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Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

As the sound of music increases near the end of the meal.
A series of sand colored scarves float through the open banquet doors. They gather at points, overlapping to form a desert vista. As Quinn enters she begins to sing.

"Amid the desolation there were the remains of a once proud settlement. Though the gnolls stood strong, there were heroes to be summoned. An illusion forms among the sand colored scarves. Silhouettes of the initial party can be seen arriving to meet with Almah. They arrive to cleanse the desert. To fight off the gnolls. Exploring lost treasures. As Quinn flicks further scarves into the air, the browns are met by fiery reds. Illusory representations of the monastery, the wilds of Kelmarane, and the Battle Market appear. Along the way enemies were slain. Mysteries were encountered, and heroes were made. Suddenly the browns shift to blacks and the illusion shifts to the ruined temple grounds. But beneath the holy temple awaited not the holy light, but the corruptor Xulthos. An exaggerated battle is depicted among the passages of the underground tunnels, formed by the darkened scarves. Small figures of everyone present are seen climbing down the well, with the fiery angels standing guard. A great fight was had as a new comer showed his worth. With that you can see the illusion focus in on a dwarven figure fighting a giant moth. Though not all are well, the evil was defeated."

With the ending of her song, you can see the sadness in Quinn's eyes. Ever the accomplished court performer, whatever she is feeling doesn't impact the show as the scarves brighten - returning to the sandy tones. Blue scarves flick from Quinn's gentle hands as the illusion shifts to Kelmarane and a vision of its restoration. Caravans can be seen arriving in miniature, crossing over the bright blue of the river via a now crowded bridge. As she backs her way from the banquet hall the scarves slowly follow, the illusion shifting to a picturesque sunset before vanishing completely.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

In a mocking voice.
"O nooo. He's gotten loose. Please. Come save me!."

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Looking with concern toward the top of the well.
"I appreciate the help, but I don't have any means of keeping those angels at bay. So if you don't mind I'll wait here until all of you are ready to return to the surface."

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Looking on in amusement, clearly glad for a distraction from her brother's state.
"I am Thomas' sister, Quinn. I came looking for him when I didn't hear from him. You must be the dwarf that was helping him. I'm not sure what happened here, but he isn't himself."

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

No longer in rounds.
Coming to the base of the well, Quinn sits by her brother who continues to struggle against the tied scarves.

"If this isn't the beginning of a bad joke. A dwarf climbs down a well and two haltings ask him what brings him here. What do you say Thomas? How's it end. How's any of this end?"

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Shortly after Mahdi makes his observation, Thomas awakes struggling against the bindings. The sounds he is making are aggressive and distinctly non-sensical.

"He was asleep. A spell from one of the items I keep on my person, just incase. I'm sure you understand."

With the help of an invisible force Quinn continues dragging her bound brother back toward the base of the well.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

"I intend to get him back to the settlement. He needs help that I cannot provide. I'll need more help to get him up the well, but I can get him out of the way on my own."

Once Thomas is secured Quinn moves to drag her brother's sleeping body. Before she does she pulls a bit of string and wood from a pouch beneath the scarves at her waist. After speaking a quick phrase she begins dragging her brother. An invisible force grabs at Thomas' other side and does the same.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Thomas slumps to the ground asleep. Quinn whispers, rubbing her arm with one hand while holding one finger across her lips.

"Shh.. It was the quickest way to take care of Thomas without hurting him. Now fast, help me."

Unless Pent or Mahdi offers rope, Quinn takes off two scarves to secure her brother's hands and feet.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Reaching to touch the gem that hangs from the scarf atop her head.
"Not talk, but rest. I promise I'll wake you my new friend.

A soporific aroma surrounds Quinn.

Will Save (DC 19), Pent:
Fail: You fall asleep. Quinn wakes you right away (next round). Either way she whispers to you after Thomas falls asleep, "Quiet, we can tie him up while he sleeps. We must be quick, the sleep won't last long. Please, help me save him."

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Tearfully looking relived.
"You did find him. For that and your healing hands I am grateful.

Just as Quinn begins to praise Pent's skill, Thomas' demeanor changes. He seems to lurch up, not even realizing Pent is nearby and tries to bite at Quinn. As his teeth clamp down on one of her outstretched arms, Quinn yelps.

Sense Motive>14:
The crazed look in his eyes is more than shock.

bite: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20, Dmg: 1d4 ⇒ 4

"Brother, what are you doing? That hurts."

Surprise combat. Pent acting.

Perception rolls needed for Alderbert (does he see Thomas shift with Ami hollering for help?) & Mahdi (I'm thinking you're still positioned out of sight, so this would be to hear over the other 'noise'.)

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Visibly frustrated. Speaking quickly before returning to tending her brother.
"I've found my brother nearly dead and you want answers I do not have. If you intend on knowing anything then I suggest that you shut your mouth and help me."

Heal, take 10:
It is clear that beyond the use of magic Quinn has no idea how to dress wounds or otherwise help her brother. At the best she's slowing his bleeding. At the worst she might be making his wounds worse.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Shaking her head.
"Can't you see. He wasn't dead. At least not quite. Of course he looks confused. He must be in shock. His injuries are still quite bad. There was only so much I could do with a scroll."

You can feel Yeen calm beneath you. (panic ends)

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Pausing over the unrolled scroll, Quinn recites a series of words as light begins to gather around the fallen. As the body's wounds are healed Thomas open's his eyes.

"This should help."

The wild-eyed look on Thomas' face is more than a bit disconserting.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Kneeling at the side of her brother's body, Quinn grasps frantically at him. Then pulls a single scroll from among her scarves.
"You can't be. You just can't be."

The sound of running feet and clanking armor from above is followed by the sight of the rope dangling from the well moving suddenly.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Turning the corner to see what Pent has pointed out a look of recognition and horror at once flashes across Quinn's face.

