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Full Name

Quinn "Inktooth" Prable


Demon-Spawn Tiefling


Mythic Paladin 8/Bard 2/Champion-Hierophant 4

hp 161; Init +6; Darkvision 60 ft.; Perc +10; AC 24, T 11, FF 24; CMD 24; F +18, R +11, W +15
Army Stats:
hp 16/16; DV 21 (+4); OM +10; Morale +1











About Quinn Inktooth

Character Sheet:
Quinn “Inktooth” Prable
Pitborn Tielfing Mythic Sacred Servant/Oath of Vengeance Paladin 8/Bard 2/Champion-Hierophant 4
LG Medium outsider (native)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +10
Auras courage, good
AC 24, touch 11, flat-footed 24 (+10 armor, +1 deflection, +3 natural)
hp 161 (8d10 [paladin] + 2d8 [bard] + 20 [con] + 5 [bonus] + 20 [mythic] + 20 [belt])
Fort +18, Ref +11, Will +15
Defensive Abilities hard to kill, well versed; Resist fire 5; Immune disease, fear
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee bite +14/+9 (1d6+7) or power attack +14/+6 (1d6+19)
Melee Radiance +18/+13 (1d8+10/19-20) or power attack +18/+10 (1d8+22/19-20)
Ranged Radiance +13/+8 (1d8+8/19-20)
Special Attacks bardic performance (10 rounds/day; countersong, distraction, fascinate, inspire courage +1), champion's strike (sudden attack), hurling vengeance, limitless range, mythic power (12/day, surge +1d8), mythic smite, smite evil 2/day (+6 attack and AC, +8 damage)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 10th; concentration +14)
6/day - Seize the Initiative
1/day - light
At will - detect evil
Bard Spells Known (CL 2nd; concentration +8)
1st (4/day) - liberating command, feather fall, solid note
0 (at will) - flare, mending, prestidigitation, resistance, spark
Paladin Spells Prepared (CL 4th; concentration +10)
2nd - confess (D) (DC 18), corruption resistance, litany of righteousness (DC 18)
1st - ghostbane dirge (DC 17), lesser restoration, magic weapon (D), protection from evil
Domain Tactics
Str 21, Dex 10, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 22
Base Atk +9/+4; CMB +14 (+2 vs. Demons); CMD 24
Feats Dual Path, Extra Lay On Hands, Furious Focus, Greater Mercy, Improved Initiative, Mythic Power Attack, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (longsword)
Skills (ranks)
+3 Climb (1)
+19 Diplomacy (8)
-3 Disable Device (0)
+10 Handle Animal (1)
+10 Intimidate (1)
+5 Knowledge (planes) (1)
+7 Knowledge (religion) (3)
+10 Perception (5)
+13 Perform (dance) (4)
-1 Ride (1)
+7 Sense Motive (4)
+3 Swim (1)
Languages Abyssal, Common
SQ amazing initiative, aura, bardic knowledge, call celestial ally, channel wrath, divine bond, divine surge (inspired spell), fleet warrior, lay on hands (5d6+6, 13/day), mercy (sickened, diseased), prehensile tail, recuperate, scaled skin, versatile performance
Favored Class +6 hp when using lay on hands, +2 skill rank
Traits Chosen of Iomedae, Stolen Fury
Gear composite longbow (+2 STR), Armor of the Pious, Radiance (+3 cold-iron longsword), ring of protection +1, 20 cold-iron arrows
Additional Gear acid (4), alchemist's fire (4), antitoxin, belt pouch, chime of opening (10), flask (4), flint and steel, grappling hook w/50 ft. rope, holy water (2), masterwork backpack, potion of lesser restoration, scroll of dispel magic, silver dust (100 gp), silver holy symbol, soldier’s uniform, Terendelev's scale, trail rations (6), wandermeal (10), waterskin, 2286 gp 2 cp

Armor of the Pious: This gold-plated +1 mithral full plate armor has images of Iomedae’s symbol etched into its immaculately gleaming surface. The armor requires 24 hours to attune itself to the wearer. Thereafter, once per day the armor’s wearer can offer a prayer to Iomedae as a swift action to increase the armor’s enhancement bonus to +2 for 10 rounds. For this duration, the armor also grants a +2 sacred bonus on saving throws. A paladin wearing armor of the pious can use her lay on hands ability one additional time per day; a mythic paladin wearing armor of the pious also gains one additional use of mythic power per day.

