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Full Name

Nixankarus Aezerixean


Human (presumably)


Psion 16 Metamind 10 / Wilder 16 Elocator 10








Neutral (presumably)


Avalon Academy


Professor of Psionic Studies

Strength 17
Dexterity 18
Constitution 16
Intelligence 36
Wisdom 22
Charisma 33

About Professor Nix

Professor Nix is a magnificent example of the human race. He stands nearly 6'4" feet tall, and has hair the color of spun rubies. Held back by a thong of woven silver, his hair hangs nearly to his ankles. The only thing that mars his perfect features is a thick line of a scar that passes directly over where his left eye used to be; only a twisted nest of scar tissue remains. His wound has resisted every attempt to heal or restore it, and he will not discuss how he suffered the injury. His one eye is a blue so perfect and vivid many people lose the train of their thoughts when they first see it. His body is perfectly proportioned, so well toned he seems to be carved from some rich wood, and perfectly bronzed. His physical perfection is eclipsed by his towering intellect. He is patient, compassionate, and kind. He is fiercely loyal, a great friend, and a terrifying enemy. His only flaw, if it can be called such, is that he is utterly remorseless and without mercy when those he has taken under his own protection have been harmed.