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| HP:52/52 SP: 64/64 +tmp 10/10 | RP: 8/8 | EAC 21, KAC 23 EAC 21, KAC 24 | F: +8, R: +13, W: +6 (+2 vs disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and sleep) | Init: +11 | Perc: +15, darkvision 12 mt.


| Speed 30ft | Memory module: 1/1 | Current battery plasma: 28/40, street: 30/40 Active conditions:


N Android Mechanic 8

About Prospero-4

Android Mechanic 8 (Cyberborn)
N Medium Humanoid (Android)
Init +11; Senses Perception +14, Darkvision 12 mt.
EAC 21 (21) KAC 23 (24) (Dex +5, Armor +6E/8K (battle harness: Dex +2 +9E/+12K) )
AC vs. Combat maneuvers (KAC +8)
HP 52 (4 + 8x6 ) SP 64 (8x(2+6)) RP 8 (4+4)
Fort +9, Ref +14, Will +6 (+2 vs disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and sleep)
Speed 6 metrons
Survival knife +14 (1d4+4+2 S)
Powered armor unarmed +12 (1d10+8+4)

Plasma rifle, Red Star +14 (1d10 +8 F, crit: 1d6 burn)

Special attacks:
Str +1 (+4 in power armor), Dex +4+2, Con +2, Int +4, Wis +1, Cha -1
Base Atk (+8)
Feats Iron will, Improved initiative, Powered armor proficiency, (Heavy weapon proficiency), Weapon specialization
Proficiencies Armor- light, heavy, powered; Weapons– basic melee weapons, grenades, small arms, longarms
Skills (4 points; +4 INT)
. Acrobatics +14 (8 + 6)
. Athletics +12 (8 + 1 + 3)
. Computers +19 (8 + 4 + 3 + 3 insight +1 theme)
. Culture +6 (3 +3)
. Engineering +18 (8 + 4 + 3 + 3 insight)
. Life science +5 (1 + 4)
. Medicine +8 (1 + 4 + 3)
. Perception +15 (8 + 1 + 3 +3 insight (SF))
. Piloting +11 (2 + 6 + 3)
. Physical Science +15 (8 + 4 + 3 )
. Stealth +7 (1 +6)
. Survival +9 (8 +1)

Common, Akitonian, Azlanti, Eoxian, Aklo, Kish

Constructed Count as both humanoids and constructs (whichever effect is worse). +2 racial bonus to saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and sleep, unless those effects specifically target constructs. Do not breathe or suffer the normal environmental effects of being in a vacuum.
Exceptional visionAndroids have low-light vision and darkvision.
Flat affect –2 penalty to Sense Motive checks, but the DCs of Sense Motive checks attempted against them increase by 2.
Upgrade slot Androids have a single armor upgrade slot in their bodies.

Trait: Information Sponge You are young, very young, and you're coping with the brand new world that you find yourself in by absorbing as much knowledge, information, data, as possible from any source you can find. It helps. Once a day after you fail a knowledge check you can roll it again with a +2 bonus.

Custom rig (Ex) Count as having the appropriate tool or basic kit for any Computers or Engineering skill check. Can also be used as Mk I comm unit. Installed in brain.

Bypass (House rule) You are skilled at getting inside computer systems and electronic devices. At 1st level, you gain a +1 insight bonus to Computers and Engineering skill checks. At 2nd level, and every 4 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1.

Overload (Ex) As a standard action, you can cause a short in an electronic device, including most ranged energy weapons, melee weapons with the powered special property, or a single armor upgrade. This makes the device nonfunctional for 1 round. If you use overload on an item or armor upgrade in someone’s possession, the owner can attempt a Reflex saving throw to negate the effect (DC = 10 + half your mechanic level + your Intelligence modifier).

Remote Hack (Ex) You can use your custom rig to attempt Computers and Engineering skill checks at a range of 20 feet. At 7th level and every 2 levels thereafter, this range increases by 10 feet.

Expert Rig (Ex) Your custom rig has improved. Whenever you use your custom rig to successfully hack into a computer, you can also disable one countermeasure installed in the system (except firewalls). In addition, your custom rig can now be used as any engineering or hacking specialty kit of item level 6th or lower, and it has the features of a computer with a tier equal to half your level with the artificial personality, hardened, or security I upgrade module.

