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I recently discovered

I love this game but many of my gamin buddies wont commit or wont play out of fear of getting stabbed :)

Anybody doing diplo online?

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I just spent the last few hours navigating Bandersnatch. Wow that was a great experience fitting of Black Mirror.

Anyone else see this yet?

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So I made a handful of characters since im on vacation this week. Good lordy do I hate thinking about having the browse that spells chapter again.

My recommendations please:
1. Separate spells and powers.
2. Skip the alphabetization and just list them by level. It would be so much easier for leveling.

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So they are opening one of these bad boys in the Twin Cities soon. Cant wait!

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Promo footage here.

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After the sad news this weekend, I binged a bunch of No Reservation episodes. I forgot how great that series was. Bourdain didn't just go to exotic places, and eat weird things, he really let cultures tell their own stories. Living vicariously through his adventurers was a real treat. He will be missed.

After seeing mods only listed in the monster stat blocks, I want it for PCs too. Every "but" I can think of for making stats go away has been answered in the new design blogs. Well, every "but" but rolling for stats that is.

What if rolling now used the D12? Stay with me here gang.
D12 stat results:
1-2 = -1
3-4 = 0
5-6 = 1
7-8 = 2
9-10 = 3
11-12= 4

For rolling fans, is this too much of a change? Im sensitive to tradition since I like a few sacred cows myself, so I am curious if rollers can dig this method?

Or an alternative 2D6.

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I have seen the first 3 episodes of Counterpart on Starz. I really like the show so far its something different. I have been wanting something to scratch that cold war era spy genre and this is doing it. Simmons is good as usual, but not making the show on his own. The writing and execution is what is making it a hit for me. I don't expect that to be universal though its more tinker tailor than bond or bourne.

Anybody else checking this out?

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Cancer I hate you so much. First Sharon, now Charles......

For a frame of reference for folks who dont know Charles Bradley was featured in Luke Cage. After Copperhead was killed, Sharon Jones also was featured in the first season. Its pretty damn cool they both made it before the big C took them from us.

Usually news like this calls for a night of pubbing with the gents but I think tonight calls for an evening in with just me and the ol lady. Drop the needle on some black velvet and take it all in.


I do not want to derail any other threads further with discussion about streaming services. However, in this new age of a 'la carte television I thought it might be nice to have a place to discuss viewing habits and choices.

I'll start but mentioning my habits. I still have cable TV, though only for the football season and premium content. I reduce my service to basically network TV and HBO/Showtime/Starz during the rest of the year. My high speed net is bundled into the deal. We also have a Netflix subscription.

A recent topic that came up was how the sites have become so numerous. Along with rising costs of belonging to so many subs, some folks also feel the quality and quantity of programing is suffering. It's easy to understand with all premium channels having a streaming service, along with Amazon, and now CBS striking out on their own, folks have a lot of choices and subs to choose from. How do you feel about the current streaming environment?


So folks I am getting hitched in a little over a year. Been working on the planning phase for the big day. We already have the venue, caterer, and photographer lined up. We are now working on the little, but just as important details. One I'm particularly interested in is the music for ceremony, cocktail/dinner hour, and dancing.

I'd love to hear from folks what they chose and why. What would you do again and what would you do differently? Did you have a DJ who blew the roof off the house or did they leave the floor empty? Any live music? Did you allow crowd participation, or have a strictly chosen playlist?

I ask because I'm waffling between a DJ or a playlist. I experienced both in the last couple of weeks. One wedding allowed folks to pick songs off spotify and turned into a miley cyrus and fallout boy festival (I very much did not enjoy!). The second had a fairly decent DJ who was playing a lot of standards mixed with todays latest hits. I didn't know many of them myself, but the kids loved it. Until the last song of the night which was oddly enough Eddie Money.

Eddie's 80's classic cleared the dance floor and had the party screaming "one more song" which they didn't get. Which brings up the argument that a DJ can read the floor and get people dancing. I know its not foolproof but id like to avoid such a situation.

