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Full Name

Phil Lacefield Jr.


Mostly humanoid


Sales Manger 14 / Vintage Race Car Driver 8







Special Abilities

Navigation +5


Lawful neutral




North Bend, WA


Englisn, Norwegian, Swedish


Currently unemployed

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Strength 17
Dexterity 11
Constitution 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 11
Charisma 22

About Phil Lacefield Jr.

Phil Lacefield Jr. has been an active sales manager, marketing guru, writer, line editor, designer and layout guy for game companies such as Agents of Gaming, US Playing Card Co., Journeyman Press, Score Entertainment, Reaper Miniatures and Paizo Publishing. In 2001 (against the advice of his therapist) he founded Sacred Cheese Productions in order to consult on issues of sales and marketing to game companies big and small. SCP also runs the legendary Origins-To-GenCon caravan every year. Phil has also served on the board of directors of the Game Manufacturers Association since October 2000.

In past lives, Phil has owned and operated a computer store, internet cafe, wholesale liquidator and internet service provider; visited the highest points of seventeen states (only 33 more to go!); served as editor-in-chief for a regional computer magazine; worked as on-air talent, voice and production for numerous radio stations; appeared as an extra in several movies; played cello with the Cincinnati Pops; been an Interail bum around Europe, and somewhere along the way managed to have two fantastic little kids whom he adores.

In February of 2006, Phil took the plunge and moved to Seattle to take up the mantle of Sales Manager for Paizo Publishing, much to the chagrin of the existing staff there. Now safely ensconced in his mountain hideaway, Phil continues to obsess over his precious Saab collection, dote on his marine and tropical fish tanks and insists on wearing a full kilt on random occasions.