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Full Name

Quickblade Trueshot


HP 52/52 | AC 20 | F/W +9, R +11 | Perc +9 (11 for init) | 25 feet | Class DC 19 |


Medicine(E)/Acrobatics/Athletics/Stealth/Thievery: +9 | Nature/Survival/Lore (Scouting, Warfare): +7 | Arcana(U)/Occultism(U)/Society(U)/Religion(U): +1 | Exploration Activity: Scout | Hero Point: 1/3 |◆◇↺ |


NG Male Human | Field Medic | Ranger Lvl 4 | Lesser Healing Potion |

Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Quickblade Trueshot

I'm not a tengu. I just liked the bird icon.

Male human ranger 4
NG, Medium, Human, Humanoid
Heritage: Versatile Heritage
Background: Field Medic
Perception: +9 (11 for Initiative)
Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan
STR 16 (+3), DEX 16 (+3), CON 12 (+1), INT 12 (+1), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 10 (+0)
AC 20, HP 52/52, Fort/Will +8, Ref +10
Class DC: 18
Speed: 25 feet

PFS Info:

PFS#: 2396852-2007
PFS School: Generalist
PFS School Item: Lesser Healing Potion


Trained unless otherwise stated; Unlisted skills are untrained with a 0 modifier
Medicine(E)/Acrobatics/Athletics/Stealth/Thievery: +9
Crafting/Nature/Survival/Lore (Scouting, Warfare): +7
Arcana(U)/Occultism(U)/Society(U)/Religion(U): +1

Melee Strikes:

Dagger +9/+5/+1 (1d4+3 P; Agile, Finesse, Versatile S, Thrown 10')
Shortsword +9/+5/+1 (1d6+3 P; Agile, Finesse, Versatile S)
Mace +9/+4/-1 (1d6+3, Shove)
+1 Shortsword +10/+5/+1 (1d6+3 P; Agile, Finesse, Versatile S)

Ranged Strikes:

Dagger +9/+5/+1 (1d4+3 P; Agile, Finesse, Versatile S, Thrown 10')
+1 Striking Crossbow +10/+5 (2d8 P; 120')

Feats and Abilities:

Ancestry Feats:
Natural Ambition - Gain a 1st level class feat. Must meet requirements.

Background Feats:
Battle Medicine - Single action DC 15 Medicine check; 2d8 healing on success, 4d8 on crit

Skill Feats:
Cat Fall - Treat falls as 10' shorter
Assurance, Medicine - Forgo rolling a Medicine check and use a roll of 18

Class Feats:
Crossbow Ace - You have a deep understanding of the crossbow. When you're wielding a crossbow and use Hunt Prey or use Interact to reload your crossbow, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the damage roll on your next Strike with that crossbow. If the crossbow is a simple crossbow, also increase the damage die size for that attack by one step. You must make the attack before the end of your next turn or these benefits are lost.

Quick Draw - Draw your weapon and strike with it in the same action.

Scout's Warning - Grant allies +1 to their initiative rolls

Bonus Feats:
Twin Takedown (Natural Ambition) - You swiftly attack your hunted prey with both weapons. Make two Strikes against your hunted prey, one with each of the required weapons. If both hit the same hunted prey, combine their damage for the purpose of its resistances and weaknesses. Apply your multiple attack penalty to each Strike normally.

General Feats:
Incredible Initiative - +2 bonus to initiative rolls

Continual Recovery - Treat Wounds cooldown is 10 minutes instead of 1 hour

Other Abilities:
Hunt Prey - You designate a single creature as your prey and focus your attacks against that creature. You must be able to see or hear the prey, or you must be tracking the prey during exploration. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Perception checks when you Seek your prey and a +2 circumstance bonus to Survival checks when you Track your prey. You also ignore the penalty for making ranged attacks within your second range increment against the prey you’re hunting.

Precision (1d8) - Extra 1d8 damage to first hit on hunted prey each round


Combat Gear: Dagger, Shortsword, Mace, +1 Shortsword, +1 Striking Crossbow (21 bolts)
Armor: Padded Armor
Other Gear: backpack, bedroll, chalk (10), flint and steel, rations (2 weeks), rope 50', soap, waterskin, Healers Tools, Thieves tools, Bandolier(2), Belt pouch(2), Sheathe(5)
Magic Items: Wayfinder
Potions: Minor Healing Potion (2), Lesser Healing Potion (x2)
Bulk: 4 (Encumbered at: 8; Maximum at: 13)
Coins: 58.87 gp