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Full Name

Prof Andy McMilligon


Human Solimarni

About Prof Andy McMilligon

Prof Andy McMilligon
Scout [Researcher/Tech]
PC under construction

Short Description:


Ranks in order.
1: Scout [Researcher Lab]

Crunch numbers:

Str - 12 +1
Dex - 14 +2
Con - 12 +1
Int - 17 +3
Wis - 14 +2
Cha - 14 +2
Edu - 22 +6 [+2race][+1world][+2Scout]
Soc - 16 +3 [+Ccout]

Psi-Points MAX [09]
BAB +2 [+2Dex / +1Str]

F+2 [+1Con+0Academic+1scout]
R+6 [+2Dex+2Academic+2Scout]
W+6 [+2Wis+2Academic+2Scout]

Lifeblood 12
Stamina 23 2[6d+1]+ 3[8d+1]

Experience Level 5 cap, [21,000xp in total]


MW Vacc Suit (TL 9):* AR4 on top of suit.
The vacc suit or space suit is the spacer’s best friend, providing life
support and protection when in space. A vacc suit provides a breathable
atmosphere and protection from the extremes of temperature, low pressure and radiation typically found in a hard vacuum, for six hours.


--Hand to Hand--
Hand TH+3 DMG 1d6+0 (NL)
Foot TH+3 DMG 1d6+0

MW Snub Pistol [TL9]* [Utoxier-Lee Corp New design]
Weight 250g Range 18m Damage 1d10 (Piercing) Size: S
Laser Sight +2 Close range TH +7
Has a attachable Silencer
*Laser dot pointer +2 to attack at close range
Snub Pistol Clips x5
2 clip Normal rounds.
1 Clip Tranquilizer Rounds
1 AP Ignores hardness 10
1 HE Rounds 3D4 DMG 5' area

+knife + Taser

MW Survival Knife 50Cr
Belt 1d4 TH +4
Tazer - 20 Charges^ (TL9) [Utoxier-Lee Corp New design] [Light]
3d6 None Lethal DMG 5' range, on belt. +3TH [Touch attack].
^Incapacitates. 1d3+1 rounds

Feats and Traits:

Starting feats
Human Feat x1
3:Vessel (Starship)

0:Skill Focus (Geography)
1: Presto-Endemic memory {+2 Int Ed skill when Remembering]
2: Geological Survey T20 (Feat)
The character is skilled at carrying out sample collection and analysis, and can operate appropriate sensc and equipment.
Prequisites: P/Prospecting skill rank 5+ or K/Geology skill rank 5+.
Benefit: Add +2 to any K/Geology skill checks when attempting field anatysis of a geological formation or attempting to extrapolate possible geological information about a region based on available maps and surveys. Also adds a +2 synergy bonus to all P/Survey skill checks when performing planetary mapping and mineral surveys.

SCOUT Starting Feats
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Vac Suit)
Weapon Proficiency (Marksman)

Scout Level Bonus feats x2
1: Jack of all Trades X1
Prerequisites: Traveller Class Feat. Any class skills (from any class the character has multiclassed into) the character is not currently trained in may be treated as if it were an 'untrained' skill. This means the character may attempt to use these class skills as if they had a skill rank of 0. Each subsequent selection of this class feature improves the character's acting skill rank in these untrained class skills by +1. So a character with JoT +3 would make such skill checks as if the had a skill rank of 3. Cross class skills may similarly be used, but at a skill rank equal JoT rank -1.

2: Jack of all Trades X2 [+1]

[ooc]World Feats]/ooc]
Vehicle (Ground – Wheeled)




Race human.
+1 feat at 1st

Alternate Racial Traits: Human


Starting Skill Points:
Levels 2x[8+3] + 3x[3+4+1]= 46
Fever class +3 [Scout]
Skill points 45 Ranks 32 used

