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The example on p. 327 of the Corebook shows for the Engineer (Rose-7) to Divert Action to enhance Gunnery: "Since the PCs’ starship is tier 1, the DC of the Engineering check to perform this action is 17."

The rule on p. 323 though shows "Divert (Engineering Phase): You can divert auxiliary power into one of your starship’s systems, giving it a boost. This requires a successful Engineering check (DC = 10 + 1-1/2 × your starship’s tier)"

Which value is the correct base? 10 or 15?

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Any sales going on for the Paizo store?

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I'm a paid GM. I show up prepared for each session and make every effort to be entertaining and adjudicate fairly. My players consistently show back up (they are after all paying to be there). It's a job where I get to pay for groceries while having fun... I suppose the alternative is picking up a shift at Walmart or McDonalds but this is where I get to meet people who share my interests and enjoy them while also paying off a medical bill or pay the rent.

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
Paizo doesn’t generally doesn’t put it’s newest products on sale in favor of supporting local game stores. Our sales are usually focused on older products we want to move. When we do have sales, we don’t generally announce them ahead of time. However, you can expect a Black Friday sale and a holiday discount code, as usual.

Thank you for confirmation, Aaron. I'm planning on putting that discount towards some PF1 items. Much, much obliged... Now, come on Black Friday! My budget is ready to be squandered...

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I'm planning out the rest of the year in advance of the holidays... Any word on any upcoming sales? I missed out on the Gen Con sale. There's no more scheduled Great Golem sales any more are there? Is that its replacement essentially?

Phaedre wrote:
Only for subscriptions. They sell print and pdf as separate products.

Thanks, that's what I thought. Someone insisted otherwise so I thought maybe they had changed their policy.

If I purchase a print product, do I also receive the pdf copy? Or is that only for subscriptions?

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Right now you can get Pathfinder compatible PDFs for 15-25% off. Like all of JBE's Pathfinder PDFs. They're all on sale.

Of course if you want a deep discount like discussed upthread, we've got a bundle right here for 67% off the regular price.

Dale, I just wanted to say that JBE is some of the best gaming resources. Good stuff...

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Davor Firetusk wrote:
... At my pace If I had started way back then I'd still have 21 more years...

Even with modern medicine, I'll very likely be dead by then... But, man, what a great ending to your life!!! Meet me in the nursing home! Bring dice! (because I'd keep forgetting where I put mine)

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Correct. And that's the crux of it. As a marketing decision, when do they start slashing their prices? Too soon, you lose long-term profit... Too late, you lose both immediate & a portion of future profit because fewer people willing to buy it as "outdated"... I'm personally right now in my life on that line as a consumer where I'm still viable... Next year or in the next few years, maybe not so much bc I and my group have moved on to PF4 or D&D7 or such...

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Well, figure it this way. I will occassionally buy a module, maybe two every year or so... I'm an established customer. I mostly already know what I need and what I will use, months in advance. The only way to entice me to buy more would be to sweeten the deal... There's potentially more customers out there in similar positions and then there are others that will drop a dime every time something is released. The latter already has their books. The former (i.e. my group) will hold onto their money till the right time. It's basically how Kickstarters market. An initial gung-ho group pays in at the beginning, usually full price. Then later when the KS closes, the publisher begins offering remaining stock at a reduced rate to lure in others.

Paizo will probably get $50-$60 from me this year off 1e... Maybe more but about that... But if they make a really lucrative offer, I may just have to budget a lot more to them immediately.

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Sure. But 75% off beats $0...

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If they did $5-$7 per book, I'd do it. I have a handful so I wouldn't have to buy them all. But I'd buy all I didn't have for that price.

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I would purchase the entire catalog of 1st edition adventure path modules pdfs if Paizo would ever put them on sale. Just saying...

So, I'm essentially learning to "build" a PC by recreating the pregens for the Slithering.

Question for the veteran PF2 players:

Oraka (Orc Investigator) has the following stats at level 5:

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 12

How did she get that combination at least so far as the normal ability progression goes and assuming there was no alternative method used to generate her?

I have tried every combination I can find and she always has two points more than any standard progression I can figure.

(and yes, I do realize this is very nerdy and nitpicky question but the math combinations are aggravating me)