Terendelev's Scales
Bolstering: Three times per day as a standard action, a scale can be used to cast aid. Against evil outsiders, the bonuses to attack rolls and to saves against fear increase to +2.

Sacred Weaponry: Three times per day as a standard action, a scale can be used to cast align weapon, but only to make a weapon lawful or good. Unlike a normal align weapon spell, this effect can be cast on an unarmed strike or natural weapon.

Cloudwalking: Three times per day as a standard action, a scale can be used to cast levitate. A pillar of roiling clouds rises below the levitating object or creature, growing and shrinking with the target’s altitude. This pillar is 5 feet in diameter (regardless of the target’s size) and provides concealment (20% miss chance) to any creature or object wholly contained within.


Knights of Kenabres
LG Medium army of humans (paladin 4)
hp 16; ACR 3
DV 21 (+4 vs. spellcasters); OM +10, ranged
Tactics expert flankers, standard, withdraw
Resources healing potions, magic armor, improved weapons (masterwork cold iron), mounts, ranged weapons (longbows)
Special aura of courage, channel positive energy, divine health, lay on hands, mercy, smite evil, spellcasting
Speed 3; Morale +1; Consumption 3

Rescued Mercenary Army[/bigger
LG Large army of humans (fighter 2)
hp 16; ACR 3
DV 13; OM +3
Special bravery +1
Speed 1; Morale +0; Consumption 1

Expert Flankers: Your army is skilled at surrounding the foe and distracting them, at the cost of spreading out too much and being more vulnerable. Increase its OM by 2, and decrease its DV by 2.

Standard: Your army's attacks have no additional modifiers to its OM, DV, or damage.

Withdraw: Your army tries to escape from all armies attacking it. The army attempts an opposed Morale check against each army attacking it to maintain discipline (any army may voluntarily fail this check), but doesn't need to attempt the usual Morale check to change tactics when switching to withdraw. If all of these checks are successful, your army may withdraw from the battlefield or treat the phase as a Ranged phase. If only some are successful, you may withdraw or treat the phase as a Ranged phase, but enemy armies in the battle may attack you as if you were in Melee. Whether or not the checks are successful, reduce your army's OM and DV by 2 for the rest of this phase.

Healing Potions (10 BP): Each unit is equipped with several healing potions. At any point during a battle (but no more than twice per battle), the commander can order her units to drink their potions. The army doesn't attempt an Offense check that phase, but heals a number of hit points equal to twice its ACR. Each time an army uses its healing potions, increase its Consumption that week by 3. To purchase this resource, a settlement in your kingdom must have an Alchemist, Caster's Tower, Cathedral, Herbalist, Magic Shop, Magical Academy, or Temple.

Improved Armor (3 BP): The army is armed with masterwork armor, increasing DV and Consumption by 1. For 15 BP, you can outfit the army with magic armor, increasing DV and Consumption by 2 instead. To purchase this, a settlement in your kingdom must have a Foreign Quarter, Military Academy, or Smithy.

Improved Weapons (5 BP): The army is armed with masterwork weapons, increasing OM and Consumption by 1. For 50 BP, you can outfit the army with magic weapons, increasing OM and Consumption by 2 instead. To purchase this resource, a settlement in your kingdom must have a Foreign Quarter, Military Academy, or Smithy.

Mounts (BP = Mount's ACR): The army is mounted on horses or other war-trained animals. Increase its OM and DV by 2, and increase its Consumption by 1. If your army uses mounts that are more powerful than the units themselves, your army's ACR and derived scores might increase. To purchase this resource, a settlement in your kingdom must have a Foreign Quarter, Stable, or Stockyard.