+2 Acrobatics(+2dex, +0rank)
+8 Appraise(+3int, +0rank)<
+3 Bluff (+3Soc +0Ranks)
+3 Bribery (+3Soc +0Ranks)
-1 Climb(-1str, +0rank)
+3 Craft (all*)(+3int, 0rank)<
+- Disable Device (+3int, 0rank)
+3 Diplomacy (+3Soc +0Rank)
+2 Disguise(+2cha, 0rank)
+- Escape Artist(+1dex, 0rank)
+2 Heal (+2wis 0rank)
+3 Intimidate (+3Soc 0Rank)
+7/+9 Linguistics(+3int 1rank +3Class +2Item)<
+6 Perception(+2wis, +1rank +3class)<
-1 Ride (-1Str 0ranks)
+2 Perform [All] (+2Cha +0Rank)
+2 Sense Motive(+2wis, +0rank)<
+2 Sleight of Hand(+2dex, +0rank)
+2 Stealth(+2dex, +0rank)
+2 Survival(+2Wis +0rank)
+4 Swim (-1Str +0rank)
+6 Drive [+2Dex +1Rank +3trained]
+3 Leader [+3Int +0Ranks]
+2 Use Alien Devices† (+2WIS +0rank)
+6 Gather Information (+2CHA +1rank +3class)

Profession (cascade) Skills [+3Int +0Ranks] Unless Ranks
+7 Profession (Scientist) (+3int +1rank +3Class)<
+7 Profession (Administration) (+4int +1*rank +3Class)<
+7 Profession (Survey) (+3int +1*rank +3Class)<
+7 Profession (Prospecting) (+3int +1*rank +3Class)<

+10 Pilot (+6Edu +1rank +3class)<
+10 Pilot [Star Ships] [No Penalty]<
+06 Pilot [All other Vessels] (-4 Penalty)<
+6 T/Driving (Land) (+2Dex +1Rank +3Class )<

+7* K/(ALL) (+6Edu,+1*rank) Unless Ranks [feats]
+10/+12 K\Engineering (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+18/+20 K\Geography (+6Edu, +5rank +3Class+4feat)<
+10/+12 K\History (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Mathematics (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Mining (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Local (Homeworld) (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Nature Sciences (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Nobility (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Religion (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Physics (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Planetary survey (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\psychology (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<
+10/+12 K\Decipher Script† (+6Edu, +1rank +3Class)<

Technical (cascade) Skills ALL [Stat+6] if no Ranks
+10 T/Mechanical (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T/Electronics (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T/Astrogation (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T/Sensors (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T\Communications (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T\Computer (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T\Admin (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T\Law (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T/Demolitions (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T/Combat Engineering (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T/Gravitics (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10 T/Tech (any) (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<
+10/+12 T/Navigation (+6EDU +1rank +3class)<
+10 T/Medical (+6Edu, +1rank +3class)<

NOTE: With 1d10 Minutes use of her PDA, gets +2 item added to K\X rolls from

Knowledge and trained DB software

Class Academic L2:

Skill Points per Level: 8 + INT modifier
Craft (any) (INT), Decipher Script† (INT), Driving (DEX), Gather Information (CHA), Knowledge (any) (EDU), Navigation (EDU), Professional (Knowledge Related) (WIS), Read/Write Language (none), Speak Language (none), Technical (any) (EDU), Use Alien Devices† (WIS)

academic term 1
enlistment Auto
lecture tour 1d20 ⇒ 12
survival dC4 1d20 ⇒ 1 [take +4 dc so auto]
Deco DC12 1d20 ⇒ 9
Xp bonus dc14 1d20 ⇒ 15

Continue employment DC2 1d20 ⇒ 7
academic term 2

lecture tour 1d20 ⇒ 12
survival dC2 1d20 ⇒ 11
Deco DC20 1d20 ⇒ 6
Xp bonus dc12 1d20 ⇒ 12

Continue employment DC2 1d20 ⇒ 1 let go
academic term 3

Class Scout L3:

Skill Points per Level: 4 + INT modifier
Bribery (INT), Driving (DEX), Forgery (INT/DEX), Gambling (INT), Gather Information (CHA), Gunnery (WIS), Leader (INT/CHA), Liaison (CHA), Navigation (EDU), P/Administration (WIS), P/Survey (WIS), Pilot (INT/DEX), Ride (DEX), Spot (WIS), Survival (WIS), Technical (any) (EDU), Trader (INT).