I'll comment more on specific topics but lets start with DJ vs. playlist and go from there.


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I am curious about solar panels for my home in Minneapolis. I read several sites that say "invest this and save this after x years" which sounds great but I dont quite understand all the ins and outs. Wondering if any folks have gone solar on their homes and care to discuss it?

(Im also curious about a Tesla battery to reprieve power outages in case anyone has gone that step further.)

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From rat pack to Mr potato head, Don is gone.

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New Board Game from MPLS designer. Check it out!

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I was out at Target the other night and my fiancé expressed some interest in the Kings Quest collection for PS4. I loved these games on PC as a kid. Anybody have any experience to give me a review of this reformat re-release?

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I am really glad I got to see her a few years ago. She had just beat cancer and was more energetic than Tina Turner on stage it was amazing. I loved getting to see her on Luke Cage performing at Harlem's paradise.


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Greetings folks,

So the time has come for Pan to ask for his lady's hand in marriage. I have no idea what im doing when it comes to getting a ring though. Was wondering if the wise folks here could give me some pointers?

Specifically id like to know about these topics;

My mother gave me a stone that belonged to my great grandmother some time ago. Is it better to buy a ring made anyways, or go custom and use my stone? Or buy a set up and have my stone dropped in it? (I dont at this time know what the 4Cs of my stone come out to.)

How do you go about finding your SOs ring size without just asking?

Thats it for now but would love to hear from y'all about anything you think is relevant to topic.


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So I joined a 5E game at work to get a feel for the new D&D. I really liked what I was reading about BA and (dis)advantage. A quicker combat game with less mechanical baggage sounded sweet. Now I wanted to get into the mix and see how it plays.

Well, I rolled up a half-elf Sorc to fit in with the groups existing half-orc bard, dorf cleric, and human ranger. A few session in we got a human fighter also to join up.

So far most of our game has been combat due to the time we play (over lunch at work). This is fine because its what I really wanted to try out. I will admit I was a little biased about cantrips that scale. However, after playing I really think 5E gives casters a big advantage. So at level 5 the damage dice is now doubled on cantrips. That means a caster gets double dice on a single hit. Martials get two attacks but must hit twice. My experience so far is that martials are falling behind me because they often miss one of the attacks.

Other comparisons are AC and HP. Its true casters have much less HP but its become pretty easy to armor up a caster in this edition. Also, the daily spells can give a boost like blur and mirror image. Martials don't really have anything to compare.

Admittedly the group im playing with isn't the most optimized or rules proficient. Care to chime in about your experiences? Id love to see what we are missing or if casters once again really have the leg up on martials.

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Just got back from a promo screening. If you love Bourne you'll enjoy this. If you liked bourne, but want a little more out of the next bourne film, this isnt it.

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Hail to the king baby!


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So I knocked out quite a few birds with a single stone recently. I got games for my brothers and even their GFs. The amazon box arrived yesterday.

FFG Citadels
Innovation card game
Eucher box set
Love letter x2

So anybody else doing any BG shopping for x-mas? Need any suggestions? Lets chat.

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Heya folks.

I am looking for a good site that has recently submitted cases to the court system that are first amendment issues. Can be news site but has to be within the last month anywhere in the U.S.. I am looking for recent submissions or court cases to review for a class.

Thanks for your help gang.

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So I didnt happen to notice a thread for this series. I just started watching it and am really liking the dynamic between Alice and Luther. Anybody else check this out?

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Many folks have mentioned being turned off/away by WOTC products and/or decisions in the past 5-10 years. Many folks mention that they don’t trust WOTC any longer it’s quite evident that WOTC lost much of its social capitol. My question is for folks who say they no longer trust WOTC, is there a way for WOTC to repair their rep with you and what could they do to make that happen? Is it possible?

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Anybody else catch this one? I think they got a good feel for the genre. The talent is great and the effects look good.

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So in the old timers thread its come to my attention there are some TC folks looking for a game or meetup. Well lets talk it out here.

