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Full Name

Pork Turkeh




Strength 8, Agility 11, Intellect 11, Will 9, HP 8/8 Status: None



About Pork Turkeh

Pork Turkeh
Professions: Prospector, Forger
Strength 8, Agility 11, Intellect 11, Will 9
Perception 12
Defense 11
Health 8
Heal Rate 2
Size ½
Speed 10
Power 0
Damage 0
Insanity 0
Corruption 0
Languages: Common, Elvish
Immune: Damage from Disease, Charmed, Diseased
Iron Vulnerability: You are impaired while in contact with iron
Shadowsight: You can see in areas obscured by shadows as if they were in light
Sneaky: When you roll to become hidden or move silently, you make the Agility challenge roll with 1 boon.

Age: Adolescent, 10 years old
Build: Pudgy
Appearance: Long, pointed nose, wears small children's clothes at all times.
Personality: Wants to prove that goblins can be the be-all-end-all, super cynical, Accidentally got his tribe killed

1) Describe one Positive and one Negative personality trait you have. If you need inspiration, you can roll 2d20 each and I'll list what you roll.
-Pork is fairly intuitive, he can generally get a good read on people. However, he always tries to use this to his own advantage, and their disadvantage. He sees life as a zero-sum game: if he’s winning, someone’s gotta lose. He is shockingly cynical for being so young.
2) How do others make you feel? Do you like being the center of attention or bring left alone; is there a such thing as a stranger to you or do you even know what it's like to have a friend. Things like that.
-Pork is definitely a loner. He got his whole tribe killed as a youngster, the details of which he claims not to remember. This had a huge impact on him. While he doesn’t actively avoid people, he’s okay with being by himself.
3) Name one thing you value most. Then name one thing you could lose. These could be ideals, physical possessions, relationships, etc..
-His mirror-it shows an idyllic grove filled with beauty and tranquility. Pork thinks that it’s a real place, and he’s made it his life goal to find it and then exploit the hell out of its resources.
4) What do you fear? What do you hate?
-What he calls The Event: he both fears and hates the memory of the day his tribe was killed. He still wears the clothes from that day, he keeps replacing them as they become threadbare.
5) What do you desire? What do you love?
-He wants a place to call home. Pork moves around, finding places with abundant natural resources, and then he forges paperwork that either makes people think he owns the place, or at least has permission to mine there. Obviously, this isn’t a lifestyle that allows you to stay in one place for very long. He’d like to eventually be able to settle down.
6) You have (at least) one secret. What is it?
-The only thing he does remember from the Event was a dark whisper emanating from the shadows to him. The next thing he remembers, everyone else was dead. He’ll never admit it, even to himself, but he’s worried that he accidentally let something into the world that might be following him to this day, something that might trigger another Event if he stays in one place or with one group for too long.
7) Have you done something Notable? What was it?
-Pork once scammed a (very) minor lord out of the mineral rights of his estate, and then transferred the rights to his archrival, leaving the original lord destitute.
8) Are you in charge or do you let others take that roll? Do you rebuke authority or revel in it?
-He usually does stuff on his own, so he’s not sure exactly how to deal with authority. The last time he was in a group, everyone died. He’s been on his own ever since.
9) Do you follow through on your promises and obligations? Or do you delay or avoid? Do you feel guilty when you don't uphold them?
-He does try to keep his promises, however if it’s going to end up going badly for him, he doesn’t mind cutting and running.
10) What are your opinions on Good and Evil? Do they exist? Or is it all shades of Grey? Where do you see yourself?
-Pork doesn’t really care about good and evil-there’s definitely evil, but good? Meh. Everybody sucks, Pork doesn’t really care about where he falls, as long as he wins in the end.

Inventory: Dagger, Crossbow, 20 bolts, basic clothing, backpack, week of rations, waterskin, tinderbox, 2 torches, pouch with 4 cp, mirror fragment showing a far-off location