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About Purvis Anathema

Name: “Ugly” Slevin
Ancestry: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Age: 97
Level: 0
Lifestyle: Getting By
Appearance: Well Groomed
Personality: Covetous
Background: Homeland overrun by Demons

Strength: 10
Agility: 10
Intellect: 10
Will: 9

Perception: 10
Defense: 10
Health: 15
Healing Rate: 3

Size: 1/2
Speed: 8
Power: 0

Damage: 0
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0

Spoken Languages: Dwarfish, Common

Written Languages: Dwarfish

Professions: Academic (Science), Criminal (Saboteur)
General (Specific)

Ancestry Traits and Abilities:

Darksight: You can see in areas obscured by shadows and darkness within Medium Range as if they were lit. Beyond this distance, you treat Darkness as Shadows, and you treat Shadows as Lit.
Hated Creature: 1 Boon on all attack rolls vs DEMONS
Robust Constitution: You take half damage from poison, and you make challenge rolls with 1 Boon to avoid or remove poison.

Quirks and Marks of Darkness:

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Paths and Path Abilities:

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Novice Path:

Expert Path:

Master Path:


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Tradition Special:
Level 0:
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Level 1:
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1) How do others make you feel?
I feel most at home in a group of close friends, likely a holdover from the camaraderie of the army. A group of strangers is better than nothing. At least then I'm not alone with my thoughts.
2) Name one thing you value most. Then name one thing you could lose.
I cherish the scratched and faded daguerrotype of my unit from the Army that I keep in a tin case. I could stand to lose this horrible smoking habit - cigars are getting expensive. In reality, I could lose everything as long as I still had my friends.
3) What do you fear? What do you hate?
I’m afraid that all these years we’ve spent fighting the Demons are going to come to nothing. All those years of hardship and sacrifice, and they’re still going to win. I hate myself for thinking this, for losing my drive and will to continue fighting, and the filthy Demons that destroyed my massif.
4) What do you desire? What do you love?
I desire a future for the Dwarven people, one where they are not slaves to Demon overlords and free to create great works again. I love the memories I have of my homeland, and of living there with my husband Crix.
5) You have (at least) one secret. What is it?
My unit was destroyed and my home massif enslaved due to the actions of one foul traitor. That traitor is my husband.
6) Have you done something Notable? What was it?
I fought at the Battle of the Twelve Towers, and saw the last White Thorn fall under the Leech’s black blade.
7) Are you in charge or do you let others take that roll? Do you rebuke authority or revel in it?
In the Army I was second in command, but I am fine with any structure as long as I feel my voice is being heard.
8) Do you follow through on your promises and obligations? Or do you delay or avoid? Do you feel guilty when you don't uphold them?
Vows are iron - not easily forged and impossible to break.
9) What are your opinions on Good and Evil? Do they exist? Or is it all shades of Grey? Where do you see yourself?
*laughing* Do you you know the tale of the two wolves, boy? There, that’s what I think about good and evil.

My Story:

My Story:
Slevin grew up in one of the Dwarven massifs in the south, where she lived until it fell to the Demons 10 years ago.
Her childhood friend Crix always told her she was “too ugly to make a good wife”, and the nickname stuck, even among her family. Unsurprisingly (too everyone be them), she and Crix were married young but happily.
Finishing her schooling, Ugly went on to an apprenticeship as a Chemist (profession 1, academic-->science), but after a short 10 years she found she hated the isolation of working in a lab and the tedium of chemical research. So she left her appointment in the Chemist’s Guild and joined the only Guild still open to dropouts - the Army.
In the Army, Ugly found her calling. Using her prior chemistry training, she found a place in the Fire Rats, a unit of sappers and engineers trained in guerilla tactics (profession 2, criminal-->saboteur). She rose in the ranks and became Lieutenant of the Fire Rats. Working with the Rats were here golden years.
When the Demon armies began overrunning and enslaving neighboring massifs, Ugly’s Army barely had time to mobilize before they started getting pressure along the borders. Despite having one desperate chance to strike at the heart of the Demon army, the Fire Rat’s mission failed at the last minute due to betrayal. An explosion during the fighting sent Ugly into the river, and she was swept away from the fighting. The rest of the Rats were massacred.
Now living in the North, Ugly is largely without direction, and seeking some sort of purpose for her life…