I live in Nordeast MPLS have a basement gaming area as well as a screen porch for playing. I am close to source and FFG shops. I prefer FFG for gaming and probably meeting up too.

Systems familiar:
Call of Cthulhu
Savage Worlds

Board games:
Too many to list. I like BGs as much as TTRPGs

I am back in school and have a regular game or two currently. Though I do occasionally get a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday off.

Thats me in a nut shell, so please introduce yourselves and lets work on a meetup and/or game session.


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I will be playing a cavalier of the cockatrice order starting next week. If it helps we will be running the Jade Regent AP. I would like some help coming up with witty and fun taunts/stories to use at the table.

1. I kill more Gobos by 9am than most humans kill all day!

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not thrilled.

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Checky out!

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So it was a marvelous last session. We played for 8 hours. We used the harrow cards like hero points and each of my 5 PCs had to use them to stay alive through the end. We played every other Saturday for 2.5 years. I was going to keep them going to level 20 but I am back in school and decided to pass the reigns. Next up is Jade Regent and I get to play this time.

Going to drop a few notes on each book in spoilers for y'all.

Haunting of Harrowstone:

Good: Great story and excellent start to the AP. I really enjoyed the PCs having to do their homework to find out whats going on. The children singing the creepy song was a huge hit. I added my own NPC to the mix. He was a simpleton named Morty. I had the Splatter Man posses Morty. The party wizard was so freaked out he cast colorspray defensively. Lets just say the townspeople had trouble believing the wizard's story. Until the town-hall fire that is. The players really enjoyed bringing the alchemist and sheriff together. That red herring had the players all worked up! Haunts are fantastic my players love em and so do I.

Bad: Trust mechanic was no good. Thousand and one ways to lose trust but hardly anyways to gain it. I pretty much waved the system away. Splatter man was an absolute TPK machine unless you had him take a dive. This was a bummer for us because my players could tell I was playing SM stupidly. I added Adivion to the funeral so that the AP villain would be present much earlier. At this point the PCs and Kendra consider him an ally.

Trial of the Beast:

Good: New city to explore. Lots of RP potential. More investigation for the PCs! Trial was a blast. Adivion introduced the PCs to the judge as a member of the order. He later left with Kendra to take her to Caliphas. PCs help free beast and help free Alpon. Epic fight in schloss caromarc!

Bad: Story is a little far fetched. Why use the beast to simply break in and steal the statue? It works, but could be tighter. PCs make their money by looting Alpon's castle? (Pricing out a sarcophagus really???) I had Alpon pay them a reward and down payment to go after the WW.

Broken moon:

Good: Cool werewolf fights. Decent investigations at Ascanor lodge but not as great as books 1 and 2. Played up the politics between werewolves.Finally meet up with some WW guys.

Do not recall too much about this book failing us. Everyone was hoping book 4 would knock our socks off.

wake of the watcher:

Good: We are Call of cthulhu players so we eat this stuff up. A fun module with plenty o' weird stuff going on. Some cool fights and unusual baddies like mi-go.

Bad: WOTW is an excellent module. However, its a pretty poor fit for CC. The story goes off track and the PCs struggled to put it together. We enjoyed it enough but this whole thing felt out of place by conclusion.

ashes at dawn:

good: See bad.

Bad: I re-wrote this book because it didnt work for me. I kept the NPCs because many of them work. I changed it up and had the WW hire the witch sisters to turn the vamps against the order of the palatine eye. It was wonderful felt like playing Yo Jimbo the RPG for awhile. I was able to do damage control on the plot and get the PCs back into the game.

shadow of gallowspire:

Good: sweet haunts and battles. Great dungeon crawl. Epic final battle. I had the PCs fight AA as a human magus. By killing him they turned him into a lich. They had to fight him again and it was awesome.

Bad: Not much role play opportunity in this module. High level play starts to eat all our session time.

Overall it was a pleasant experience. I am thankful to have finally completed an adventure path. I look forward to moving on to Jade Regent.