Miracle worker (Ex) 1 / day. As a move action:
Armor: You grant a +2 enhancement bonus to a suit of armor’s EAC and KAC for 1 minute.
Weapon: You grant a +2 enhancement bonus to a weapon’s attack and damage rolls for 1 minute.
Damaged Ship: You restore a number of Hull Points equal to the starship’s base frame HP increment.

Combat Tracking (Ex) Proficiency (and specialization) with heavy armor and longarms.(House rule:) Treat mechanic level as BAB..

Memory Module (Ex) 1 / day, as a reaction while not in combat, you can reroll a failed skill check to recall knowledge. Additionally, gain skill focus.

Wireless Hack (Ex) Instead of combat tracking, your exocortex can access another computer system within 20 feet, allowing it to attempt a Computers check against that computer each round, using your skill bonus.

Exocortex Mods (Ex) Your exocortex allows you to apply any one of the following drone mods to yourself... ???

Mechanic trick: Overcharge (ex) As a standard action, you can use your custom rig to overcharge and attack with a ranged energy weapon or a melee weapon with the powered special property that you’re holding. If you hit, you deal 1d6 additional damage of the same type the weapon normally deals.

Mechanic trick: Neural shunt (Ex) Once per day, as a reaction when you fail a saving throw against a mind-affecting effect, you can shunt that effect into your exocortex instead. When you do so, you are not affected by the mind-affecting effect, but for the normal duration of that effect, you lose the Skill Focus feat granted by your exocortex’s memory module and cannot use any of the exocortex’s abilities in any way

Mechanic trick: Overclocking (Ex) You have augmented the performance of your AI for maximum response timing. You gain a +2 insight bonus to initiative checks, and a +2 insight bonus to Reflex saves.

Mechanic trick: Engineer's eye (Ex) When you are within 10 feet of a trapped or malfunctioning machine or computer, you receive a free Computers, Engineering, or Perception check (as decided by the GM) to notice the trap or defect, whether or not you are actively looking. In addition, due to your intimate knowledge of your ship, you receive one of these checks whenever you board your ship to notice if anything is wrong with the ship’s systems.

Theme knowledge Reduce the DCs of Engineering checks to identify cybernetic augmentations and of Life Science checks to recall knowledge about cybernetic augmentation techniques, as well as corporations and other research facilities involved in the production of and experimentation with cybernetic augmentations, by 5.

Theme: Self-Hacker Your constant experimentation has blurred the lines between your body and your augmentations. Once per day as a full action, you can overclock one of your cybernetic augmentations to regain a number of Stamina Points equal to the augmentation’s item level; you must have a cybernetic augmentation installed in your body to use this ability.

GEAR/POSSESSIONS | Light load: 6, max load: 12 (7/14 with backpack)

Plasma rifle, Red Star (2) 1d10E&F, 40/4, line, unwieldy
Streetsweeper, Thunderstrike (2) 1d10So, 40/5, Boost 1d6
Snub scattergun (1) 1d12P, 8/1, Analog, blast
Artillery laser, Aphelion (3) 3d8F, 40/4, Penetrating
Knife, survival (L)
Shock grenade I (L)
Incendiary grenade I (L)
Autotarget Rifle (Holy Fusion Seal (5th Level)) (2)

Battery (20 chages) -- in arc emitter
Battery 20/20 charges
Battery 0/20 charges
Battery, high-capacity 40/40 charges
Battery, high-capacity 40/40 charges

Second skin (L)
Golemforged plating II (3)
Freebooter armor, II (L)
Battle Harness Powered armor

Armor upgrades
Brown force field (L) 2-slot
Haste circuit (L) 1-slot

Weapon accessories
Heavy gunner harness (2)

Synaptic Accelerators (Technology), MK 2 (DEX)
Force soles Mk1

Magic items
Clear spindle aeon stone
Ring of Resistance Mk1

Starstone compass (L)
Backpack, Consumer (1)
Medkit, basic (L)

Serum of healing, mk 1 (L)


Power armor (light load: 9(10) max: 18(19))
. Plasma rifle (2)
. Streetsweeper (2)
. Scattergun (1)
. Artillery laser (3)
. Heavy gunner harness (2)