Mythic Commanders: If one of the PCs serves as the commander of the Knights of Kenabres, his command of the army is such that he can use his surge mythic ability to adjust Offense checks and Morale checks. A commander can expend two uses of mythic power to increase his army’s DV by the result of a surge die for one battle.

Ranged Weapons (2 BP): The army is equipped with ranged weapons (such as crossbows, slings, or bows), gaining ranged attack capability. Increase its Consumption by 1.

Aura of Courage (Paladin 3): The army is immune to fear effects and automatically succeeds at Morale checks to avoid a rout.

Bravery (Fighter 2): Apply the unit's bravery bonus on Morale checks against fear and routs.

Channel Positive Energy (Cleric 1, Paladin 4): In the Melee phase, the army deals +1d4 points of damage against an undead target army. Instead of dealing extra damage to an enemy army, the army can use this ability to heal itself; if it takes an OM penalty equal to half its ACR for one Ranged or Melee phase, it heals a number of hit points equal to its ACR.

Divine Health (Paladin 3): The army is immune to disease.

Lay on Hands (Paladin 2): This ability functions as channel positive energy.

Mercy (Paladin 3): At the end of a battle, the army can cure a disease on one allied army.

Smite Evil (Paladin 1): In one Melee phase per battle, the army may increase its OM by 2 against an evil army. If the target army is undead or evil outsiders, the OM increases by 4 instead.

Spellbreaker: Your army has specialists who can disrupt enemy spellcasting. Increase its DV by 4 against armies with the spellcasting ability.

Spellcasting: If an army's units can use magic (from either spell-like abilities or actual spellcasting), increase its OM and DV by the spell level of the highest-level spell the individual unit can cast. If any of the army's offensive spells has a range greater than touch, the army can make ranged attacks.

Chosen of Iomedae: At your birth, your parents dedicated your soul to Iomedae to mold into a sword of her light. The goddess blessed you, granting you a gift of light to brighten your path through the darkness and a fine sword with which to spread her will. You may cast light once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level 1st), and you begin play with a masterwork longsword. In addition, whenever light is cast upon this sword, the radius of light and its duration is doubled.

Stolen Fury (Mythic): You were forced to take part in a demonic ritual as a youth after having been captured by cultists. Whatever the ritual’s purpose may have been, it didn’t work out the way your captors envisioned—rather than corrupting your soul, you absorbed the ritual’s energy and made it your own before you escaped to safety. Ever since, you’ve been haunted by strange nightmares about the ritual, and have long felt that the energies it bathed you in have changed you. Recently, those energies have changed—it’s as if you’ve finally managed to come to terms with your past and have turned the ritual’s aftereffects to your advantage, following the old adage of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You’ve been unable to learn more about the ritual or what it was for, but the question lingers in the back of your head to this day. This nagging has instilled in you a fury against demonkind. Today, when you face demons in combat, those energies bolster your fury, granting you a +2 trait bonus on all combat maneuver checks against demons and a +2 trait bonus on Fortitude saves. By expending one use of mythic power as a swift action, she can ignore a single demon’s damage reduction for 1 minute, and increases the critical multiplier of any weapon she wields against that demon by 1. Associated Mythic Path: Champion.

Quinn faded in to consciousness. Moments of lucidity intruded upon the haze of hatred and greed, lust and rage that clouded his mind. He hated the sanity. It was so confusing, so disruptive. The haze was pure, dark and vile and perfect. He ached for the haze again. The awakenings were always painful.

He tried to speak, but the words choked in his throat. He felt like he had swallowed ground shards of glass. His shoulders and wrists burned, and the slightest movement sent lances of pain shooting through his back. He realized after a moment that he was hanging… manacled to the wall and suspended by chains. His eyes were clotted shut. With an effort he forced them open. The light was more painful than hanging.

“Wherrrre…?” he hissed hoarsely. He felt, more than heard, the sudden attention of the others in the room. There were sudden whispers and murmurs all around him… too many to decipher.

“What did you say?” came a hard voice from his right.