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So Thief was supposed to be delayed then wasnt. Since the game is now on time, Target was unable to get an ad out about their exclusive steelbook version of the game. Just letting anyone who is interested know here.

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Booked my tickets and cant wait. Twin city boy here so super excited they added the 'mats today! Anybody else going to the show? I'd link but using a phone and it sucks. Maybe later.

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Talented actor will be missed.

News is still coming in but sounds like drug overdose.

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I will be starting the Jade Regent AP soon and I want to make a Cavalier that is good on the horse and off. I know this will stretch my feats and abilities a bit but its what I want to do. Was wondering if folks could chime in on their thoughts on how to proceed.

Things I am soilid on:
Cavalier order of the cockatrice
(I really want to use the emissary archetype but am negotiable)

I could really use some feat advice. What feats would you find essential for both a mounted and melee character. Keep in mind im trying to balance between the two.

ride by attack
power attack
intimidating prowess (for braggart ability)
spirited charge
furious focus

Thanks gang Ill check in a bit later. I ams o excited I havent been able to play in forever. Just wrapping up GMing carrion Crown for the last two years. :)

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Not looking for spoilers. I may be playing in this AP in a few weeks when my CC game wraps up. If I plan on a cavalier will I get use of the mount?

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So as a kid I used to love to go to baseball games. I loved having a nice snack while watching the game too. I remember getting a nice big soft pretzel and cheese sauce to dip. It was pretty tasty. Since I have grown and the popularity of the soft pretzel seems to have continued on. You can get them at convience stores, the mall, and even corporate cafeterias.

Prolem is that every soft pretzel I have had since becoming an adult has been an absolute disapointment. They seem to have gotten smaller and more dough-y. The pretzels have just become terrible. The only way to eat them is to drown them in an equally terrible cheese cup.

So I have to ask if soft pretzels have ever been good? Or was it just being a kid at the ball game? Maybe the experience was an added ingredient that made the pretzel great. I am just not sure. What do you folks think? Have the soft pretzels always sucked or has the quality of them tanked?

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Heya folks was looking at the Doctor source books for adventures in time and space RPG. Anyone pick one of these up or got a few words to say on them?

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Trailer Anybody know if this is based on something available or an original story?

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I have a few that I recently started. I use Midnight syndicate for my Carrion crown games. During big battles and delving we use Dio and Dragonforce. Would love to hear what other folks use.

I am currently running a Traveller game and am having a hard time getting exactly what I want. I tried Vangelis especially Bladerunner soundtrack but often times the music wont fit right for a Sci-Fi feel I want. I also tried FTL radio which is good dub step for a club/action sequence, but not great for just flying around in the ship ambiance. Any suggestions?

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It seems a film based on ME is in development. I think its about damn time myself! Got me thinking of how I would approach bringing ME to the big screen. I think I would avoid using the games story and plot. There is too much baggage attached to that route. Also, there are so many great characters I am not sure how you could do them justice in the film format.

To utilize the universe and avoid the issues that arise from using the games storyline, I would set the film in the First contact war. This way I could introduce the ME world to non-gamers and keep up some of the same themes that made the game great. Also, free to play around with certain characters without upsetting the gamer fan base. If it is successful then you could move on to the game storylines and have some returning characters from the first movie.

That is my pitch how about yours?

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Can he?

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So I have been reading up on 5E some while on down time at work. Recently there has been a lot of talk about the warlord. It seems this is a well received class by 4E fans. Lots of speculation has gone on since the early days of 5E playtest about how the warlord will fit into 5E.

Then a bomb got dropped that the warlord might not be making an appearance, not as a class anyways. Seems lots of folks are really upset about that. I am kind of disappointed myself. Reason being I never got on the 4E train myself. I have been curious about aspects of it.

I was hoping to see a warlord in action but it sounds like the plan may be to make warlord a fighter archetype. Fans of the warlord do not think that will be possible to do the class justice. I can not say one way or another how this is going to impact the warlord.

