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Full Name

Pogrist the Great




Wizard (Necromancer) 9






apparent 26

Special Abilities

Apprentice, Arcane School (necromancy), Power Over Undead, Bolster Undead






Currently basec in Thistletop (outskirts of Sandpoint)


Common, Tien, Ancient Osiriani, Draconic, Chelaxian,Goblin, and Thassilonian


Arcane ressearcher, alchemist, amatuer taxadermist,

Strength 11
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 11
Charisma 16

About Pogrist the Great

A powerful intellect coupled with an insatiable morbid curiosity can be a dangerous combination. Pogrist has focused his energies into the necromantic arts, scouring ancient tombs and tomes for the unknowable secrets that lie beyond the grave. While far from outright evil, he sees little wrong with bringing the light of reason to what many consider a dark art- although he does appreciate discretion amongst the "uninitiated".

Pogrist has wandered the globe in search of forbidden lore, from the far east of Tian to the desert ruins of ancient Osirion, yet his true origins are shrouded in mystery. Usually when arriving in a new setting, he asserts himself as an arcane researcher or paranormal investigator, often seeking (or claiming) membership in a local mage guild or research society to legitimize his chosen field of study. Often he will set up shop as an alchemist and amateur taxidermist to fund said research. There are plans for a menagerie of "preserved" specimens for public view- waiy, did that one move? Mwahaha...

He is accompanied on these sojourns by his faithful hound, Dargon. This snub-nosed, rotund little beast guards his master fiercely, and the two share a deep bond. Pogrist has already begun researching ways to extend his loyal companion's tenure beyond the scope of a short canine lifespan...but after several deaths, reanimations, and replacements, all of the "Dargon"s have been assembled into a powerful flesh golem hound! Without a true bonded companion Pogrist has become interested in taking on an apprentice to learn and adventure in his stead...

While physically as robust and healthy as any average specimen, Pogrist exhibits a deathly pallor, as though the uncounted sleepless hours of study in unwholesome locales has begun to wear on him. His bloodshot eyes bulge slightly in sunken sockets, and despite his age much of his dark hair is gone- often shaved all but the forelock in accordance with some archaic style.

(Imagine if Peter Lorre or Christopher Loyd was cast in an H.P.Lovecraft film adaptation, with Egon Spengler and Igor as character inspiration and borrowing The Misfits wardrobe. This character and his dog came from a dream I had as a child, and are nearly perfectly represented by the Malifaux miniatures Hamelin the Ratcatcher and Nix the Bull Terrier)