Quinn tried to ask again, but his corporeal needs overruled his consciousness and the word came out, “Waterrrrr…” After another eternity of pain, the nozzled end of a waterskin was pressed against his lips. He took his first drink of water in a rush and immediately gagged and retched, blazing pain went through his body as he thrashed in his chains.

A heavy door opened and another voice overwhelmed the others. “What has happened?”

“He’s awake again,” the first voice responded. “He asked for water.”

“Give him some,” the second voice demanded. The nozzle was again pressed against his mouth. “Drink slowly,” the voice insisted. Quinn took a few slow, careful sips and felt his throat begin to loosen. After a few more sips the skin was withdrawn. “What is your name?”

“Quinn.” He could not think of any reason to lie. But, even though it was true, it seemed wrong somehow. He had no name in the haze.

“Do you know where you are?”

“No,” he breathed. He did not know what they wanted from him, but he had no strength to resist an interrogation.

“Do you know where you live?”

In the haze… was the answer. But, when his mouth opened, “Kenabres” spilled out. He frowned. That was true and wrong as well. Suddenly, the haze was gone… burned from his mind by the light, as the morning sun burns the fog off of the meadows… His pain became something real and immediate. He whimpered as he hung limp in his chains. “Where am I? What has happened to me?”

There was silence for a long moment. “You are in the temple at Kenabres, the catacombs to be precise. We have held you here for nearly four weeks. Do you remember the fight in which you were wounded?”

The temple. Kenabres. The fight. Four weeks!? “No… no… I don’t remember.” But, that was not true. Bits and pieces of the past began to pierce the darkness in his memory. A cultist and his familiar. The sergeant and his fellow soldiers. The battle was quick, the traitor brought low. He was wounded, but not seriously. Then… the haze… he squirmed. Something insidious longed for the haze. Something deep inside of him. He fought back. The pain helped clear his mind.

“There was some kind of demon. Something we’ve never seen before,” the second voice stated. “It poisoned you with its own blood. The reaction was… terrible.” The blurriness was clearing. His sergeant stood before him, some soldiers and acolytes, as well as a temple priest. The cleric continued speaking. “We could not remove the poison. We couldn’t even slow it down. You’ve been in and out of consciousness. Do you remember anything?”

Only the haze… “Only the nightmares.”

“I’m not surprised. You should know… the demon-blood had some dramatic effects-” the sergeant grabbed the cleric and spun him away. There was a quick and vicious whispered argument, but the priest waved him off. “He needs to know! Quinn, we’re not sure that you are still entirely human…”

Description and Personality:
“You look somewhat competent. Why do you want to join and hunt demons, and what skills do you bring?"

The heavy folds of a massive cowl hide the features of the man as he approaches. It would be alarming, even here in the hub of the Crusade, except below the cowl the man bore the well-worn tabard and armor of one of Kenabres local guardsmen.

Up close, the reason for the cowl is too obvious. From deep within, tiny pinpricks of light, like burning embers, shine out from eyes that are otherwise grey like ash. Asymmetrical horns, too unlike those of animals to be comparable, spring irregularly from skin that is sometimes cracked and cragged, sometimes chalked like spent charcoal.
As the man exhales, tiny tendrils of smoke waft from the corners of his mouth and the faint, sulfurous smell of brimstone leaks from beneath the hood. Then the man smiles, and all the other grotesquerie of his appearance is forgotten...

The broken lips fold apart, revealing a veritable canyon of ebon stalagmites so mismatched and incongruous that it is a wonder the creature can close his mouth around them. The dagger-like protrusions seem to simultaneously shine, like the molten crafts of the glass-blowers, and swallow the light, like obsidian draped in shadow. When he speaks, the ill-fitting shards click and scrape against one another, causing a shower of tiny sparks to spray from his mouth.

"I have nowhere left to go," the man laments. "I cannot return to the barracks, and no inn or posting house will let me through the doors. I have trained all my life to protect Kenabres' citizens, and the foreigners, the tribes... everyone under her banner. Now, I am outcast in my own home. But, I am no coward, to run and hide away from what has happened to me. 'Why am I here?' you ask." The man, if indeed he could still be called that, shrugs. "What else is to be done?"