My question then would be, what is the warlord and how does it play? If you dont mind giving some examples of play that would be great. I know they allow other players to shift and take actions out of turn. I also know they did a bit of non-magical healing which is a hot topic itself. So 4E fans care to fill me in on the warlord?

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Conversations about using XP and whether it works or not in a sandbox game have been a buzz. As far as I know, there has never been a thread here of it's own on the topic. I just want to say I have been GMing for sometime now and have had some very successful sandbox games without using XP. I'd like to talk with y'all about that.

First I'll go into why I decided to stop using XP. I desire a story based game. I want the story to go where the characters take it in a natural progression. I was finding that the game was ending up a little too gamey for my tastes. Players decisions for their characters were being made on how to capitalize XP. Sometimes they would even avoid places because they felt they weren't "leveled" to tackle a particular challenge. You could say they were shackled by the XP system. The players often times followed paths that were less interesting. I decided that the XP system had to go.

Now I want to take a moment and say that it is possible to have a story based game with XP. I am not saying it doesn't work for gamers. It just happens to not work for this gamer. I know I am not alone because my tables love it with the exception of one of my players. (Sorry Ugly American) With that out of the way I am going to talk about a few arguments against sandbox games without xp and how I've managed to get over those hurdles.

"What happens if the players decide to go after the level 13 Dragon instead of the level appropriate bandit camp?" This is a classic approach to world building. Homebrewer's have been planning out exciting worlds for their players to explore for decades. To try and make that world seem real they put all levels of beings out there and let the players have at it. The ideas of levels are supposed to steer players in the direction of level appropriate challenges. It also puts a certain level of risk reward in their hands.

If the players choose the path of certain TPK and somehow survive they are awarded XP for that risk. Without XP what happens? You gain a single level instead of a level+ possibly being cheated out of your epic win? Good question with an equally good solution. I use a more modern idea of world scaling. This type of system is modeled in games like Skyrim where the world levels up with the character. There is no more level 13 Dragon to the north and level 4 bandit camp to the south. The players can explore wherever they want knowing that they will face level appropriate challenges. Using a system of numbers of encounters per level (adjustable by the GM) you can determine when its time to level. You can even plan this according to how the story works out naturally. Best part the whole system stays under the hood and allows players to focus on the adventure.

Even with world scaling you can still put high level challenges out there for the players to encounter if you like. However, you dont have to plan out the world in a series of levels based on location. There is no more graduation process to the game. It lets players decide how to proceed without needing to rely on "you are too low level for this!" warnings around every corner. In fact, I argue it makes the sandbox feel less of a railroad this way. It's not for everyone but it works great for me.

Oh my I didn't realize how long this was getting. I think I'll stop here with this initial post and let the discussion get started. I would certainly love to discuss more issues people have and some possible work arounds to those issues.

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Its out and its a lot of fun. Clear an entire afternoon for chit popping though. Anyone else pick this bad boy up? Would love to talk shop on this. I realize its not been out long but feel free to comment. Id be happy to answer questions.


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I will be leaving for Paris in a week for a friends wedding. Never been so it will be fun. I will be staying with French folk so I don't need too much advice about France. I will be however spending 4 nights in London. So I plan to hit the museums during the day. I would like to see as much Dr who stuff as possible. At night I will be drinking in the pubs and taking in a few rock shows. Any advice I would appreciate.

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Had a wonderful session last night but one rule question did pop up. I have a player who uses TWF. His on hand is a short sword and his off hand was a dagger. For the encounter it so happened that the dagger had a property making it a better weapon for a single attack than the short sword.

So during a round the PC moved across the map to get into position and had a single attack for the round. The Player announced that he was going to choose to make his off hand his on hand for this round. I ruled against this and said he can only attack with his on hand unless he is making a full attack. He would have to actually physically switch weapons so the dagger was in his on hand to do what he wanted.

