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If the gate is barred and both parties can see each other then the other players should have been able to react. Seeing the others getting ready to lunge forward should give the characters the knowledge that something is about to happen. If the players aren't saying 'hey!' then the DM should have also given the others the heads up... "Do any of you want to do anything?"


lynora wrote:
Okay, I gave it a listen. It's got a catchy tune, and there's some potential there, but the problems with the vocal harmonies are very distracting. Anyways, like you said, it's rough, so still needs a bit of polish. :)

Ah! Thank you!

What's funny, is that the lead singer was doing all the vocals.

aww c'mon guys. just a little listen? for old times sake? i promise it doesn't suck.

The Fake Fantastic on Reverbnation. With song (recently mixed although a little rough) for your listening pleasure.

The Fake Fantastic

there is a crappy video up. i'll be putting another crappy video. but hopefully you'll get the idea.

Does anyone know of a conversion of this module? I'm starting to convert but if it's out there already...

Stebehil wrote:
Disclaimer: Note that I don´t say Paul is a Nazi. Just sayin´Stefan

With a name like Ackerman.. no one would blame you. ;)

But, no... I'm not a Nazi. I received the items from my employer as for lack of a better word... a bonus. I helped clean out one of the buildings and he had a lot of personal items stored in the back. I was given them as a sort of thanks.

The above items along with two maps of Germany from 1940 and 1941. They say
Strassenkarte Von Deutschland
Der Deutsche Automibilclub

At the top is the emblem of the iron eagle with the swastika witht he initials DDAC

Yes, all three daggers have the swastika emblem.

These images are not of the ones I have.. but are of the same daggers... for the most part.

He also gave me some stamps - I can't seem to find images of them.. but there are four or five different ones.. bearing Hitlers image or the Swastika..

Along with those there is a card with what appears probably a first edition printing of a stamp that was never sent. Again.. personal pictures will be taken when I am able.

Some US first printing stamps as well.. Two First day of issue programs (for lack of a better word) with the eight cent US Air Mail Robert H Goddard stamp.

Also... a US War Ration Book with four full pages of ration stamps still in it.

The bills are very varied and there are a lot of them. So, rather than try to hunt down images I'll wait until I have image making capabilities.

Freehold DM wrote:
Those last few might be worth a good amount of money to collectors- enough for a new TV perhaps, not enough to fund a college scholarship.

Yeah, WWII items aren't too valuable. Perhaps if I wait another thirty years.. then I might have something.

Thanks. I figured that they weren't worth as marked. (Haha pun!) Simply because of the changes in regimes.

Hmm.. I also have an original flag from Germany from the WWII era. Along with three issued daggers.

I'll try and get images as soon as I can.

I have quite the collection of old bills from germany - a lot from around 1923 although they go up through the 40s as well.

Question 1 - Do they retain their noted value? 1 billion mark = 1 billion mark

Question 2 - are they valuable at all?

Question 3 - if I provide images etc.. could you give me an idea?


The cops taking pictures etc.. it doesn't really bother me. If it was a party and some guys were taking pictures of a willing sexy drunk girl I doubt I would be bothered by it.

But, these are sworn officers. They are here to protect and serve. Not take pictures of a hot drunk girl

I know. It would've taken a lot to save him after severing his arm. I was just trying to be positive. :P

I guess they didn't like the idea of their favorite cartoon being tarnished by a new movie. *shrug*

I don't know why they said he's dead. They didn't say they found the body. They said they found his arm.

Maybe he's still alive?

Sorry for the pun... I am just in shock.

Today is my birthday.

Today is my birthday.

I guess I should also say... that my posts aren't evidence of Indiana as a whole.

The rotten apples of the bunch so to speak. But, I'm always floored by my fellow Hoosiers actions.

Didn't want to make another thread... but here is another fantastic move of Indianas law enforcement...


Now, I've passed entry tests for the academy. My grandfather was a state trooper. I have friends that are indiana law enforcement.

These guys make real cops look bad.

So... a third wtf. Another fine moment from Indiana.


meabolex wrote:
Hint: murder first, ask questions later = Evil.

Based on that I would argue that the majority of adventuring parties are evil.


houstonderek wrote:
"What if I told you I had a Vincent Black Shadow?"

Damn... that's a pretty bike

Things that suck? I had a nice customer base for the pool service i do. Then I had to go to Indiana for two weeks and the person who covered me is now pretty much doing them. Except he isn't but I haven't been able to get the owners to understand that.