Racial Traits:
[bigger]Demon-Spawn Tiefling Racial Traits

+2 Strength, +2 Charisma, –2 Wisdom: Savage and monstrous, the terrifying spawn of demons know the chaotic fury of their Abyssal ancestors.

Native Outsider: Tieflings are outsiders with the native subtype.

Medium: Tieflings are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Normal Speed: Tieflings have a base speed of 30 feet.

Darkvision: Tieflings see in the dark for up to 60 feet.

Skilled: Tieflings gain a +2 racial bonus on Disable Device and Perception checks.

Maw or Claw: Some tieflings take on the more bestial aspects of their fiendish ancestors. These tieflings exhibit either powerful, toothy maws or dangerous claws. The tiefling can choose a bite attack that deals 1d6 points of damage or two claws that each deal 1d4 points of damage. These attacks are primary natural attacks. This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait.

Scaled Skin: The skin of these tieflings provides some energy resistance, but is also as hard as armor. Choose one of the following energy types: cold, electricity, or fire. A tiefling with this trait gains resistance 5 in the chosen energy type and also gains a +1 natural armor bonus to AC. This racial trait replaces fiendish resistance.

Prehensile Tail: Many tieflings have tails, but some have long, flexible tails that can be used to carry items. While they cannot wield weapons with their tails, they can use them to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. This racial trait replaces fiendish sorcery.

Languages: Tieflings begin play speaking Common and either Abyssal or Infernal. Tieflings with high intelligence scores can choose from the following: Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Infernal, and Orc.

Party Gear/Loot:
+2 adamantine keen dagger, amulet of natural armor +1 x2, amulet of natural armor +2 (Hyram, Quinn), armor of the pious, belt of mighty constitution +4 (Quinn), blessed book (Alikia), boots of elvenkind, bracers of armor +3 (Alikia), +1 breastplate x2, celestial armor (Aladir), +1 chain shirt, +4 composite longbow (Aladir), +1 cold iron longspear, +1 cold iron longsword, cloak of resistance +2, +1 frost rapier (Aladir), +1 longsword, +1 evil outsider bane longsword (Hyram->Ezro), +3 cold iron evil outsider bane longsword (Hyram), +1 mace, bag of holding type II, bag of holding type III, bag of holding type III (containing a small library of books), cloak of resistance +2 (Hyram), cold iron dagger (3), +2 dagger, decanter of endless water, efficient quiver (w/2 javelins of lightning, 20 beast bane arrows) (Aladir), elemental gem (earth), elixir of climbing, +2 fire resistant banded mail, +1 flaming heavy crossbow, +1 full plate, +1 ghost touch full plate (Hyram), +1 glaive x5, +2 glaive, gold holy symbol of Sarenrae, gold scroll tube (250gp), headband of alluring charisma (Quinn), headband of vast intelligence +2, +1 heavy steel shield, knight's pennon (battle), leather armor, masterwork battle axe, masterwork full plate armor (3), metamagic rod of maximize, potion of cure moderate wounds (4), pearl of power 2nd (Alikia), potion of cure serious wounds (8), potion of lesser restoration (4), potion of neutralize poison, platinum holy symbol (sword/500gp), +1 returning throwing axe, ring of feather fall, ring of protection +1, ring of protection +2 (Ezro), rod of mineral and metal detection[/i], +4 mithril scale mail (Ezro), scrolls of dimension door, dispel magic (3), divination, greater dispel magic, move earth, +3 shadow leather armor (Aladir), +1 spell storing light hammer, talisman of pure good (Ezro), unholy symbol, unholy symbol w/Jerribeth, unholy water, wand of blindness/deafness (8 charges), wand of dimension door (7 charges), wand of fly (10 charges), wand of hold person (10 charges), wand of nondetection (23 charges), wand of silence (8 charges), wand of stoneskin (22 charges), 636 pp, 14,788 gp, 19,587 sp, 13,316 cp, gems/art objects worth 3400 gp.

Kingdom Loot goods (16).