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Just wanted to ask as to when or if the aegis archetype well be added to the playtest download.

p. 134 Should the Grim Reaper's Death Strike ability be stated as being a death effect? You know, Save or Die.

Any new powers in the works for the psi-tech guide?

May I ask, what game mechanics are used to determine a creatures maximum Psychic Energy pool?

You also might want to try for a higher charisma score than you have listed, maybe swap it for your wisdom. The higher you Cha, the more followers and higher level first thrall you will have. With the Tactician, you will need less dependent on meta-psi feats, than a psion.
With the Vitalist, it's Medic Powers class ability allows the ability to manifest a good number of buffing (and healing) powers over your collective with out the need of meta-psi feats as well. Though it loses out on it's life draining class features. Using the miasmic archetype may be a better ideal, as it loses less on multi-classing past 5th level.

A Cult Master archetype Mesmerist maybe?


Only four at the moment.

1). Eidetic basic trait, should grant +2 trait bonus to Autohypnosis checks, it's listed as a racial bonus.

2). The Prodigy; list Deception & Innuendo as subdomains, neither of which are not associated with the listed domains. The Prodigy is also listed has having both the Psionic and Psychic domains, does she gain both.

3). Page 17 the Elan oracle (lv. 6) is listed with a manifester level of 6 for the power she gained from the Access Psionic Talent and the Unlocked Talent. Normally the manifester level these would be either 1 or that of the manifester level of the psionic class that a character has levels in. But with out levels in a psionic class I'm assuming you are taking liberties with the transparency rules and using her caster levels instead?

4). Regenerating Focus page 7, was this meant to be used with the possibility to allow a character fully recover all of a characters power points.

Lucus Palosaari wrote:


It will be PoD (Print on Demand). The Fattest Goblin is awaiting proofs I believe and it should be available... soon?

I'll try to post everywhere I can when it becomes available!

Any news on the print version yet?

No not yet, but I'm assuming that they don't.

2 more questions.

1). Can the Daylight spell power a Solar Generator

2). Will the armor enhancement energy resistance stack with the natural energy resistance of tech armor, like for example the Inssuit?

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To the OP, if your interested in the Elan, Jon Brazer Enterprises will be releasing Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Elan this month I believe.

As to DungeonmasterCal, what problem do see with the Repletion ability?
Or Resistance for that matter?

I was wondering if one was to manifest anchored navigation while on board a moving ship, does the anchored navigation point move along with the ship or the point in space it was manifested?

Just out of curiosity, what are the Conduits bonus class skills?

Reading through the Seventh Path I noticed that the conduit is not listed as having bonus skills for it's discipline like the others dicipline. Is this intentional, or were they just left out?

Might I suggest the Dead Eye feat from Genius Guide to Archer Archetypes (you will not find this feat on the OGC). The feat allows you to substitute Int for Dex for all things range, including attack rolls and feat prereqs (such as for Rapid Shot) It will allow you to play a fully intelligence based Cryptic.

Ok, thanks! I just wanted to check and make sure.

1) Are the armor and weapons presented in the tech guide default masterwork?

2) Can technological artifacts such as Powered Armor or a Graviton Beam Canon be enchanted like regular equipment.

Yes, the power you chose can be from any discipline list and of any level.

Cheapy wrote:
If I recall correctly, the author doesn't like the race builder subsystem (for good reasons!), so I'm not sure you'll get a solid number. It's essentially a 20th level wizard arcane discovery, so it's probably very high, if it were to have a number. I think the highest point value in the builderis about 4, so maybe quadruple that.

Just to point it out, but the Shabti race given in the last book of the Mummy's Mask (pg.90) has ageless immortality at the cost of +1RP.

Yes! Thank you, I'll be looking forward to it!

More importantly, will there be a print version coming soon?

Mr. McCoy, on the Elan's Marksman favored class option "Marksman: Add a +1/4 circumstance bonus to DCs to resist marksman powers." Does the bonus apply only to powers that come directly from the Marksman's power list, or can it apply to powers obtained from Expanded Knowledge as well.

The Ranged Attach customization allows for iteratives attacks, it states "This attack can be used as part of a full attack, including using this attack for each attack in the full attack".

leo1925 wrote:
I was asking who are those Abollonites and Apostates.

As for the Abollonites, they are on the verge of creating their own iron god called Epoch.

I believe Aballonites and Apostate are the creations of the "First Ones" mentioned in Distant Worlds, and they were most definitely more advanced than the Androffans as indicated by their ability to create star gates capable of linking galaxies.
Given that and that elfs exist on Androffa, Castrovel, Golarion and who knows how many other worlds throughout the Pathfinder universe (traveling as it seems through the gate system of the First Ones) is their any connection between them and the First Ones?

Thank you very much Katina!

Could you please try billing my account one more time.