Joined scouts
enlistment Auto
scout term 1

Mission 1d20 ⇒ 17
survival dC6 1d20 ⇒ 12
Xp bonus dc6 1d20 ⇒ 5

scout term 2
Continue employment DC2 1d20 ⇒ 10

Base 1d20 ⇒ 8
survival dC2 1d20 ⇒ 7
Xp bonus dc10 1d20 ⇒ 16

scout term 3
Continue employment DC2 1d20 ⇒ 12

Mission 1d20 ⇒ 15 the one they are on now
survival dC6 1d20 ⇒ 9
Xp bonus dc6 1d20 ⇒ 10

1d6 ⇒ 1 scout 20,000cr
1d6 ⇒ 4 scout 50,000cr

1d6 ⇒ 5 Academic +1 Soc
1d6 ⇒ 6 Acadenic Lab Ship
1d6 ⇒ 3 scout +2Edu

Well thats cool, he did not do well as an academic in the public sector
so joint the scouts to carry on his research into planets


Weapons Locker
MW Ships Snub Pistol 350Cr
MW Tazer 50Cr
Rounds 200

Space Suit / Hazmat Suit.

Other Items
Wrist: Personal Chronometer, Para-Cumpus, [GPS ship] + Communicator + TL10 --

350c 0.3 kg

Belt Monoculars Cr25 1 kg
Cold light Torch x2 40Cr
Cameras Telly Photo x20 200Cr
Recording Devices 300Cr
Travel Case with clothing 30Cr
First Aid Kit 250Cr
Combination Mask 150Cr

PDI-Hand Computer (TL 10) [Computer/1] min to use 3000Cr
A hand computer is a portable computer system with considerable processing power. It is more powerful than a computer terminal, and can be used without access to a network. A hand computer costs twice as much as a normal computer of the same TL but can he held in one hand and operated with the other.

Database: [Specialist books DB] [+2 Kn-skills, 1min use time] A database is a large store of information topics that can be searched with a Computer check or using an Agent.
Built in Mic [Short range]/HD Vid-Camera/mem-stick reader/Data link
Displays data. Using a computer without an interface is a Formidable (+6 DC)

Security programs defend against intrusion. Rating 0 is Average (+0 DM).
Difficult (+2 DC Computer Hack) difficulty
Translator: TL9
Translators are specialised Expert systems that only have Language skills.

The TL 9 version just provides a near-real-time translation.
All weather shock case. 200cr

Kept in Medical kit,
a one use Syringe replicaters 1x dose.
Combat Drugs

Combat Drug x5 [TL7] 3,250Cr
+4 Str +5 Life Blood 30 rounds
then DC15 fort or Stamina becomes 1.

Slow Drug x2 [TL8] 10,000Cr
30 rounds X2 speed X2 actions in combat round,
then DC15 fort or Stamina becomes 1.

*Medical Drugs (TL 8):
(20 doses) Heals 3d6 Stamina, 1d4 Lifeblood. If the Medical Drug is taken more than once in a 24-hour period there is a high risk of overdose. The user must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC20) or immediately fall unconscious (reduce Stamina to 0) and suffer 3d6 Lifeblood damage.


Andy was a good student getting his PhD in Space reserch and planet explration. He helped design an new kind of Lab ship but was let go when his funding was cut. He was hired buy the new scout servise to carry on his work and as done so, even being given command of a new Scout Lite-lab ship.

NEW Scout Lite-Lab-ship image

NEW Scout Lite-Lab-ship deck plans

Anther Image


In space

NEW Scout Lite Lab Ship:

The lite scout Lab ship is biult around the old Safai class small
Class ship, with most of its old state room and space retasked as Labs and work space. Its scrapt and packed with servant euipment. It has Jump one not Jump two as a its Gravity Drive, its speed is slow and has no ships to ship weapons but a single mining laser. [Top Turret] It is how ever aerodynamic and can fly in atmo. The 20 larnch is kitted out as a small lab, that can be flown into areas. Its a working ship that can have a crew up to 8, but has only 5 at the moment.

Crew of 5,
Andy McMilligan *Geologist [Scout Captain]
Mirice Wilson *Astrophysicist [Scout Pilot]
Trever Gill *Chemist [Scout tech]
Doc Reese Linton *Xeno/Biologist [Scout tech]
Paleen Rill *Engineer [Scout Tech]