has a great deal of difficulty understanding the world. He wants to learn, but many things will be shocking or alien to him.

He is a deeply depressed person. He has had to watch his loved ones murder each other countless times. He grew up in a dead city with dead children as his only friends. Human relations are not his strong point.

He can see spirits of the dead as clearly as the living (some of them anyway). He sometimes has difficulty telling them apart. Doing so takes some focus. Only one of the wolves that follow him are alive and visible. The others are dead. He doesn't really know this. Same with the birds. To him they are all the same. This can make him come across as quite crazy.

Before the curse, he was raised by a caring father who taught his son the stories of great heroes and legends of old. In his heart, Ragnar is still that same child, desperately wanting to grow up to be a good and worthy hero. That was what he was when the curse trapped him in time. In his heart, that is what he still is.


I remember the summer-times when the land was full of great beasts and my people survived on wit and brawn. A time before steel and cities and writing and the petty grievances of the world I find myself in now. I remember the first days of men.

I lived them.

I remember my sixth naming day when my father, the great chieftain Kul Khan, banished the witch woman, a daughter of the Yaga, blaming the dark magic the witch had begun using to as the cause of my mother's death and the plagues which had beset the herds. The witch was shunned and her magics were made decreed anathema. In retaliation, the witch laid curses on the tribes and called creatures to drive them from their lands. The tribes did not run. Instead, the witch's disciples were hunted and slain. The conflict grew. The witch was hated, and she hated in return.

Her hate fueled her magics and made them darker. She banished the summers and called down terrible winter storms to break us.

We did not break. We were only made harder.

In the end, she came alone to the tribe of Kul Khan during the longest night of winter during a bright and full moon. The curse she called was the end of my people. She gave form to the shadows and fed them her hate and they swept forth to engulf the village and creep into the tribe to set my people against each other like animals. The children were spared the curse, but they died all the same, slain by their parents and elders. Perhaps that was the intent, to visit on our own children what we had upon hers.

I was enough of a child for the curse to miss me, but enough of a man to fight back and hide, so I did. I hid while my people died. The slaughter took three days and nights.

Simply destroying the Kul Khan was not enough for the witch. The curse she laid forced the souls of the tribe to repeat the Nights of Darkness over and over. The ghosts of the Kul Khan relived each moment as if it were the first, regaining flesh and bone every morning only to tear it from each other come nightfall, everyone dying once again by dawn. The only repreive was when the long winter's night met the full moon, and the Kul Khan were shown the living world again for one night. It was just enough time for the spirits to realize what they had done and remember all the times it had happened before, before once again fading to the Aether-realms as forgetful, time-frozen ghosts.

The tribe was caught between life and death.

I was alive.

The only survivor, a child of twelve summers, trapped in a village full of the mad spirits of my friends and family. Only the spirits of the children were unaffected by the Darkness. They helped me survive.

In the ghostly fog of the Aether realms I did not grow up. I did not eat nor sleep. I did not change any more than the trapped spirits did. Only when the Nights of Darkness returned them did I need the necessities of life. I tried to escape many times, but the darkness always confused me and wound me back the way I came. Over the ages I grew, three days at a time when the moon was right, only able to speak to my loved ones after the terrible nights of slaughter while they grieved. By the time I was a man, ages had come and gone and my people were utterly forgotten.

Most nights I lived. Some I died, only to be returned to life again during the next Night of Darkness. As with he first time, if I could survive the night, I would not have to endure the agony of dying again, or the badness of being trapped as a spirit inside the aether.

One particular Night, as I fought my father on the battlements something happened that never had before. He swung at the children I was guarding with terrible strength, and I leaped before the blow as had happened many times before in nearly every conceivable way, but this time, his blow sent me careening into the children and sent all of us over the wall. In that moment as I fell, I prepared myself for another age as a maddened spirit before the moon and the solstice aligned again.

I regained consciousness as dawn neared. It was the pain I was in that made me realize I had not died this time. I lay there once again listening to the cries of my friends and family coming out of the madness and realizing what they had done, surrounded by the spirits of the children who had died in the fall. I saw my father on the battlements as he regained his senses. He figured it out before I did. He threw his spear down to me and called out,

"Go! Live! Avenge! End our Curse!"

And the village faded away to nothingness.

Without me.

And so it came to pass that I, Ragnar, Son of Kul, came again into the world of men, not knowing that with me would come darkness and death and winter.


Ragnar is enormous. He easily tops seven feet and is muscled in thick slabs. His brow and jaw are thick and he stoops a bit. His hair is thick and shaggy and dark. A deep gash runs down his face leaving an angry furrowed scar through where his left eye should be. His other eye is pale and blue. His face carries weight and pain behind a stoic demeanor.

His clothes are badly stitched together from canvas and leather, stained with blood and obviously quite old and worn. He tends to keep the hood of his odd cloak-coat up and the wolf-pelts he wears over the coat pulled tight around him for warmth.

He carries a long spear with a battered pennant so old that the heraldry is practically indecipherable.


25 children of his village

Ragnok Ulsun (human ranger) Helpful, protective, seeks things he cannot find. Knows Drovitz.

Damir Maresk (half orc oracle) Friendly and supportive, very talkative. Hates silences. Knows Drovitz.

Hyporia Stardust (human oracle) Quiet, withdrawn, kinship with fire. Knows Krystae and Drovitz

Kohr Norland (human witch) Angry, likes children and Ravens, hates witches. Knows Drovitz.


Tulo the Raven: Formerly the familiar of Kohr Norland.