"Thomas, no!" She runs forward with out a second thought.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Moving quickly toward the danger.
"What's going on?"
Double move to join Pent and Aldebert.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

You notice nothing amiss in the first two sets of alcoves as you move forward. (Assuming single move. If otherwise let me know and update your token placement on roll20 when you have a chance.)

Shaking her head. She follows closely behind Aldebert as she mutters to herself.
"Thomas should have known better than to come into such a place."

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Roll20 updated

Will: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
Quinn quickly side steps to Aldebert's right and lashes out at the remains with one of her scarves. As it connects a light of energy seems to further impact the creature.

Attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22, Damage: 1d6 + 1d6 ⇒ (3) + (6) = 9

CC1 HP: 7/16

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Commenting on Ami's report to Aldebert. Thought the report was made aloud, but may have mistakenly assumed common speech. Feel free to scratch the comment otherwise.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Looking toward the alcove to Alderbert's left, Yeen, and then Ami.
"I think your companion there has spotted what I have. Something isn't right about these remains."

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

No worries. Roll20 visability updated.

Over hearing Ami's report, Quinn explains after expressing admiration for the tracking skills..

"Attentive investigation. I'm sure we'll find my brother now. What you found was my arrival and casting which brought about my faux escort you saw earlier."

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Niches along this rough-hewn hallway contain burials of ancient church dignitaries.
"I hope my brother didn't end up like one of these fellows."

Tokens repositioned and Roll20 up to date. The elementals remain milling about near the well, not pursuing down the well.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Bowing deeply toward Mahdi. Then speaking to all

"Well met. You might say I know a bit. A small matter I am sure sir al-Jabira. As for an offer of aid I would graciously accept, if you don't think I'll be to much of a burden. There might even be a benefit for all of you if we manage to find my brother. As for how he could have gotten into such a forsaken place let us hope we find out." With a wink she runs toward the well, jumps over the edge, and flies at speed to the bottom.

The torchbearer seemed to be a conjuration of some type.

Her movement and flight is transmutation of some nature.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

With a wave of her hand, the burly humanoid carrying the torch disappears.

"What a fine animal. I'm sorry if my faux companion was disturbing."

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

"So you've decided not to be so wary. I'm glad. My brother's name is Thomas. He's a renowned investigator. I hadn't heard from him for months so I parted company from the royal family I was serving to see if I could track him down. The trail has lead me here. Looking around the area, then down the well. Are you sure you don't want my help?"

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

@Pent, yes. Figures have entered from above, down the stairs and through the Pactmaster-sealed doors that are now open to all comers. Depending on timing the fly spells might still be active so Alde / Pent might be in a position to fly back up to chat with the newcomers, which is what I've surmised here.

The burly man stands still, holding the torch while the young woman looks very concerned.

"Of course. If you'd prefer I'll happily wait outside. I imagine if there are any clues of my brother or his friend having been here you'll find them. Looking back toward the door. As for the door, I have not touched it. It was open when I approached and so I entered. Surprised by the gnome, she pauses a moment before addressing his questions. The locals sent me, if that's what you mean. Though I think if you asked them they'd tell you I have no business being here. Apparently I don't look mighty. The light laugher that follows betrays a sense of confidence that seems to say otherwise."

Detect Evil:
You detect no evil.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Turning briefly to look back toward the entrance.

"Are you sure you locked it? It was open when I approached. Seeming a bit more concerned than she was a moment ago. As for me, I am Quinn. I'm looking for my brother. Word was that he was on the trail of a strange creature. The locals seem to think the creature has something to do with this place. He would have been traveling with his friend, a dwarven fellow."

Sense Motive, Mahdi:
She doesn't seem deceptive.

Sense Motive, take 10:
She seems to be telling the truth. And is indeed concerned about the entrance she came through.

Female Human Magus (kapenia dancer / magavan / spell dancer) 5

Torch in hand, a burly human male dressed in green livery slowly descends the stairs. Yeen seems quite disquieted by him. A young woman dressed in layered scarves of a variety of colors follows close behind.

"No need to be wary friend. I've come here looking for my brother."

QPerc: 1d20 ⇒ 15

Have fun all!

Greetings. This alias is a character I made for another kingmaker campaign, but he wasn't picked. Would love to join yours. Let me know if any changes are needed. You can click on the picture / alias to check him out.

Have fun all!

@ Tassadan Cabe can go either ranged or melee, so your sorting is spot on. I neglected to list the selected favored enemy, but have addressed that oversight. Any concerns with the character otherwise? Looking forward to seeing if he makes the cut.

Skills, wealth, and equipment all set. Also updated the archetype to horse lord / trapper as spells don't make sense for him at all.

Greetings. I present Cabe Femor for your review. I still have skills, wealth, and equipment to sort out. He isn't very exotic, but the concept really grabbed me as I was considering a character.

Stats and such are in the profile. Here's his background for quick reference.


Cabe watched his father work the fields until his hands were raw from the years of labor. He smiled at his mother after their small meals were finished, cursing himself for not being able to silence the grumble in his stomach. But these days Cabe can no longer look upon the land he and his family have tended for generations with pride. Deep down he knows that no matter how hard he works, he is destined to die as his father did - with nothing to show for his labor - if he stays. If he stays toiling away on lands that are not his own, for crops that some nameless man with a title will profit from, he will have given away the only thing he’s ever truly owned - the strength of his beating heart.

So it is full of hope and with the few things he owns that he is walking into the Stolen Lands. Leading his hard working horse over the last frost of the winter, Cabe looks back only once - to remember his father. How he would stare off into the distance after clearing some bit of debri from his plow. He smiles even now, thinking of how he’ll get to see what is off in that distance.