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NOTE: I am not really looking to discuss this post outside of a designer asking me to. This is strictly trying to offer them the feedback they requested from their discussion on their GenCon panel. I hope this is what you were looking for. If not, please let me know!!


My wife and I play PACG every week or two weeks. While I am a huge board game fan, PACG is the only game my wife will play with me on a regular basis. We have the core set and the CotCT expansion as well as the promos as I am a subscription holder.

Sofar we have played the core campaign through to the beginning of Lev 3. We have not failed and have played by the rules as much as we could. Unless we can not find a rule for something we think we are playing the game as it was meant to be played.

We play on normal mode at a medium game length. I will sometimes sneak in an additional location (the 3 player one) if I feel like a particular scenario is too short. My wife thinks the game takes too long to play while I think it is just right or slightly too short. She would like to play shorter length scenarios but I draw the line at medium length.

-We are both enjoying the game and like this new version 2 of the game (core) much more than the original set and its expansions.

-We are okay with the new art style. It is busy but it is growing on us.

-We find the game perfectly playable with two players. I played the core Lini but realllly disliked her and switched back to the original set Lini who feels so much more awesome to play (+1d4+ on a check if you have an animal.. Without that ability she feels so meh to me.) Wife plays Hakon for melee and mage spells for party balance. We realize now that we got to scenario level three, his spells are only good if he have the Harrow mechanic in play so she took the bard path with him. We felt like it was a sort of wasted pick but not a big deal.

-When we play CotCT we are going to try the game without a healer. We think it is possible and are looking forward to both being DPS.

-We like the new mechanics like avenge, danger, proxies, the new and replaced keywords, etc.

-DANGER: There are a bunch of scenarios where there is a danger but no clear way on how to activate it. Or, it pops maybe once and that is it. It feels wasted at times. If you are going to use Danger, make it pop at least 3 - 5 times in a scenario. 2C was great as we had to do it each time we closed a location and it was very clear how and when we had to fight it. Make it EXPLICITLY CLEAR on how you have to trigger the danger in a scenario, please.

-We love being together as a party. Thanks for making the game more party friendly (local check I'm looking at you) and the all cards that make all the players at a location die a horrible death cards are a great balance to it.

-I like that the story is longer for each scenario, my wife says its too long and to "RPG..." She just wants to play to move forward to the next level.

-We do NOT like that we had to shuffle all the boon cards 1 - 3 together before we started the campaign. My wife would be so excited to get something cool and then become really, really disappointed and annoyed at both the game and the designers (and said as much) when she found out that if the boon was a level higher than our current level she could not keep it. I agree with her. When we start CotCT we are going back to using only level 0-1 cards at level 1, then level 0-2 when we get to level 2, etc. Please rethink this and revert the rule back to the V1 way of playing. This is what my wife hates most about the new game and I really dislike it as well. We don't want to see all the items in the game the first time we play. It takes away so much of the excitement of going up a level!!

-We like how there is some variety in the scenarios unlike like V1 when all of the RotR scenarios felt basically the same.

-I HIGHLY DOUBT we will ever play outside of a campaign. Please make a/some randomized scenarios part of a future campaign so we can experience them. They seem like a cool idea but my wife will not do them unless we have to as part of the campaign. I also do not play games solo. (feature request) "As you enter the Shifting Labyrinth please roll a d20 and check on the random scenario table to see what is waiting for you!" Would love something like this.

-Love the +# for banes and sometimes boons. Great way to keep monsters relevant or challenging.

-Bloodfly seems to come out every game! How many are in the monster deck?? Our most hated card. Always gets a groan when it is revealed. :)

-Divider for each expansion please. (feature request)

-The Hourglass is great. It is mostly useless but sometimes it is amazing. It is much better than just flipping cards to keep track of turns with no other purpose.

-It is a lot easier for us to buy one full expansion once or twice a year over six or twelve packs per year. Thank you for ending the madness of your old way of selling expansions!!

-We do not want to mix V1 with V2 cards conversion chart or not. Please consider making new class decks or something in the V2 style. Whatever. We are selling all of our V1 stuff and starting from Core.

-Armor is so much better now. My wife had four of them on display the other night. It was funny and we tried real hard on how to explain how he was wearing that many suits of armor but we could not!) Thank you for making armor useful. Maybe only allow 1 to be on display at a time or something... or not?

-We both think that items are MUCH improved from V1. There are items we actually want in our decks now outside of healing items (potion.)


Thank you for everything you did in making PFACG so much better over the V1 edition of the game. We are really happy and look forward to starting CotCT and what lies beyond!!

PS: As always, no ships they killed the game for us. We stopped buying expansions after being so confused and disappointed with S&S.