James Jacobs wrote:
My post-apocalyptic game is set on Earth

Mr. Jacobs is there any chance of is this setting seeing publication in some form?

Given the ancient Androffans access to space travel you would have imagined that they would have established off planet colonies, and that some may still survive. Did they really keep all their "eggs in one basket" so to speak (in this case one planet), are some lost remnants of the ancient Androffan interstellar empire and maybe survivors still waiting to be found?

May I ask 2 questions, but how long after Earth Fall did the Divinity smash into Numeria.
Secondly what exactly enraged the old Androffa/Droffan deities (the Shoal) to lead them wipe out the Androffans ancient high-tech civilization.

Not all of us have gotten the final book yet, so please don't spoil it too much!

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Hayato Ken wrote:

Mh i don´t remember it right now, but isn´t it possible to extend mind-affectin powers to constructs/robots somehow?

Enchantment psions (telepaths) have a much broader range than their magic counterparts normally, what makes them one of my favorite options!

I believe it can be done by Tacticians or Vitalist, they ignore the immunities of those in their Collective including a constructs mind - affecting immunity. Though the power still has to be able to affect their creature type.

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Actually the rules for crafting robots appear in The Dungeons of Golarion pg.49, basically the time and gold piece increase by 50%, and access to the appropriate technological gear.
Though those rules maybe revised in the last part of the Iron Gods AP.

Here uide Last Updated 12/16/2014

The errata states "A pair of cybernetic eyes can be further enhanced by one veemod (seepage 53) at a price equal to twice the veemod’s normal price."

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Two questions...

1) Is it possible to give each cybernetic eye it's own separate veemod implant?

2) I'm assuming veemods installed in cybernetic eyes don't use charges, is that correct?

Actually there's hints (in Distant Worlds, and other sources) of a progenitor race that seeded humanoid life throughout the universe. (Yeah not very original) They probably had some from of advanced space drive or ability use wormholes to travel like the Androffans.

James Jacobs wrote:

At the time Divinity launched? Not at all. About as magically developed as Earth.

That may have changed significantly in the past 9,000 years, of course!

Will the fate of Androffa be revealed in the last book of the AP?

While Androffa was technologically advanced, how developed was it at a magical level? Arcane or divine.

Not listed among the power generators in the back of the Technology Guide as they are hardly advanced enough to be considered technological artifacts, I wonder what statistics and energy yield of a hydroelectric dam would be (along with possible construction cost)?

LazarX wrote:
How else would that silver suit fit Lirianne so well?

You know until you mentioned that I had never realized that was her.

Neongelion wrote:
DAMNIT MAN/WOMAN, SPOILER TAG THAT! Some of us GMs are on practical crusades to not let our players find out what the alien race was!

Sorry about that but I seem unable to edit the post at this moment.

So the Androffan races mentioned in the Tech Guide are

just ordinary humans. Oh well I was hoping for a new alien race.:(

James Jacobs wrote:

I would set it at 4d6 for a Large creature, and 6d6 for a Huge one. That's what a 3d6 natural attack upgrades to with Improved Natural Attack, and is thus the only in-book precedent.

Keep in mind, of course, that it's VERY unlikely that a chainsaw sized for a large or huge creature (or a small creature for that matter) could be found in Numeria, since the people who built these gizmos were Medium. Of course... once you get Item Creation into the hands of those crazy PCs... all bets are off! ;-)

How true, oh by the way are the stats and background for 'the people who built the gizmos" going to show up in Iron Gods?

Question, in the spell description for Memory of Function it states...

"When the spell’s duration expires, the object returns to its broken or drained state, and any unused charges bestowed by this spell are lost."

however the duration is listed as instantaneous. So either the effects of the spell are basically permanent or it ends the moment the spell is cast? Kind of a waste of 10,000 gp in powdered sky metal.

Cr500criket wrote:

Weapons very in cost. A mwk. Chainsaw would be 3000gp enchanting would cost even more etc. the price is probably because these are quite rare and powerful. Also, you still have to blow a feat to use one. But, Soulknives with chainsaws all the freaking way!

Thanks! But given the minimum level at which a soulknife can acquire the blade skill or the extra blade skill feat to emulate a chainsaw they should be close to being able to afford one any way. So it should not be to off balancing to allow for it.

graystone wrote wrote:

Tech items are treated like magic items instead of normal equipment. I don't think you could use emulate melee weapon to make one.

Unless they are treated as a specific magic weapon it should be possible.

I know this isn't official Paizo, but would a soulkinife with emulate melee weapon blade skill applied to a chainsaw have to recharge a emulated chainsaw? Or could she simply dismiss and reform the blade to regain the use of the blade?

"Chainsaw 2,700 gp 1d12 3d6 18-20/×2 — 10 1 charge/hour 10 lbs. S Deadly, distracting"

What would be the die damage for a chainsaw built for a large or huge creature?

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