A few players disagreed with my ruling believing you should be able to decide which hand is your on hand any given round. To keep things moving we didn't spend a whole lot of time on it. In the end it didn't really matter no one lost a life or anything terribly important. I would like to close the matter going forward and was wondering if you good folks could help me straighten this out. Did I rule correctly?

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We are well into Broken moon at this point but I have been thinking about down the road a bit. Ill fill you in on what happened here in a spoiler:

During the Trial o the beast the PCs were giving Barrister Kapal evidence. On top of that the Bard was boosting his self esteem so he didn't look and sound a fool during the trial. Vorkstag and Grine began to get nervous and decided to kidnap Kapal. That morning the PCs discovered him missing and convinced the Judges to delay the trial until Kapal could be found.

The PCs decided to follow up on their leads which lead them to Vorkstag and Grines factory. The PCs spotted the flesh golem guarding the front. They had tangled with one of these golems before and this lead them to believe that this place had the answers they were looking for. The PCs decide to avoid the front and the golem by scaling the building and attempting to get inside from the roof. Vorkstag and Grine were busy inside and didn't hear the PCs climbing the back of the building. However, the rogue blew his spot and the alarm trap went off as they attempted to climb down the roof hatch.

While the PCs tangled with traps and constructs Grine was alerted to their presence and started to prepare for the incoming PCs. Grine set up under the roof hatch with his mongrelmen. The PCs were surprised and had to tangle with Grine. The PCs took a few licks but eventually they were gaining a foothold so Grine decided to fall back into tthe factory putting up a Darkness around him as he left. The PCs took a moment to heal up and wait for the darkness to fade. When it didn't the Magus decided to "Bullrush the darkness." Poor Magus went over the catwalk and into a vat of bleach. He was in there for several rounds failing to get out. Finally, the rogue helped him out. Had it been an acid vat this would be an Obit.

So as the fight raged on the Bard decided to explore the other room leaving his comrades to the fight (yeah I know). Inside he found a gagged and wrist bound Kapal sitting on a bed. The Bard cut his wrist bindings and told him to stay out of sight until they could end the threat and returned to the fight. After some time the PCs eventually beat Grine unconscious. They bound and stabilized Grine. The Pcs searched the factory but no sign of Vorkstag or Kapal. Hmmm. When the PCs searched Vorkstags room they opened the closet spilling out a dead skinned human. They found several skins in the closet on racks. The players all looked at each other and said, "oh shi..." Yes Vorkstag used Kapal's skin to hide and decided that the fight was going poorly and decided to escape. PCs never found him after that. Beast found innocent after Grine testified.

So the ideas and Advice im looking for is:

When, where, and how should Vorkstag make his return? I was thinking Illmarsh seems like his kind of place and getting him into book 4 somewhere for the PCs to tangle with. Any thoughts?

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So a couple things came up in the playtest rules namely Magic missile cantrip and Slayer theme that I would like to talk about. For instance the magic missile is like the 3E MM except its a cantrip you can cast it all day long and at 100 ft to boot. Then there is the slayer theme that allows you to do Str mod damage on a miss swing. How do you feel about the idea of auto damage at-will attacks?

I understand that goblins and kobolds are supposed to be weak and pathetic. Auto killing them can feel pretty bad ass. However, dropping an ogre on a miss swing seems so anti-climatic. Personally I do not like auto damage. It has nothing to do with flavor or believability. I just like PCs and enemies to stand a chance of living through an attack by dice roll.

I am ok with MM or martial dailies granting auto damage(please don't flame me) as long as its a limited resource. I know martial dailies is not going to fly so that's out. Maybe the slayer does non-lethal on a miss? Not sure what I can suggest I don't want to stop the fighter from having nice things. As for MM, Id say give it an attack roll but we seen how that turned out. Moving MM back to a level 1 spell out of line?

In honor of the spirit of D&D:N I am willing to roll with auto damage rules. I just hope auto damage isn't too difficult to dial out or to houserule away. If they continue to add features that grant it may be too much trouble for a guy like me to bother with. I would like to hear what yall think now.

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