This week may be very hard....

I got a time slot as an internet dj. my friend in indiana did it and after listening i wanted to.

everyone is going to listen in right?

From his site;

Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private good-byes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever.

- Wendy Dio

- There were rumors going back and forth. This is apparently true...

Ronnie James Dio died today from stomach cancer.

Those are bad ass bikes. I think they look cool. I just wouldn't want to own one.

I don't like the look of the back tire

I don't have permission to view that.

But, a 47 Indian is hard to beat ;)

This is the kind of bike I would like to have

I may or may not be in Indy during GenCon. :(

Dragnmoon wrote:

The Biggest Danger is the Large Man Sized Visiting Praying Mantis.

This particular Praying Matis will pray on you by getting you drunk and causing you to have head pains in the morning and lack of stomach control.

Sounds more like an attraction than a danger ;)

As a native maybe I can shed some light on what Indy holds in store.

If you're downtown... you're pretty much square. Example; I've worked security all around Indy late late at night all by myself. Never had any issues. Once while working late at Conseco I watched as this little white girl... maybe 5'5 110 pounds (at most) was jogging happily by herself all around downtown.

Crime Map

Crime Thingie

Overall, you can be pretty much anywhere in Indy and not have too many problems throughout the year. During Con time IPD steps it up a bit too.

EDIT: On other basics.. in Indy there isn't any fauna that'll get you. If you go in the country of Indiana there is poison ivy etc.. that can irritate you.

Animals that may try to eat you or ruin your vehicle are also in the country.

Hoosiers are a pretty friendly bunch. There are ofcourse a+!#*#!s that differ from this.. but eye-contact is good. But, not necessary.
Clubs are pretty safe as well. Pay your cover charge and you're good to go.

Gift giving and receiving.. maybe turn down once.. then say you sure? and take it. Is about as gracious you need to be.

Studpuffin wrote:
Right, they're usually lined up neatly in rows but vacated of operators.

Well.. those too. But you can quiet your harley for riding as well. I mentioned this once when talking about what sort of bike I would like and the harley guy said 'yeah.. but why even get a harley then?'

I have seen quiet Harleys. Those are the best

Urizen wrote:
C'mon, the typical male with a crap car is of the mindset that they have to have a $5000 stereo in a $500 beater and still think they're rollin' big-time. :P

Riding around in my ford pinto aint got no bass so i'm bangin on the window *boom boom boom* - he's DJ Bacon and he's on right now. A good variety of classic rock mostly.

Check it out will ya?

King of Vrock wrote:
Daemonslye I redid this Adventure in 3.5

Is this available for us? I'd like to see it

I can live with that. I thought that might be the case - no worries though

thanks cosmo

Could you also add order #1043189 to ship with this? Thanks

Hey Cosmo, I updated all my info.. and the order says pending but since I have my shipping selected to hold for once a month I wasn't sure if it would go through yet or not.

Can you go ahead and force it if need be? Thanks

EDIT: Hahaha... I just noticed I put hear instead of here... Oh well.

When I had my martial arts studio we gamed in there. That's the only "odd" place we've gamed.

I'm sure Cosmo will make sure you still get that discount. In fact.. every time you order 100.00 or more he'll hook you up :D

Crimson Jester wrote:
Paul Ackerman 70 wrote:
Blazej wrote:
Some part of me found it a tad entertaining that one would need a table to display what incest qualifies as forbidden.
It's 2ed?
now dont be bringing edition wars into this.

I was just commenting that 2ed had a lot of tables. Which I always thought were awesome.

No need for edition wars :D

My Ex pronounced it Pee-Ah-Zo
Granted... I doubt she ever really looked at the name....

Blazej wrote:
Some part of me found it a tad entertaining that one would need a table to display what incest qualifies as forbidden.

It's 2ed?

Crimson Jester wrote:
please. I need brain bleach now.

Sorry, all out of bleach. Got a drill though....

Seeing the old wtf thread about the dog and the girl made me want to share this. Since it's all Indiana I figured they were linked somehow...

Is there something in the water? Has the governement done something to the food that Hoosiers eat to make them so off?

Good to be seen. ;)

This was an amazing thread to come back to. I did however spend my time spending 150.00 to send 250 pounds of Paizo goodness to my new place in New Mexico.

This thread also shows why Paizo is above and beyond better than any other company in the world. Yes. The world. What other company would joke like that?

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